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John Kretzer wrote:
I for one am not going to speculate....don't you people like to be surprised once in a while?

Hah, I absolutely WILL be surprised if my wish comes true.

Me thinks that after my little friends have been successfully redeemed, now the time has come to give us Flumphs Revisited, where we will learn more about the Rangers' most beloved animal companion, the Forest Flumph, as well as the the eagle-hunting (or was it the other way 'round) Flying Flumphs. Then there's the suicidal Fire Flumph, the subaquatic Flumph Fish (which puts terror into the hearts of even the most evil aboleths). And that's just a little taste of all the awesome flumph-related things in this 128-page special campaign book (and wait til' you've seen the receipt for Fried Flumph, a taste that will never ever leave your mouth, I promise).

Though I'm wondering why James Jacobs still would keep the most exiting addition to the Pathfinder universe a secret. I guess he probably thinks that the human mind might be to fragile for such a splendid work to comprehend.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Pushes zoophiliacal dwarf back into ditch, with a groan.

So, now I'm not only angry, I'm also wet and muddy. As soon as I've found out what zoof...zoofilly.. what this means, I'll get after you. Need some toothpicks as some of my friends were so horrified when they heard that they've been forgotten by the Powers that Be that they have lost their spikes.

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Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Nails in the flumph's coffin! Ha! I dance on it's grave!

You know what, tree? We haven't a coffin yet, but luckily I've my axe with me so if you'd just hold still for a moment, we'd at least have a start.