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I would like to offer Flavia Stota for consideration for this campaign.

Ancestry: Human
Background: Starstruck (Shensen)
Class: Sorcerer (Fey)
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Flavia Stola was born to a human priestess who helps lead the underground Calistrian congregation in Kintargo. Secrets, and hidden and half truths abounded in Flavia’s childhood, and none more profound than her unusual parentage. “The Lady in the Room never reveals all of her knowledge,” was all Flavia’s mother would ever offer on the topic. Regardless, Flavia grew up relatively content and safe in an otherwise turbulent political and social environment.

As she aged and her talents from her mysterious parentage grew, Flavia sought employment at the prestigious Kintargo Opera House. She hoped that connections to the prestigious institution would help her more easily climb the Kintargo social scene and gain prestige. And while the producers initially scoffed at the idea of allowing someone untrained to perform in their great halls, Flavia’s whimsical magical ability secured her a spot behind the scenes as a lighting and sound specialist.

It is here that she came into contact with her idol - Shensen. Never before had she met someone who combined such raw talent and charisma with the nerve and power to actively speak out against the diabolism of House Thrune (Flavia too hopes to follow down a similar path) While the two have never officially met during her time at the Kintargo Opera House, Flavia believes that networking with Shensen is her ticket to social, and perhaps political success. Our story unfolds with Flavia outraged with the news of Shensen’s disappearance and a goal to find out the truth.

Intended Role:

In combat, Flavia will primarily use spells to offer crowd control and debuff enemies. Additionally, she will occasionally summon addition allies (with the primal evolution feat) and can do some light damage. Depending on the needs of the party, she can pick up more of the restorative and healing spells from the primal school.

Outside of combat, she will use her charisma-based skills, stealth, spells and fast and loose relationship with the law to support her party in achieving objectives and rebelling! Flavia is motivated by both a religious and moral objection against House Thrune, as well as a personal desire to be socially and politically influential.

I’m hoping to concrete my build (if and when I am selected) to better compliment the party. I’m not a PFS player and not particularly interested in the chronicle sheet, but if it is easier or necessary for me to take part I can figure it out!

I look forward to hearing your decision! Let me know if you have any questions for me.