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You guys are and always will be heroes in my book. It's been many months without your company and many more before I am able to be back with you but I did send you a friend. Hopefully he remembered to tell you hi from me. He looked a little pre occupied or distracted when I talked to him. There's a lot going on in the world right now. Well I can't wait to see you all and tell you my adventures but for now I'll watch from the wings. Felu Waeglo

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It has taken a very long time to find my friends. I still have a bargain to uphold but I have found time in-between jobs to search for my former companions. Although finding them has lifted my heart Sam was not with them. I can't speak to them yet and I think some of them spotted me while I daydreamed of a conversation and what it might sound like. How do I explain what I've done? I moved back into the borrowed room and disappear back to my tasks. It was good to see them after all these months. I couldn't help them in their struggle but still.....

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The troupe finished off the threat in the old temple, there were more threats still in another part of this complex but Lugh and others wanted to return to the ruined inn and then on to Magnimar. We made our way out and healed up using a wand of healing by Atz, then we returned to the inn. It was late afternoon when we arrived. Lugh was quite and somber. The troupe relayed to each other the plans of this temple and another in Magnimar but none of us recognized the names of the gods that were mentioned in the writings. The mention of Lugh's mother possibly being the source of betrayal only made Lugh more melloncally. I fear for his sanity if it is ture. When we talked to Keara she said some of the names we found were of ancient Rune Lords and not gods.

We set off to Magnimar the next morning with a couple wagons in tow. Keara in a gypsy wagon and the inn keeper in the other. The day went uneventful. In the early morning Shelalu came back from scouting and reported that orcs had attacked a caravan just miles ahead of us and returned to check on our safety.

Our final trek to Magnimar brought a wagon headed for us on the road and as Lugh, Birgun and Macer advanced to intercept it I got an odd feeling of a dark presence. I grabbed Sam's shoulder and warned him of something bad was coming. The wagons burst into flames and our three fighters engaged the person on the advancing wagon. I moved closer to the darkness I could feel until I dared not to move any more. I then engaged it as I had with whatever was attacking Sam at the inn. I could feel it's strength but couldn't overcome it's defenses so I reached for the power of the daemon I had absorbed at the inn. I was winning but not by much and this daemon was hungry. It was taking over Lugh and as the troupe was killing it it laughed and reached even harder at Lugh. I shouted that the troupe not hurt it any more, out of fear of what it would do to Lugh. I reached for more power and felt a slimy sickening fealth course through my veins but when I released it I fealt the new daemon scream as I absorbed it into my being. It sits now inside me still wanting more.

I checked my skin and sure enough there are black lines racing up and down my arms. Sam walked over to me and in hushed tones talked calmly to me and as he lowered my sleeves said let's hide those for now. Are you okay? I said yes but I'm not sure of what to do.

Lugh was fine and so was the rest of our troupe but the four horses we had pulling the wagons were dead. We hitched up the horses from the other wagon and used a spell from the dead wizard to summon another for our second wagon.

We made it to Magnimar and went first to the trading company to claim our reward for the goblins we had killed. They wanted us to stay and give them more information but Sam said it could wait until the next day. We then went to Lugh's home but stayed back far enough to watch it. One of his brothers came out and headed towards the market district. Lugh had Kelyn and Nina follow him. They returned shortly saying that his brother had just bought food stuffs. When Lugh brother went into the house is when we all followed Lugh to the front door.

Lugh opened it and stopped just inside for a moment. His whole family was there even his mom and everything was okay. His mom told us of some disturbing news. Followers of Serenrae have been murdered in the early mornings the past few days and also that the old temple has need sat upon by some evil. His dad and brothers have stayed in town watching over the family in fear that Lugh's mother was a target of these foul murders.

We halved learned a little and have talked with Macer's father who is in the city guard. He wants us to meet him this night to discuss what can be done.

I had a dream and Sam was dieing, being swallowed by a great blackness.

There was smoke and I was coughing, Sam lay in the bed next to me, he was cool to the touch, he wasn’t breathing. I startled upright, staring at him but the smoke made me blink and cough. What was wrong? I could not think. There was something between Sam and I. He was surrounded by a dark force, it was killing him. Smoke, I couldn’t think, Smoke, Fire, yes but that wasn’t the problem. Sam, black lines raced over his skin, dark energy coursed in his veins. What was happening? Sam’s body convulsed and his back arched and he almost left the bed. I jumped back away from him, naked in the smoke of the room. I looked around and found a long shirt that was tossed away earlier. What had happened? Smoke, Fire, Hot! Demon. A demon was taking Sam away from me. What to do? I screamed “Stop!” Sam’s body fell as if pushed, he hit the bed hard but didn’t wake. I could feel the energy refocus towards me. “Ah, what’s going on?” I asked aloud. To wich I got no response.

I couldn’t see it but it was there in the room, a presence, standing next to the bed with Sam right there. “Be gone.” I said “Go!” Waving my arms as if to shoe it from the room, I ran towards the bed and Sam. There was a pause, I thought it had left. I reached out to Sam and then it struck like a mountain I felt Sam, I felt the bed. And I was buried under a mountain of pressure………

I opened my eyes surrounded by strangers and an Inn on fire. The voices around me were comforting and soothing. They were telling me to relax That my man had gone to help the others. I was safe, alright. There was a sheet floating from the Inn to where we were and people reaching up to the sheet and pulling it off a rope and a body was removed from the sheet. It coughed and sneezed but she was alive. Someone moved in a window on the third floor and another sheet came floating towards us. Then the figure itself came floating towards us and landed softly. Clothed in black leathers, I could see that it was the lady assassin that had camped with us the night before. She looked at us all but stopped when she saw me. She made a move towards me her hand went deftly to her blade hidden within her cloak. She stopped short of reaching me and turned her head slightly to one side as if to get a different view. Her breath was labored and she was visibly tired but I heard her say, “Somehow you survived, without destroying it you survived.” Do you know what you’ve done girl?” There was a scream, it might have been a horse. Then a horn sounded and the woman turned towards the horn and said, “I need to talk to you about what you’ve done” I think she was cursing about something to herself, then “You’re either stupid or brave or maybe something else altogether.” She looked up to the heavens then down and spit on the ground and made a sign then ran into the night.

