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Festan Bulbous wrote:

Thoughts of Festan Bulbous.

Let me begin by saying that I love those little flexible plastic prepainted figures issued by "Wizards of the Coast". Not only are they durable I like the fact that if children chew them they are less likely to damage not only the figures, but themselves as well.

Festan Bulbous is a Cleric of The Sun God. His God is considered a good god. Good gods tend to frown upon behaviors not considered "Good". The torture of Prisoners seems to fall among this category of behaviors. The Clerics reflections follow...also upon his recent return to the city he has discovered that his young son has been Kidnapped!!!....

Cleric's Log

Reflections of Festan Bulbous:

It is my sincere desire by noting down my reflections to provide a record of my exploits for the benefit of my fellow church members. These reflections should be of value since it is not only success but failure which will help us all to grow and become better servants of the light.

Recently I have had great difficulty communing with the glory of my lord the god of sun. In a vision, it became clear to me that the reason for my loss of favor has to do with the torture of a prisoner. Another member of my party also fell from grace through similar circumstances. Hence the motivation for this log...since had I taken proper note of his tribulations I would not now be in my own.

Therefore here is the first lesson.

Observe ye and understand the errors of your fellows and the consequences of them lest ye be doomed to repeat their sins and reap the sorrow of the harvest of sin which ye sow.

Let us reflect then upon my actions. Recently we engaged a group of murderous brigands at the Lucky Monkey Inn(Often referred to the 'Spanking Monkey Inn' ...why I do not know). Suffice it to say the Inn was far from lucky for its visitors who were slain and robbed as they slept. After their defeat I was so enraged by their behaviour that I wanted quick answers to my questions and made a grievous error. I tortured a prisoner....

Now my pain is great for my wife informs me that the imaptient young man who tried to gain money from us under the false pretenses of "charges for lost horses" has now made a grave error. He has kidnapped my son. My first priority will be to inform the Mayor and confer with the City Guard. Since the lad is from an influential family the matter must be handled delicately.

Therefore I will send the following letter to the Mayor.

To His Right Honorable and Glorious Emminence the Mayor:

Your Emminence, it is my distinct honor to have the privellage to correspond with you. A pressing matter has come to my attention and I felt it my sacred duty to inform your Emminence of the Situation. The Situation invloves the City and Myself and The Chrurch. As I am certain you recall we had a discource on the yesterday regarding a matter of a certain influential family with which you are aquainted asking for compensation for lost mounts. Imagine my surprise when, after having gathered the appropriate sum of 2000 gold and attempting to deliver the sum to the head of the family in question was informed by a kind servant that the master of the house is out of our fair town and has been so for several weeks!
The nervous young man who claimed to represent the family appears to have questionable motives! Certainly my appearance at the gates of his family's estate with a treasure chest caused enough of a stir that he received word of my attempted payment. Unfortunately, rather than admitting that his impatience had foiled his fraudulent prank and leaving well enough alone the lad has committed a serious offence. He has kidnapped my son and demands the same amount that was alleged to be compensation for horses for my son's safe return. As your Emminence can imagine I am beside myself with concern as is my Wife. Understanding your many important duties I intend to deal with the situation in a discreet manner. The implications are far reaching nonetheless. We prefer to assume that the lad is simply misguided and his youth and greed have led him to err. Certainly we would not consider his parents to condone such behavior. We look with favor upon those who show kindness to church and state through their I am sure his family goodness surely he can't have learned such behavior from his father!
We will presume therefore that the matter has been instigated by the "Stormblades" of whom he claims membership. This misguided band of weather predictors has obviously misjudged. In order to protect the influential families these young people belong to I will proceed with discretion. My greatest fear is that there may be some dark power playing behind the scenes and using these misguided youngsters as their pawns. The kidnapping of the child of a Cleric of Pelor seems a rather severe act and one can't help but wonder what on earth has "possessed" them. I welcome any input you may have.I would further humbly request a scribe to stop by our temple with a copy of the city ordinance regarding attemped fraud and kidnapping and murder and the appropriate trial procedures and established punishment schedules for perpetrators and accessories. Since kidnappings may have occured previously if you know of anyone in the city guard with the appropriate discretion and experience I would be eternally grateful for a referral.
Yours Faithfully...
May the Blessings of Pelor and the Holy Light be upon you and those whom you love now and always.
FASTEN BULBOUS of The Shinning Man Party.

Thus ends my current written self discourse. I go now to commune and pray for guidance.