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One of my players wants to play a Paladin of Pharasma with the Undead Scourge archetype, which I've allowed. But I have no idea how the extensive looting (right down to the funerary masks and gold leafing off the walls!) will play out. At least two other PCs definitely going to take as much as they can from the tombs, and I can already see some serious conflict arising.
Any advice on how to deal with this?

Nice info, thanks.
Out of interest, where did you get 12 miles/day from?

(Sorry if this has been mentioned before, I scanned the thread and didn't see anything about it.)

My group are going to finish Ravenscraeg in the next session or so and will soon be heading out over the Crown, so I've been looking over Hungry Storm.
Unless I'm reading something wrong, the caravan (and thus all its guards and NPCs) are with the PCs for every random encounter, and through the Uqtaal Necropolis too. If this is right, doesn't it significantly raise the parties chances of winning?

Are all members of the Frozen Shadow under a blood geass?
I ask because my group captured one of the ninja alive from the pyreship last night and the first thing they're going to do is interrogate him next session.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Unarmed strike is also in the Close, and Monk weapon groups.

But scimitar is only in the Heavy Blades group. I don't see how Dervish could ever apply outside that group.

Weave Adept
0 Humanoid
0 Medium Size
-1 +4 Int, -2 Con, -2 Cha
-1 Slow Speed
3 Create Dried Reeds 3/day
3 Create Bamboo 3/day
1 Skill Focus: Basketweaving
1 Basket Craftsman
2 Craft: Basketweaving +2
2 Darkvision 60ft

Total: 10 RP

Possible +17 Craft: Basketweaving at lvl 1, with a near infinite supply of materials and the ability to craft in total darkness.
Beyond broken.