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Esper Shield Device 3/3 thp regen 1 thp per minute | 1 con damage


esper kineticist 3 | HP 22/33 (19/30) (n/l 0) | AC 17, FF 13, Touch 14 | F +5 (4), R + 5, W -2 | CMB +2 (+5); CMD 15 | Init +3 | Per +4 (Darkvision 60 ft) |






Not telling








galactic common (use georgian), esper, aquan (malayalam), auran (gujarati), terran (bengali), ignan (ignan)



Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Fraejia


female esper kineticist 3
CG medium outsider (native)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft, Perception +4

AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 33 (3d8+12)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will -2
Immunities immune to cold, vulnerable to fire

Speed 30 ft.
Melee claws +4 (1d4)
Ranged cold blast +4 (2d6+1 /×2)
Special Attacks cold blast
Spells (CL 2; concentration +5=+3+2):
Kinetic Blast 1d6+1+2

Str 10, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 16
Base Atk +2; CMB +2 (+5);CMD 15
Feats WP: simple, AP: light; weapon finesse (1st), point blank shot (3rd)
Traits history of heresy
SQ weak will (md)
acrobatics +7=3+3+3-2
intimidate +9=3+3+3
knowledge (arcana) +8=+2+3+3
knowledge (engineering) +8=+2+3+3
knowledge (local) +9=+2+3+3+1
linguistics (bs) +5=+2+3
perception +5=-1+3+3
profession (engineer) (bs) +5=-1+3+3 Languages galactic common , esperish, aquan, auran, terran, ignan, bahgran
Combat Gear esper shield device; Other Gear none
Misc Gear none; 0 gp
Special Abilities

Burn: At 1st level, a kineticist can overexert herself to channel more power than normal, pushing past the limit of what is safe for her body by accepting burn. Some of her wild talents allow her to accept burn in exchange for a greater effect, while others require her to accept a certain amount of burn to use that talent at all. For each point of burn she accepts, a kineticist takes 1 point of nonlethal damage per character level. This damage can't be healed by any means other than getting a full night's rest, which removes all burn and associated nonlethal damage. Nonlethal damage from burn can't be reduced or redirected, and a kineticist incapable of taking nonlethal damage can't accept burn. A kineticist can accept only 1 point of burn per round. This limit rises to 2 points of burn at 6th level, and rises by 1 additional point every 3 levels thereafter. A kineticist can't choose to accept burn if it would put her total number of points of burn higher than 3 + her Constitution modifier (though she can be forced to accept more burn from a source outside her control). A kineticist who has accepted burn never benefits from abilities that allow her to ignore or alter the effects she receives from nonlethal damage.
Element Focus Water: Kineticists who focus on the element of water are called hydrokineticists. Hydrokineticists master the flow of water or the numbing chill of cold, and they are known for their versatility and flowing forms, like the ever-changing currents.
Class Skills: A hydrokineticist adds Knowledge (nature) and Swim to her list of class skills.
Wild Talents: 1st—basic hydrokinesis, cold adaptation, heat adaptation, icewalker, kinetic cover, kinetic healer, pushing infusion†, quenching infusion†, slick; 2nd—entangling infusion†, veil of mists; 3rd—cold snap, impale†, torrent†, water manipulator, waterdancer; 4th—ice sculptor, spray†, watersense; 5th—chilling infusion†, shimmering mirage, waterdancer (greater); 6th—ice path, suffocate; 7th—cloud†, fragmentation†; 9th—tidal wave.
Elemental Overflow At 3rd level, a kineticist’s body surges with energy from her chosen element whenever she accepts burn, causing her to glow with a nimbus of fire, weep water from her pores, or experience some other thematic effect. In addition, she receives a bonus on her attack rolls with kinetic blasts equal to the total number of points of burn she currently has, to a maximum bonus of +1 for every 3 kineticist levels she possesses. She also receives a bonus on damage rolls with her kinetic blast equal to double the bonus on attack rolls. The kineticist can suppress the visual effects of elemental overflow by concentrating for 1 full round, but doing so suppresses all of this ability’s other benefits, as well. The next time the kineticist uses any wild talent, the visual effects and benefits return instantly.
As a kineticist’s body becomes more and more suffused with her element, she begins to gain more powerful benefits.
Starting at 6th level, whenever she has at least 3 points of burn, the kineticist gains a +2 size bonus to two physical ability scores of her choice. She also gains a chance to ignore the effects of a critical hit or sneak attack equal to 5% × her current number of points of burn. At 11th level, whenever the kineticist has at least 5 points of burn, these bonuses increase to a +4 size bonus to one physical ability score of her choice and a +2 size bonus to each of her other two physical ability scores.
At 16th level, whenever the kineticist has at least 7 points of burn, these bonuses increase to a +6 size bonus to one physical ability score of her choice, a +4 size bonus to a second physical ability score of her choice, and a +2 size bonus to the remaining physical ability score.

