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The critical range of your natural weapons improves by one step. Ex. 20 x2 becomes 19 - 20 x2.

Very simple. Is there a third party source out there that delivers something similar already? Looking to improve crits for an unarmed/natural weapon fighter like an Eberron Razorclaw Shifter. I'm tring to find something similar to the Swordplay feat for natural weapons.

So, I recently picked up a book called Legendary Villains: Vigilantes. Those of you familiar with Pathfinder may recognize this as one of the newer releases from Legendary Games. The book is fun and gorgeous, but I'm not here to pitch it (but you should check it out). Inside this book is a very cool archetype known as the Symbiotic Slayer which is basically a Pathfinderized version of Venom/Carnage from the Marvel universe which I'm going to assume you are at least passing familiar with. One of the sample characters presented in the book is one of these Symbiotic Slayers and her name is Red Love. Much like Carnage, she is a homicidal maniac due somewhat in part to her bonding with this strange symbiotic abberation. What I am looking for is a sleuth scenario adventure (or series of) that I can adapt for this villain. I have been doing some research and many agree that these types of adventures are very difficult to write and run. Probably beyond my meager skills. Have any of you ever played in or run a good one? Obviously, it would be helpful if the adventure was styled on a sword and sorcery type setting where things like magic can come into play. Also, my players are hair-trigger murderhobos so I don't want to bog down too much with tons of skill checks and whatnot. Any setting/edition/system is fine, if it is close to the 3.hybrid I play, so much the better. At this point I'm just looking for suggestions to get me pointed in the right direction. Any and all comments appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I plan on utilizing some elements from Horror Adventures as well to play up the creepy aspect of the symbiote and the deranged psycho killer bit too. So any suggestions there would be helpful also.

Edit 2: Cross-posted across multiple forums. I'm sure you are all familiar with that Pathfinding thingy.

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First of all, let me apologize if this ended up somewhere it shouldn't. I'm new to these forums. I would like to incorporate a little hb into the mod, and the fourth in the mod Forests of Spirits introduces Buto Futotsu, the Swine Shogun.I'd like to alter him a bit to introduce the foreign feeling of Minkai. I have found several threads on Sumo, but I wonder if anyone has completed a Sumo class? If so please post it here. Also, I know Sumo is generally regarded as unarmed combat, but from what I read it is an extension of more war like diciplines. Has anybody got this down? I also wonder if there are any weapons/armor suitable for a sumo warrior. Homebrew/speculation is welcome. As for weapons, historically or otherwise, please post here. I know that the tetsubo seems like the perfect choice, I have read that Sumo are familiar with both sword and bow. This is really just a fishing trip so I am open to ALL suggestions. Thanks I advance. Apologies for pitching threads around, I'm a newcomer