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Here4daFreeSwag wrote:
Anyhow, if nobody has any objections, if by next weekend, Rizzenmagus hasn't posted in, I might as well give the pbp dming stuff a try temporarily until he comes back- I've an idea of where he's going with this latest development (though not the real specifics, such as the actual names Rizzenmagus would use).

Just a recap but after friday I'll be offline until the end of the month due to moving home hope this doesn't mess things up for you

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Here4daFreeSwag wrote:
JZ wrote:
Oh Rizzenmagnus, where art thou?

I figured He might turn up sooner or later.

In the meantime, anyone interested in talking about tentacled aberrations? ;)

"Hey who's missing their head?" frederick calls over.

"Oh hold on isn't there a vampiric floating head thingie? what are those tentacles for anyway?!" Frederick corrects himself.
Looking over at the innkeeper he asks,"Getting good help is getting hard isn't it?"

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"Okay but first I'll need this stool so I can retrieve my dagger!" Frederick points out as he drags a stool across to the wall and standing upon it pulls his dagger clear from the wall before returning the stool to where he picked it up.

Assume there's no check for this?

Once done he'll turn his attention to the newcomer and listen in if he hasn't already started explaining himself to the others.

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"Wow, and that was my dagger she threw!" Frederick whistles staring at the dagger quivering where it hit.
"How do you rate that as a throw?" he asks the innkeeper.

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Selene Moonraven wrote:

OK thanks guys

Selene takes aim then hurls the dagger across the room.


That means its a natural 20 even with the penalty to hit means its a critical hit which doubles the damage dice done by that weapon, how do you handle that in terms of the challenge as set?

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Selene Moonraven wrote:

The young woman smiles and takes the dagger. "Thanks."

OOC: Okay, what do I have to roll to try to hit?

Selene only:

By my count you're at -3 with the use of Daggers and -1 with both Longswords and Maces, mostly due to lacking a weapon proficiency with daggers that counts for a -2 to hit with them and -1 from your attributes

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Selene Moonraven wrote:
"I don't have anything to throw with. Can someone lend me his dagger?" she asks with her little-girl voice.

"Aye you can use mine," Frederick sighs unsheathing his dagger and offering it hilt first to the warrior maiden.

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Frederick noticed the Innkeeper draw his dagger and throw it with some remarkable accuracy into the beam.

"Good dagger and an expert thrower," he notes wryly.

He decided to wait and see what the others do first before deciding whether he'd try his luck.

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Selene Moonraven wrote:

Selene ruffles the hair of the halfling as she walks by.

"Good morning Fred," she says.

Fred blushes to the roots of his beard as the young woman brushes his bald pate and greets him.

"Go-od morning!" he stutters in reply

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Selene Moonraven wrote:
Selene descended the stairs to the taproom in a moping fashion. The young woman's hair was damp and matted from the humidity, as was her spirits it seemed. And though her garb was skimpy and revealing, the large sword she wore at her hip made it clear that she was no mere strumpet.

Frederick paused as he watches the young woman walk into view.

"Gods I wish I could I could pull off wielding a sword like that!" he says admiringly.
Catching the gaze of the others present in the inn at that moment.
"Well you try wielding a sword that big when you're as tall as I am!" Frederick blusters.
"Hello and well met," he greets the young woman.
"How things with you?" he asks.
Looking over his shoulder and upwards.
"Oh and how are you too!" he asks the wearer of the pointy hat after all if he was a mage it was better not to get on his bad side especially this early in the day.

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ian glances up at frederick as he walks down the stairs.

AHHH, good morning, friend dwarf!!! How am i doing? RRR, the gods be damm this cur'sid weader. It be keep'en de merchants and rich travelers from staying at me fine inn. he says with a arm swinging gesture to take in the common room. now, i nay mean an insult to ye and de 3 others, especially dem priest types, and i be liking your coin; its just the weader prevents the flow of coinage. Ill have to be dipping into the emergencee fund to buy new provisions from the local farmers. and they know how to haggle, so ill have to be paying almost double to what i can get for the food. oh, and ill have to be paying some lads to go collect more firewood for the kitchen; ...
he continues to ramble while he cleans the bar and glasses contained therin.

"So," Frederick breathed after a moment.

"Any idea why these travellers and merchants have been delayed?" he asks curiously.

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Kastolian wrote:
Kastolian had already been downstairs and going through his midday (or was it midmorning? It was damnably hard to tell with the overcast weather that had come of late) meal as he wisely ignored the goingson between the bouncers and the bedraggled, ex-patron of the inn. Taking a moment to wipe his mouth with the grease-caked napkin so generously proved by Innkeeper Stoleson, the neophyte mage absentmindedly glanced down at his pouch. Mentally calculating the costs of room and board, Kastolian considered his options as he mulled over a plate of mutton,ale, and stew. "15 coppers left, twon't be long before I might be the next ex-patron of this fine dining and board establishment". Glancing over at his fellow inn patrons, Kastolian had noticed that the same underfed dwarven fellow had taken his usual customary seat, as had most of the other patrons- with Ian not even bothering the vary the seating arrangment as his patrons sat and did their usual routine.

Frederick noticed the lanky human, but having seen him around for a few days already merely wondered if the pointed hat he wore was some kind of badge for magi's.

