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Seraphimpunk wrote:

if you're not in organized play / pathfinder society, then yes Multiweapon Fighting is legal for creatures with three or more arms.

the problem is that at lvl 6 he has only 2 arms.

BinkyBo wrote:
But he seems to have a few too many arms

sure thing. 321 is an exaggeration.

hi everyone.
One of my player is currently playing a lvl 6 Synthetist. He wants to take the multiweapon fighting feat, while i feel that is not correct (at least until lvl 10, with aspect).
I'd be awesome if someone from dev team can tell me if it is legal or not at current lvl (his eidolon has already 321+ arms).

I know many people discussed this, and i've read many of these post, but i do not think these answers are correct, and this is why i'd like to hear dev thoghts about this topic.

Matthew Morris wrote:
Ok, I think I see your confusion Fabio, so let me see if I can clarify.

Thanks for the clarification! ;)


can a Masterwork Weapon be enchanted with the keen special quality, or it has to be first enchanted with a +1 enhanced bonus and only THEN with the Keen special quality?

From the Advanced Player's Guide, page 291:

Sizzling Arrow
Price 1,516 gp

This +1 corrosive arrow continues to leak acid onto its target each round, dealing 1d6 acid damage on the attacker’s turn for the next 3 rounds. Removing the arrow is a DC 10 Heal check and prevents any further damage from the arrow (the DC increases to 15 if the target tries to remove the arrow from himself). Removing the arrow destroys it, and it dissolves up once the 3 rounds pass.

Construction requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, acid arrow; Cost 758 gp

Is the price intended for 50 arrows (as usual) or just for one?

It's easy to obtain natural attacks like Bite or Claw, but i was wondering if there are any ways for a character to gain natural attacks like Horn or Tail without breaking too many rules ;P

If I shoot a Hand Crossbow with each hand and I have the Rapid Reload talent, can I reload both Hand Crossbows at the same time?

If my character has 3 natural attacks (bite + 2 claws. All Primary Attack) and a BAB of 6/1, how will he act in a full attack?

Bite/Claw/Claw at 6 BAB plus Bite/Claw/Claw at 1 BAB


Hi everybody, two quick questions:

Is the cost of Sizzling and Searing Arrows (1516 gp) for a stack of arrows (like 20 or 50) or is that just the cost of one arrow?

If during a full attack a character shots 5 Sizzling Arrows and, say, 2 hits... is the damage over time counted 2 times (1d6 + 1d6)? Or just one?