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Hey all,

Just wondering if they has been any annoucment for if they will be pre-gen for the remaster for PFS organised play?

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After running Extinction Curse and seeing that cover art, I hope the whole book is not just Xul'Gaths :)

Just an update - The Zombie encounter was not to bad.

It seem this level is when some of the casters get some pretty impressive spells for AOE.

Monsters are going down quickly now and the warriors/champion are dishing out a lot now.

I'm thinking of changing some of the base Xulgath fights.

I also moved the earth elementals outside as a random encounter on the pier road for why people have been dissappering.

On the return they encounters the vanishing man which mad a more taxing fight on the party who had dealt with the earth elementals / sea serpants and zulgath ambush.

HammerJack wrote:
No, you use their spell modifier (10 lower than their DC when nothing separate is given) and roll 1d20+23.

Thank you for the help but could I ask where this rule is written in the core rule book?

I'm also unsure how you can work out the spellcaster ability modifier for the monster and it proficieny bonus going off the monster stat block?

Hey all.

I'm sorry for askign the age old Counteracting query again but I'm getting to high level play now and my head is getting mashed by all the different rules.

My players will be encountering a

Shining Child

Which has the spell turning spell (7th level spell)

When I want to react the spell turning I need to roll a d20+7 against the players spell DC for example is 32? They can cast up to 7th level spells.

I have no way of getting a sucess is that correct and can only counteract a 6th level spell or lower?

This is a discussion of A9 for GMs

The hazard in A9, does the mold cover every square which the party can walk in A9?

Description The equilibrium of the brown mold and river of
lava is disturbed, creating bubbles of molten stone that
burst and spew burning debris.

Ventura wrote:

Since A6 has a "Moderate 13" encounter rating, and the zombies are 11, I assume there are 5 of them (100xp budget).

And regarding the zombies, they are definitely strong, but how hard the actual fight will be, depend a lot on, where you place them on the map and how much the PC's learn from recall knowledge+use that knowledge/general tactics.

If your pc's succeed in recall knowledge and learn about their seawater retch and/or improved knockdown, they might use kiting and hit-and-run techniques, which are quite effective since the zombies are perma-slowed 1 and mindless.

Overall I'm pretty sure it's 5 zombies, but whether you will use all 5 zombies or not depends a lot on your players and how hard you want the fight to be.

Thanky you for the reply.

I'm running book 3 at the moment and I'm just looking at the hp on these creature and it scared me as a reaction. I wondering when the party damage will spike to make these bigger hp pools

Reading through chapter 2 of the book with the sea caves, area A6 says they are 5 zombies in the text but only 1 in the star block. I am hoping it is just one because they seem super strong?

Thanks all

I will give the news to the druid :)

Will let him respec things as might of got blind sided by that!

So 3rd session in and he players are exploring Abberton and the first stop was the church and the wrecker Demon wrecked the party and I was swinging some punches.

Had to start using the wreck ability on shields instead of claw claw players as I didn’t want them to feel like it was a hopeless fight. 70 hours is no joke.

I would definitely say that Nesslyn did damage to the creature before getting locked in the room to balance the fight.

Defo TKP worthy as you likely crit on all its attacks of 14+

Thanks Lightwire, the noble drake and others.

I really needed this today and a lot of it makes sense. I will sleep on it tonight and think about it. I think that social interaction of playing on roll 20 is making it harder also.

Lightwire wrote:

I’d say talk to both the individual first, but you may need to talk to the group as well.

If you think it’s just that the challenge of the game has been removed causing your issue start with that. Make sure to emphasize that it’s not they themselves at issue, but that the adventure writing doesn’t handle characters that powerful, and possibly the rest of the group’s ability and desire to build that tightly as to why you can’t tweak it to do so. This way you’re congratulating them for their mechanical ability even as you ask them to cut back on it.