Sam came and checked on me at some point, I remember seeing him. I was still laying down or maybe I was sitting up at the time, yes, I think I was sitting up. I had just saved his life, somehow, and he was worried about me. I did all the work and he gets to be the Hero. That’s fine he can be tonight and is always my Hero but I must tell him what happened. Something important…..but what? Smoke, Fire……What?

But it was a lot more fun. Not so boring and trivial as Sam made it out to be. The reunion was spectacular, he did mention that we all arrived the same day. How cool is that? The quick and funny way Huge dismissed the thugs trying to weasel their way to our new jobs. Then the goblin attack almost killed a couple of the party right at first during their ambush. The troupe all rallied after the first onslot. And Sam's charm spell was magnificent and couldn't come at a better time. My Sam is so humble, Not! He made sure I had seen his handy work, looking at me quite pleased with himself. It was good and I told him so at the time. What a ham.

I'll admit I was more than a little worried when I saw fifteen goblins jump out of the grass surrounding us but the guys aren't kids any more they're men and I mean they're big men. They made pudding out of those goblins. It all made me very proud of the troupe. I feel confident too.

We did take the prisoner back and we learned quite a bit of information. I am sure Sam's cleverness will bring us a good reward.

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For as long as I can remember my life had been planned for me. My childhood was difficult but made easier by my two best girlfriends. We were all three different and not exactly welcome by other little girls or other families for that matter. There was a group of boys that took to us without a word of our differences.

We stayed friends for years. Playing in our neighborhood at first then spreading our wings (that's funny because one of the boys had a dragon with real wings) and for a long time I had a crush on Macer. I think he liked me too. We'd play damsel in distress for hours and he always held me tight when he'd finally slay my captor, the dragon. I laugh now at how perfect it all seemed. Life isn't perfect, I'm not perfect.

As I grew older most of my childhood friends stayed the same and even their parents accepted me for what but mostly who I was. I always felt welcome by Lugh's mom but his dad was guarded, I felt he was tolerant of me. Until a couple days after Oona's "PARTY"!!! Everything changed. Now I was welcome in Lugh's home even by his father, who now touch holds my hand when he greets me. I think that was a big step for him. I did notice Lugh's mom give him an approving look the first time he took my hand. More to the point and I'll get to more detail later, is the opposite way Sam's parents treated me. A lot less welcome.

The strange and yet funny thing that happened that night, the night of Oona's "PARTY", was, well, how do I start?. Things just didn't work out between Macer and I. Not as the couple I had thought we'd become. Don't get me wrong we still got along, there was no breakup of any kind. We just stopped playing house. Smile - We (the girls and I) all talked about our relationships with the guys, our crushes, interests, forays. While Oona liked the guys, she didn't "Like" the guys, Nina and I did. Early on She had a huge crush on Epher but it never went anywhere, he would somehow spoil it with his moody ways.

I think at some point I dated them all, at least I thought I did. Sometimes what I thought was a date turned out to be just hanging out. Oh well, I told the girls it was a date. What was I talking about, oh yeah, I remember. Oona's party.

It's funny because now that I look back on the events leading up to the party I can see more clearly Sam's attentions of me but until that night they had all flown completely over my head.

At some point during the night of the Party, Oona told Nina and I that she was going to run away from her family (Nina and I both understood completely, we actually wondered why it took this long, her parents were creepy. This coming from a Drow and a Tiefling) and she needed our help. Right after she told us that and I mean seconds, Sam grabbed my arm and asked me to dance. He must of known that the minstrels were playing one of my favorite tunes and I couldn't resist. During our dance (silly me how could I have forgotten Oona) I remembered Oona and her escape plan. I asked Sam if we could leave the dance and he looked at me strangely, he had a big grin on his face and said sure let's get out of here and off we went. Sam seemed to be in a hurry as we walked down the grand hall towards the front doors. I stopped him at the foot of the double self supporting stairways leading to the second floor and Oona's room.

We should wait for the others, I said and Sam's face looked sad and he all but pouted. I gave him a sideways glance and he said, "I thought". And I interrruped him and said, "You mean". He said"Yeah". "Oh" I said. My heart warmed and I saw him in a new and completely different way. And it was "good". I reached down and held his hand and he held mine.

He said they're right behind us, we should leave, they'll catch us soon enough. I pulled us so the stairs blocked any view someone my have of us. Kissed him and said we'll see how this works soon enough but tonight we need to help Oona. I left the house all warm and cuddly. Why tonight, Oona you're such a pain. LOL And I love you for it.

We walked at a rapid pace to the Ushers Hall. On the way we caught up to Lugh, Kelyn and Huge. The others were behind us. I could hear Nina and Oona, Vex and Macer, and Atz coming our way.

"Run" Oona shouted. "We need to go to Lugh's temple" Lugh said it's not mine it is dedicated to Sarenrae". "Yeah, we know that now run" Shouted Oona. Off we ran right into a briggin ambush.

They swung wildly shouting at us to give up our money.

Nina told me I should at least say hi, "Hi".

My name is Felu Waeglo, I'm a friend of Nina's. We met at a party last year. She is different like me, well not in the same way we are just different than most folks around Magnimar. We have great friends. Some from our side of town and some from the under side of town. One of Nina's friends has a baby dragon. I like the dragon, he can speak. We have good times playing.