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Some people just look good in yellow.


“As a game designer you’re going to want to spend some time thinking about death.”

I must be a great game designer, I’m thinking about death all the time!

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Hungrily drinks the tears of heartbroken heroes

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Kthulhu wrote:
I still think Paizo could have saved a LOT of development time, and managed to put out a better balanced system by just licensing Ultimate Psionics as an official Pathfinder book.

Your powers of precognition are amazing... are you psionic?


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The End Is Nigh.

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I set their character sheet aflame, put the ashes in a tiny urn and present it to the player as a reminder of their failure.

Mortuum wrote:

One reason is that role is filled by the Slayer, which is a full BAB, nearly full sneak attack class with pretty good skills.

Another reason is combining fighter and rogue is already the most obvious application of 50/50 multiclassing, so it would seem a bit redundant. Compare to the Arcanist, which combines two classes that should never be multiclassed unless you hate winning, fun, common sense and all your friends.

Wizard/Sorcerer/Monk is my favorite multiclass.

shallowsoul wrote:

Someone on the boards found it funny when I discussed characters being heavily involved in the story and advicating arbitrary death at the same time. Where is the problem with this? Why can't I spend a lot of time on my character, have him heavily involved with the story and at the same time, accept that things happen and characters die by that lone trap or that lucky hit from a monster?

I do this with each of my characters and I don't see why it would be funny.

Because everyone must accept death in the end.

Sweet oblivion.

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Because the despair of others sustains me.

Because no god embodies true nihilism like the concept of Nihilism.