History of Heresy As long as you do not possess any levels in a class that grants divine spellcasting power, you gain a +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells.
Infusions: At 1st level, a kineticist gains an infusion wild talent from the list of options available based on her elemental focus. She gains additional infusions at 3rd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 17th, and 19th levels. By using infusions along with her kinetic blasts, a kineticist can alter her kinetic blasts to suit her needs. Infusions come in two types, each of which changes a kinetic blast differently: a substance infusion causes an additional effect, while a form infusion causes the kinetic blast to manifest in a different way. Each infusion can alter only certain kinds of kinetic blasts, which are listed in its Associated Blasts entry. Each time the kineticist uses one of her kinetic blast wild talents, she can apply up to one associated form infusion and up to one associated substance infusion.
Some infusions change the action required to activate a kinetic blast or entirely transform the kinetic blast's normal effects.
The burn cost listed in each infusion's Burn entry is added to the burn cost of the kinetic blast the infusion modifies.
The DC for a save against an infusion is based on the associated kinetic blast's effective spell level, not the level of the infusion. The DCs for form infusions are calculated using the kineticist's Dexterity modifier instead of her Constitution modifier. When a kineticist modifies a kinetic blast with a form infusion and a substance infusion that both require saving throws, each target first attempts a saving throw against the form infusion. If a target succeeds and a successful save negates the infusion's effects, the entire kinetic blast is negated; otherwise, the target then attempts a saving throw against the substance infusion. If a kineticist's form and substance infusions both alter the kinetic blast's damage, apply the substance infusion's alteration first.
At 5th, 11th, and 17th levels, a kineticist can replace one of her infusions with another infusion of the same effective spell level or lower. She can't replace an infusion that she used to qualify for another of her wild talents.
Life After Death An esper who is reduced in hit points to negative their con score does not die, instead they revert to a crystalline state where they retain their awareness and knowledge but have limited ability to affect the outside world. While in this state they are invulnerable to harm and cannot be destroyed short of divine intervention. The esper can be restored via a raise dead spell which causes the crystal to reform into their original body.
Shroud of Water Element(s) water; Type defense (Su); Level —; Burn 0
You surround yourself with a shroud of water, ice, or both that protects you from harm. The shroud can either cover your body, functioning as armor, or float around you and block attacks, functioning as a shield. It grants either a +4 armor bonus to AC or a +2 shield bonus to AC, and you can change the type of bonus as a standard action. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 kineticist levels you possess beyond 2nd. By accepting 1 point of burn, You can increase the bonus by 1 until the next time your burn is removed. You can increase the bonus multiple times in this way, but it can't be increased by more than 50% of its starting value.
When you change the shroud to grant a shield bonus, any bonus in excess of this limit doesn't apply, but it remains if you change the shroud's bonus type again. Whenever you accept burn while using a water wild talent, the water coalescing around you allows your shroud to grant both the armor bonus and the shield bonus for 1 round. You can dismiss or restore this effect as an immediate action.
Skill Training Knowledge (engineering) and Knowledge (arcana) are class skills for espers.
Stranger in a Strange Land Unlike many, you are already aware of the larger multiverse and the politics which abound within it. You’ve intentionally traveled to other worlds, and gained exposure to a variety of alien cultures. As a result, Knowledge (local) is always a class skill for you, and you receive a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks. In addition, you receive no penalties on Knowledge (local) checks to ascertain the rules and peculiarities of any culture you encounter. In addition, your GM may share any additional information with you about the current political situation affecting the Legendary Planet multiverse.
Weak Will You suffer a -2 penalty on all Will saving throws.


Cold Blast: Element(s) water; Type simple blast (Sp); Level —; Burn 0
Blast Type: energy; Damage cold
You emit a beam of utter cold to freeze a single foe.


