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Vanykrye wrote:
This is a special crop.

They're probably some of Bayer's new pod people that are genetically modified to be immune to RoundUp.

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Tacticslion wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Vinca is some pretty hardcore invasive s*@% around us, that and f!@!ing morning glory.
At first I thought this said, "Vecna," and I was quite confused...

Vinca is pretty invasive and tenacious. I could definitely see a First World-/fey-focused Die Vinca Die! module.

Edit: And a hearty "F*ck you!" to morning glory too.

gran rey de los mono wrote:

Question for CY, or anybody else for that matter.

Can you recommend a dandelion killer? I don't mind dandelions in general, I actually think a few of them scattered through the yard looks nice, but two spots in my yard are being taken over by them and I'd like to at least thin them out a bit. Thanks.

Can you spray them with vinegar and then leave a cinderblock or large stepping/path slab over the roots (to block the sunlight)? That's supposed to work.

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When your vegetable garden is so impressive, even dryads say "Damn, that's FIERCE!"... you might be a Yesterday.

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Aranna wrote:
Turns out what an animal eats affects the flavor and how it lives determines the quality of the meat. The vat meat eats nothing and has no lifestyle.

Terroir. I first heard it used to account for differences in wine tastes, but I've also heard it used with honey varieties and various animals raised for food (both their milk & dairy products as well as their flesh.)

captain yesterday wrote:
Rysky wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
We're getting hella hot peppers from our garden this year.
Ooo what kind?
I don't know... the kids picked out the flat in the spring. It said "hot peppers"

Before my thumbs turned completely black, I used to grow one or two of the mild-to-medium hot peppers along with my tomatoes. The peppers always turned out hotter than the same variety from a store or farmer's market; I suspect it was the sulfur in the ground water I used for watering, but I couldn't find anything to back it up. And then there was pepper roulette, where 1 of 5 or 6 peppers was blistering hot for no reason and no visible difference in appearance.

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captain yesterday wrote:

Why yes, yes I did jump down the rabbit hole that is my eastern flower bed.

Yes, I started by weeding it, then decided to hand till it.


captain yesterday wrote:

Yes, it has been a number of years since I last tilled it.

No, it's not as easy as I thought it would be.


captain yesterday wrote:

Yes, I've only made it four and a half feet (by three feet wide).

Yes, it is looking much better already.

Ug-, er, yay.

captain yesterday wrote:
And we have wild garlic. :-)


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Figs are full of dead wasp pulp and juices. Mmmm, yummy.

Has anyone seen Charnie this morning? Looks like it wandered off through a hole in the fence again. I gotta get crackin' -- poor Charnie is overdue a milking, and I'm behind on filling orders for Luiren Spring Cheese.

Turnips are parsnips that Fell. Radishes are the pugwampi veggies of indigestion.

What you really want to try are Celestial Follower's stuffed portobellos... shipped in fresh from the farmer's market in Jeharlu just this morning.

{goes back to hunting in the couch cushions for thieving hobbits}

Tirqbo the Oliphant, with his rodentia sidekick, Timothy Q. Lisp

Tirq is banned for keeping all his eggs in one basket; now they're scrambled, he's fried, Quiche is hard-boiled, and I feel deviled!

Celestial Healer wrote:
More turnips!

Yep, seems like more visitors are turn-ing-up everyday! You can't beet it... if you carrot all about that sort of thing.

{hopes no one has Smite Awful Punster as class ability}

Edit: Nakkid maggot?

{peeks in window looking for vegetable-thieving angels or hobbitses}