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I wonder what the rare and unique backgrounds will be.

And will there only be the rare and unique backgrounds or will there be some more "normal"/common backgrounds (such as in the core rulebook), too?

I am also looking forward to the Archetypes such as the assassin, bounty hunter, blessed one, gladiator, herbalist, martial artist, pirate or scout.
(Would it make sense for a cleric to take the "blessed one" archetype?)

It is great to see how many rules expansions were released just within one year.

Keep the steady output up :)

CrystalSeas wrote:

It's not clear from that paraphrase that ALL of anything will be available in the Beginner Box rules.

For example, it looks like it will only include four classes.

I am aware of the facts that:

- we will have only 4 classes instead of 12 to choose from
- That we maybe only get to choose between 2 feats instead of 4 per level
- that maybe our cleric will just get to choose between 10 Level 1 Spells instead of 21.
- that the beginner box will again go up to about level 5.

I am completely fine with the choice of Fighter, Rogue, Cleric and Wizard, this is the "classic" adventuring party and a great entrance point for new and experienced gamers.

I would not want the full rules in the beginner box, too.

But I just hope to see the comlplete skill list including skills such as Entertain, Intimidation, Crafting or Survival (skills like these were not included in the Pathfinder 1 Beginner Box since the Skills list -though shorter compared to D&D 3.5- was still quite long) so we can have even more variety in playing the published adventures and designing our own ones.

It is good to hear that the beginner box will use the full Rules.

So we can use all the skills right from the start (even skills such as entertain, crafting or survival (which were not included in the 1st edition Beginner box).

I am also looking forward to the "starting town" of Otari (the "stat block" is already included in the gamemastery guide, but I hope we will get a map, too).

And last but not least more pawns are always better.

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I am looking forward to these cards, they have beautiful Artwork.
I already own the Condition Cards and they help a lot at the table.

The card with the statistics for the gnome bandit says:

Medium, Human, Humanoid

Shouldn't a stat block for a gnome read:

Small, Gnome, Humanoid?

I am looking forward to this book since the day it was announced.

In my head grows an idea for an evil party:

- Male Orc evil Champion / Antipaladin [lawful evil, worshipper of Asmodeus]

- Female Elf Witch (with primal Spell list)

- Male Dhampir Shadow Sorcerer [I wonder which spell list they will get]

- Female Oracle (Flames Mystery) [lawful evil, worshipper of Asmodeus]

I am also looking forward to the new items (hopefully we will get some additional weapons) and the new spells (more spells are always nice)

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I am looking forward to see the first more detailed region (or in this case city) to play in outside of published adventures.
(At the moment I am thinking about designing a campaign similar to the D&D campaign "the Shackled City" with Absalom as the PC's home base).

The Lost Omens World Guide says that all people (From all cultures such as Kellid, Taldan etc. and all Ancestries such as Elves, Gnomes etc.) are common.

Will we get nonetheless some sample names for player Characters/own NPCs?

Will there be some information on the wilderness around Absalom, for example popular dungeons and/or common monsters near the city (in the way it was made with the town of Sandpoint in the 1E Pathfinder beginner box?)

And will another setting book describe the rest of the Starstone Isle?