It may be completely by the system rules to build an drastically more powerful character than the rest of the party, but it can hurt the groups enjoyment so it touches on the group social contract. A lot of groups in a lot of games I’ve been with have had some sort of rule, spoken or un, about keeping things balanced. And honestly as someone prone to building more powerful characters than intended it’s something I agree with. Making other characters feel like mooks, or preventing the GM being able to challenge the group both have serious negative consequences. But some people won’t know they’re even doing it unless you bring it up. After all, they may even think of themselves as having less impact on combat than the Wizard’s fireballs, despite being in reality an untouchable beacon of immortality.

If you still feel the need talk to the group. Not everyone enjoys high level play and it’s much much harder on the GM than anyone else. If your not enjoying it it might be time to call in instead of getting burnt out. Or someone else can try to pick up the reigns if they think they’ll be comfortable with it.

Hey all,

I'm seeking some advice which I can imagine most of you've had and I'm unsure if I'm burnt out or if it's the players issues with overcoming challenge.

I'm running strange aeons and we're on book 5. This is the furestest I've gotten with Gming at high level and I'm not enjoying myself running it now.

I love all my players but I have one player who has taken the challenge out of the campaign and no matter the challenge I present, the player seem to be able to counter it every time.

He is playing a dual curse life oracle, as you can imagine lots of healing and support. The problem is he has built up the AC with spells and armor enchantment that none of my creatures can hit her 40AC. The stats add up and I've check the numbers multiple times.

Normally they would be other weakness but he has incredible saves espically against mind affect which is the big theme of strange aeons and less relex save monsters.

For me to hit her I need to get natural 20 most of the time.

The other players I'm able to hit but the life oracle negates that threat of danager with healing, recovery of dieases, ability damage and even has offensive ability vs undead and other creatures.

I could increase the diffculity but then I am going to be super swing for the other players at the table who don't have this advantage.

It kinda putting me off running this campagin anymore.

SHould I ask the players if they are still enjoying the campaign and if we should do something else instead or talk to the one player about scaling his character back or bringing in a different character?

Question which I can't se answers for.

I am trying to work out the weakness and I just want to clear it up, is it not immune to psychic charms, psychic complusions and psychic mind affecting or is the psychic only applied to mind control spells?

Just want to see if the life oracle will be able to use her normal mind affecting abilities on these undead creatures/plant or if they need a physic classed from the occult adventure books?

(If the oracle can cast mass command people these seeded are going to get destroyed) XD

What it says in the book.

Weaknesses:Transformed: Although seeded creatures are undead,
their bodies pulse with alien plant life.
For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as a ranger’s favored enemy and bane weapons), seeded creatures count
as both undead and plants.

Seeded creatures are not immune to charms, compulsions, and mind-affecting effects from psychic sources, such as psychic spells or a creature’s psychic magic ability.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you everyone.

This has cleared it up for me now. :)

Val'bryn2 wrote:
He has gotten a full round casting time mixed up with one round casting time. They seem like they are the same, but they aren't.

So the DM or the player has got it wrong? :)

Hey all,

I know this question has been asked many times...but it seems many GM's have thier own ruling on this.

My Fire Oracle took the metamagic feat to change my fire to Ice spells.
When I attempted this recently in game, the GM said that the standard action would now be a 1 round action. Meaning it would be cast on my next turn.

I alwasys though it would just take my standard / move action and be cast on my turn. I've been playing this way for a while now.

I've just played with another player who had a life oracle who had the meta magic rod of reach so they could cast Breath of Life on the same turn as a full round action.

Any insight would be great as I just need to know if a standard action spell becomes a full round action or 1 round action when using metamagic.


JoeDapper wrote:
JoeDapper wrote:
JoeDapper wrote:
Looks like i might be running this in april!
Any word on what bestiary will be needed for pawns??? I'd really like to step up my presentation.

You will have plenty of time to arrange this :)

It's out on wednesday 03/27 next week so you will have a better idea.