Extended Range: Element(s) universal; Type form infusion; Level 1; Burn 1
Associated Blasts any
Saving Throw none
Your kinetic blast can strike any target within 120 feet.
Kinetic Fist
Element(s) universal; Type form infusion; Level 1; Burn 1
Associated Blasts any
Saving Throw none
You surround your body with energy or elemental matter from your kinetic abilities. You can use this form infusion as part of an attack action, a charge action, or a full-attack action to add damage to each of your natural attacks and unarmed strikes until the beginning of your next turn. Since kinetic fist is part of another action, using this wild talent doesn’t provoke any additional attack of opportunity. You deal an additional 1d6 points of damage per 3 dice of your kinetic blast’s damage (minimum 1d6), and this damage is of the same type as your kinetic blast’s damage. This extra damage ignores spell resistance and doesn’t apply any modifiers to your kinetic blast’s damage, such as your Constitution modifier.

Utility Wild Talents:

Basic Hydrokinesis
Element(s) water; Type utility (Sp); Level 1; Burn 0
You can create water as the cantrip create water, purify water as if using purify food and drink, and dry wet creatures and objects as if using prestidigitation. While you cannot lift water into the air using this ability, you can create mild currents in a body of water by concentrating. These currents are strong enough to run a water mill as if the mill were being turned manually by a creature with a Strength score equal to your Constitution score.
Kinetic Cover
Element(s) aether, earth, or water; Type utility (Sp); Level 1; Burn 0
You call up elemental matter to defend yourself and your allies from attacks. As a standard action, you can select one face of a square within 30 feet of you and move elemental matter to block that face, providing total cover from that direction. The face you select must be supported by the ground, and the kinetic cover cannot support more than 5 pounds of weight. Water, ice, and telekinetic force are translucent, but earth, metal, mud, and the like are opaque and block line of sight. A creature who strikes the cover can easily destroy it. Regardless of its composition, the cover has hardness 0, AC 5, and 2 hit points per kineticist level you possess. You can have a number of kinetic covers in existence equal to your Constitution modifier + 1/2 your kineticist level.

Description and Personality:

Faejia is a relatively human looking woman with ice blue skin, long black hair that has an icy shimmer reaching her hips, and greenish-blue eyes. She has a gorgeous figures, and wears generally sparse clothing as her frigid nature leaves her becoming hot far too easily. She carries herself with a cold and regal poise that has led her to be nicknamed the ice queen.

Back Story:

Fraejia comes from an unknown planet and little is known about her background or race as she is the first ever to be seen of her kind. She is known to have a fair amount of knowledge about both technology and astronomy, and has a mysterious ability to create and manipulate ice. Sadly, like most of her people, she has a weak will when someone tries to force her mind into compliance, a weakness she shares with all of her people. She has been traveling for sometime now, picking up odd jobs as she goes.

Recently Fraejia found herself caught in a colony scam. A verdant and relatively underpopulated world had been found and was in the process of being colonized. She was curious whether this universe did these things the same way her people did by the transplant of a living city seed. She found, to her disgust, that it was a trap, the destination was an alien prison world and she quickly decided that submission was the best policy...for now. So thus far she has been complying with her captor's demands all the while keeping her eyes open for a chance to escape.

What no one but her knows is that she is the youngest daughter of a race called the Espers, being only two hundred, she has finally set out on her own for the first time and, in the consummate tradition of her people, she has gone to live and explore a place where she and her kind are unknown. She is also finding herself drawn into her people's second favorite past time, meddling in events that are none of their concern. Despite her generally frigid demeanor that earned her the nick name "Ice Queen", she has found herself drawn into the plight of those around her and is becoming more and more involved as she does. Over the time she's been in this galaxy Fraejia has found that slavery, like most places, is seemingly everywhere, and the prevalence of gods to be the biggest annoyances, on more than one occasion she's found herself in trouble because she couldn't leave well enough alone.

The way she drives others away comes across as her being a b&~%!, but the truth is, she is trying not to get too attached to any one as she knows that she will live to watch them grow old and die over and over and over again. This issue has given her people a tendency to isolate themselves when they can from forming attachments that they desperately desire. Eventually, she will find herself falling for another not of her kind and watch them die before her eyes in what is merely a blip in her existence. She both fears this and yet yearns for it as well since it is almost a right of passage for the esperish people.