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VoodistMonk wrote:

I do not think they do. No.

Nor do I think that the given situation should be assumed magic in its origins... a person acting strange and you assume magic? Can you tell the difference between someone blinded by a spell or blinded from birth?

I do not think someone given a permenant condition from an instantaneous spell just glows with the spell's magical tag the redt of their life. Spell is over, condition remains, there is no magic to detect. None. It's gone. It's over in an instant. The condition is not magical, but it is permenant.

It's just funny how the party always seems to assume it is something that they might be able to milk for XP... some people might just be strange... Oh Frank? That's just Frank, he wasn't Feeblemind'ed by a Witch you can kill and loot... he's just been stupid forever.

"Hey buddy, screw you!"