I on the other hand am running it on the 03/31 XD

Thanks Blahpers, it's a strange one.

I think I'll take it anyway since it is an RP thing and I've been facing more outsides from the dark tap :)

I guess it would be half of 5d8 max for the non-creatures - DM discreation on the table.

Hey all,

I recently did an PFS in heaven with my Ifrit Orcale of Sarenrae who didn't appricate the lawful outlook on life. It affected her spiritual as a servant of Sarenrae.

I been thinking of getting Shard of Chaos, but I am confused on the duration on the spell. Spell written below the line.

Why does the spell have a duration of instantaneous (1d6 rounds)? Only duration that I can see in the spell is the part it talks about slow which only last one round. Any clarfication would be great :)

I know it isn't the best spell, but I want to get it for RP reasons.


Shard of Chaos

School evocation [chaos]; Level cleric 2

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, DF

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)

Effect dart-shaped projectile of chaotic energy

Duration instantaneous (1d6 rounds)

Saving Throw Will partial (see text); Spell Resistance yes

You hurl a multicolored shard of congealed chaos from your holy symbol, affecting any one target in range as a ranged touch attack.

A lawful creature struck by the shard takes 1d8 points of damage per two caster levels (maximum 5d8). A lawful outsider instead takes 1d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 10d6) and is slowed (as slow) for 1 round. A successful Will save reduces the damage to half and negates the slow effect. The bolt has no effect on chaotic creatures. This spell deals only half damage to creatures that are neither lawful nor chaotic, and they are not slowed.

1/5 **

I think the location of stuvock on each map and the creature really prevents a straight line. I think they is a line in there that the pc get in the way it will attack them instead. Also the first attack it runs after the second round so generally will survive the first encounter due to the creature roaring only twice and not three times.

All in all, I enjoyed it when I ran, lots of different things for players to do.

Hyena fight was passed over since it not needed :)

1/5 **

Ah ok, some really good suggestion there for the wrapping up. I will keep both in mind.

Looking forward to running this overall, printed mini's for the disease trees haha :)

1/5 **

I am running this at Pazio Con UK and want to make sure I get the disease done correct.

If the travel back is 2.5 days back, this means the disease will trigger twice before getting back to town.

If the party doesn't have any means to remove it before returning, this could mean 2d4 con damage or 2 con drain if a player failed twice.

If the player return to town with the drain, the player would need to get a restoration to remove the drain (2PP or 280g) and also then remove disease (1pp or 150g) to attempt the d20+5CL vs the diease DC. (390g if done by a CL13 to gurantee the remove disease, can the PP be any CL?)

What happens if the player doesn't have either enough gold / PP to pay for these services? Do I as a GM sign off the players has taken the 2 con drain and then at the start of the next session the player needs to carry it over along with the disease. I am concerned that any amount of days can take place between sessions and the player will slowly die to the disease and needing 2 cures in a row.

Yep that was what happened. TBH I glad it happen that way because it stop my players go to an area I've not prep for.

It was mean to scare my level 1 players :P


Hey all,

Hope people can help me with this quick question.

With Hungry flesh (beast 4) it has reg 5 which I know can be stopped with acid & fire. However I'm unsure if the special abililty hungry flesh has would stop also?

Reactive Regeneration (Ex) Whenever a hungry flesh takes piercing or slashing damage, it regenerates 5 hit points and gains 1 growth point.

Would the above ability stop if a player used acid or fire attacks? Would this also stop the growth points also?

I was playing with it as it didn't stop it and the monster just kept growing and my players couldn't kill it and had to retreat.

Thanks in advance :)

Just a question about one of the monsters you encoutner in this.
It has an ability called Reactive Regeneration

Whenever a ******* takes piercing or slashing damage, it regenerates 5 hit points and gains 1 growth point.

It also has regeneration 5 (acid or fire).

If a player uses acid would that stop the creature special ability Reactive Regenration or is this seperate from normal regeneration?

Thanks in advance