Back in his home village they wouldn't be caught dead serving in the militia, admittedly from what he recalled those that showed any kind of interest in the martial side of things usually ended up dead anyway, but he personally wasn't familiar with such people.

He also briefly wondered if it was worth going over and having a talk, but decided to finish his meal first, after all he'd probably tip either his drink or his food by the time he got over there and for any halfling that just ain't right.

Unfortunately his meals were far smaller than normally expected for one of his people, but he did have to save where he could he noted as he returned his empty plate to the bar and eventually started to make his way across to the lanky human.

"So are you a mage or is that hat a family heirloom?" Frederick asked politely completely unaware that whilst most halflings could say that without being offensive, he however really didn't have a clue about the niceties involved.

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"Morning Ian, how's the day faring for you?" Frederick called over as he comes downstairs ignoring the struggling figures of three humans who seem focused on dragging the third bedraggled human back out of the inn.
He looks as if he had taken a dip into something smelling quite rank and the scent was familiar although Frederick couldn't place why it was so.
Shrugging aside such unwelcome thoughts he headed to the bar and ordered his usual breakfast, a roll some cheese and a half pint of the local ale.
Taking the plate and cup to his usual table near the hearth he slowly ate and drank his morning repast as the innkepper as usual ignored the undersized dwarf.
The innkeeper's bouncers returned after ejecting the foulmouthed human and joked about someone getting an early bath, but Frederick concentrated on his meal wondering how many days he could stretch his funds to stay in the inn before making a decision on where he would head to next.

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For the past four days, it has been raining. alot. the annoying and angry kind, big fat plops of water followed with heavy mist. the accumulation of water has turned the road ways into a vast sea of mud. Unfortunetly, there is no wind, so the humidity hangs in the air like a death viel, coating you in so much sweat that you think it just may be better to step outside of the green griffin inn and let the shower sluice away the nasty coating of sweat...

the other bad news is that the last four days have been boring. very boring. you and the other patrons have taken to sitting around smoking pipeweed, drinking cheap ale, and eating half flanks of mutton steaks and day old stew.

at first, ian stoleson, the innkeeper and owner, was glad to have you staying at his inn and buying his ale and food; but now, he has become crass and annoyed. Not at you personally, but at what you represent, no new customers. No traders. No trade to restock the pantry.

the morning of the fifth day dawns, and you awake to the sound of rain, again. you use the chamber pot, spilling the contents out the window in the customary lazy fashion, pull on your lightest clothing, and already feel the beads of sweat form on your brow as you step into the hall and head down stairs...

Frederick sighed.

He finished using the chamberpot and briefly thought about leaving it but shrugging he carefully lifted it and managing to reach high enough he tipped the contents out of the window...

"OIII!" someone yelled outside getting the benefit of an unexpected shower.

Almost toppling over Frederick managed to keep his grip and returned to chamberpot to the ground before returning to the task of getting dressed.

Ignoring the shouts outside and the pandemonium that spread inside the inn downstairs he wondered how things had gotten so bad.

He had never been cherubic even the locals thought he was somekind of pigmy dwarf than the halfling he truly was and he wasn't interested in correcting their oversight since going prematurely bald wasn't something any halfling cared to talk about!

The beard had merely been down to saving money on necessities and he still didn't understand how the dwarves kept it trim.

He had joined the militia to keep his oversized family from starving and even the other militia didn't think much of his fighting skills, so when that dark day maybe no more than six months ago gone they had found themselves beset by ork raiders all those years of being bullied and beset by multiple foes had kept him on his toes and he managed mostly by force to get the younglings visiting their family members to safety.

Finding one of his own younger siblings missing he returned to the battle more concerned with his family's safety and was eventually overwhelmed and left for dead coming to underneath the bodies of a couple of his former comrades.

He returned to find he was only one of three survivors, the other two claimed the credit for holding off the orks and saving the younglings much to his consternation as his saving of the younglings wasn't believed by the elders and he quit the militia and his home village in disgust vowing to earn his fame and fortune before returning to restore his family honour!

He shook his head as he finally finished dressing and prepared to go downstairs.

Nothing had improved since then and little indicated that would change, he wondered if this was to be the story of his life, an embittered halfling warrior who couldn't even convince his own people that he was anything other than a frustrated baker...

Still trying to get a grip on the tone so maybe my typing will improve!

Okay for your perusal is a scan of the first level spell list for Cleric's.

Page 1

Page 2

Let me know if you can access these okay?

Sublimity wrote:
I've not played a pbp here at Paizo, so I'll need a little help to move forward. Can you tell me what we need and what I need to do to do it? (sentences in this post do not necessarily reflect the skill level of poster)

Well first off to generate your character, do you have the hackmaster basic rulebook or do you need a link to the site to download the quick start rules?

I can hunt up the link or as I have the book can go over the character generation if you want.

I use an online die roller for die rolling purposes when I first started I rolled them normally since I couldn't get Invisible Castle to work but you can ask the dm to roll on your behalf if getting access to an online die roller becomes difficult.

What did you fancy playing by the way?

Let me know if my character is okay?

Introducing Fred the Halfling Fighter... what do you mean he looks like a dwarf?