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Full Name

Frederick Proudfoot




Fighter 1st




3' tall, 60lbs



Special Abilities

Likes his short sword and sling too much if you asked me...


Neutral with Good tendencies


Halfling, Merchants' Tongue (Common)


Former Militia Guard turned adventurer and amateur cook-in-training

Strength 12
Dexterity 15
Constitution 17
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 8
Charisma 10

About Frederick

Name: Fred
Race: Halfling male
Class: Fighter
Alignment: True Neutral (for now)
Age: 36, Height: 3’, Weight: 59.6lbs, Handed: Right,

Strength: 12/92, Intelligence: 15/14, Wisdom: 8/99, Dexterity: 15/73, Constitution: 17/86, Looks: 13/21, Charisma: 10/88, Honour: 14

Hit Points: 28 (5+17+6)

Weapon Profiles:
Short sword: +5 to attack, Speed: 7 (6 when jabbing), Initiative: +2 penalty, Defence: +9, Damage: 2d6p+2
Sling: +6 to attack, Speed: -1, Initiative: +2 penalty, Defence: +9, Damage: 1d4+1d6p+1
Dagger: +4 to attack, Speed: 7 (5 when jabbing), Initiative: +2 penalty, Defence: +8, Damage: 2d4p+1

Racial Abilities: Harder to hit, Hiding in natural surroundings, Initiative Bonus, Poor Reach due to small size also means Reach is –1’ and versus knock backs.

Proficiencies: Armour Proficiency (Light, Medium and Heavy Armours) and Shield Proficiency

Fighter Specializations:
Gains +1 to attack, speed, defence and damage with the short sword (20 BP) and +1 to attack and speed with the sling thanks to Crack Shot he also gains an additional +1 to attack with the sling.

Crack Shot (with Sling only), Weapon Proficiencies (Dagger, Short Sword & Slings)

Acting [Looks, Charisma] 19,
Animal Husbandry [Wisdom] 10,
Animal Mimicry [Wisdom] 9,
Boating [Wisdom] 9,
Cartography [Intelligence] 29,
Climbing/ Rappelling [Strength or Dexterity] 27,
Current Affairs [Wisdom] 15,
Diplomacy [Charisma] 18,
Disguise [Intelligence, Charisma] 13,
Distraction [Charisma] 11,
Escape Artist [Intelligence, Dexterity] 28,
Fire-Building [Wisdom] 15,
Glean Info [Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma] 18,
Hiding [Intelligence, Dexterity] 26,
Interrogation [Wisdom, Charisma] 11,
Intimidation [Strength, Charisma] 12,
Listening [Wisdom] 9,
Observation [Wisdom] 12,
Pick Pocket [Dexterity] 19,
Reading Lips [Intelligence] 21,
Recruiting [Charisma] 22,
Resist Persuasion [Wisdom] 8,
Rope Use [Dexterity] 27,
Salesmanship [Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma] 13,
Seduction, Art of [Charisma, Looks] 13,
Sneaking [Dexterity] 28,
Survival [Wisdom, Constitution] 9,
Torture [Intelligence] 27,
Tracking [Wisdom] 10.

Other Skills:
Appraisal/Armour & Weapons [Int] 27,
Cooking/Baking [Intelligence, Wisdom] 23,
Language/Halfling [native, Intelligence] 87,
Language/Merchant’s Tongue [Intelligence] 23,
Literacy/Halfling [Intelligence] 27



Armour & Weapons: Leather armour, small shield, short sword, dagger, sling and 24 sling bullets in a pouch along with a spare sling.

Leather backpack, woollen blanket, wineskin, week’s worth of trail rations, 2 small leather belt pouches, tinderbox, flint & steel, Whetstone, 3 Iron Spikes, 6 Torches and 10 copper.

Leather Boots, Wool Trousers, Tunic, Linen Undershirt, Wool Cloak and a Leather Belt.

Comes from a perfectly normal family well was until 4 of his siblings were killed in an ork raid whilst serving in the militia looking to earn a decent wage as they were a large family.