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Full Name

Ezmer Tychoblast


Acrobatics +9, Athletics +3, Culture +2, Physical Science +2, Profession (Athlete) +4, Stealth +8, Survival +4 | Speed 30 ft. |


Entropy Points: 0/3 | Active Conditions: None


| SP: 10/10, HP: 11/11, RP: 5/5 | EAC 17*, KAC 19*, CMD 27* | F:+5 R:+6 W:+1* | Init +4 | Perc +4, Social +0, Sense Motive +0 |

About Ezmer Tychoblast


Ezmer Tychoblast
Male Gnome Athlete Vanguard 1
CN Small humanoid (gnome)
XP 2, Reputation Acquisitives 5
Init +4; Senses Low-light vision, Perception +4

SP 10 HP 11 RP 5
EAC 15 (10 +1 armour, +4 Dex, +0 misc)
KAC 17 (10 +2 armour, +4 Dex, +0 misc)
AC vs. Combat Maneuvers 25 (8+KAC)
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0
…+2 vs. despair, fear, illusion spells and effects

Speed 30 ft. (ignore 20 ft. Difficult terrain)
Melee entropic strike +5 (1d3+3 A/B/AB) (targets EAC, operative)
Ranged azimuth laser pistol +5 (1d4 F/1d4 burn) (80 ft. range, 20 charges)
Spell-like Abilities
1/day - dancing lights, ghost sound, token spell
Offensive Abilities entropic pool, entropic strike, improved dirty trick (+4 to attack with it)

Str 9, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
Base Atk +1;
Feats improved combat maneuver (dirty trick), nimble moves
Skills Acrobatics +9 (1R), Athletics +3 (+1 w/ SPORT, 1R), Culture +2 (0R), Perception +4 (1R), Physical Science +2 (1R), Profession (athlete; [darts]) +4 (1R), Stealth +8 (1R), Survival +4 (1R)
(6 points; 6 class, 0 INT)
Abilities curious, entropic pool, vanguard aspect (reaction), reaction aspect insight, gnome magic
Languages Common, Gnome
Proficiencies light, heavy, shields, basic melee, advanced melee, small arms

Special Abilities:


Driftborn - Some gnomes feel an eerie call to the Drift, rather than to the First World or the Bleaching. These driftborn gnomes have lithe builds and skin with shifting, iridescent patterns. They also have an intense and instinctual awareness of their bodies and their position in space. They gain +2 Dexterity.

Entropic Pool - You have the supernatural ability to control matter as it changes states, allowing you to arrest, accelerate, or even reverse the typical course of events. This energy takes the form of a pool of Entropy Points (EP). You can have a maximum number of EP in your entropic pool equal to your Constitution modifier. You can gain Entropy Points only when involved in a combat encounter that includes a significant enemy (Starfinder Core Rulebook 242). When combat begins, you gain 1 Entropy Point at the beginning of your first action; at the end of combat, you lose any Entropy Points you have remaining. In addition to methods granted by vanguard aspects, you can gain Entropy Points in the followings ways.
…While you have no Entropy Points, you can spend 1 Resolve Point as a move action to gain 1 EP (2 EP at 10th level).
…Each time you take damage equal to or greater than twice your character level from a single attack or effect (after applying any ability to reduce that damage, such as DR, energy resistance, or the mitigate class feature), you gain 1 EP.
…If you take damage from a critical hit, you gain 1 EP, in addition to any you gain from the attack’s normal damage.
…If you score a critical hit on a significant enemy, you gain 1 EP.
…If you take a full action to charge, you gain 1 EP.
…If you take two move actions on the same turn to move your speed each time, you gain 1 EP.
…As a move action, you can designate a willing adjacent ally as an entropic focus. They remain an entropic focus until the beginning of your next turn, unless they cease to be adjacent to you or you designate a new entropic focus (both of which end this effect). If your entropic focus takes damage equal to or greater than twice your character level from a single attack or effect (after applying any ability to reduce that damage, such as DR, energy resistance, or the mitigate class feature), you gain 1 EP. If you are at least 6th level, you can expend a Resolve Point to designate an adjacent, willing ally as your entropic focus as a reaction when they take damage (and gain EP from damage they take from the triggering attack, if appropriate).

Entropy Points can be expended in various ways, some of which you gain through vanguard aspects and disciplines. As long as you have at least 1 Entropy Point in your entropic pool, you gain a +1 enhancement bonus to your Armor Class.
…As part of a full action to charge or a move action to move your speed, you can expend 1 EP to gain a +10-foot enhancement bonus to your speed (normally land speed, but you can apply it to the speed for any movement type you have).
…As a move action, you can expend EP to boost the damage of the next entropic strike attack you make before the start of your next turn. You must decide how many EP to expend when you take this move action, and you can’t expend more EP than your level. If the boosted entropic strike hits, you deal +1d4 damage for every EP expended.

Entropic Strike - You can focus the power of entropy into a forceful attack. Though you must touch your target to damage it, the damage is not from the impact but from focused waves of entropic energy that unbind and dissolve your target, crush it, or both. Your entropic strike is a magical one-handed advanced melee weapon with the operative weapon special property that targets EAC (even when dealing bludgeoning damage). You can make this attack with nearly any body part and do not need a hand free to use this ability. Using your entropic strike does not require any additional action to use beyond the action you take to make an attack (for example, it can be used to make an attack of opportunity.) For any calculation that requires the item level of your entropic strike, treat your vanguard level as your entropic strike’s item level.
…You can also deliver an entropic strike with any melee weapon, or any shield that allows you to make unarmed attacks (replacing the normal attack with your entropic strike). The attack’s damage is equal to the entropic strike damage of a vanguard of either your class level or a class level equal to the weapon’s item level, whichever is lower. When you use this option, your entropic strike is considered to be made of whatever material the weapon or shield is made of (such as for the purposes of bypassing DR or creature weaknesses). Additionally, you can apply any weapon special property, critical hit effect, or weapon fusion the melee weapon or shield has to your entropic strike as long as the effect can be applied to a one-handed advanced melee weapon that deals acid or bludgeoning damage, doesn’t use additional ammunition or charges, and doesn’t require information beyond that specified for your entropic strike to function. If the weapon special property, critical hit effect, or weapon fusion requires information provided for your weapon (such as the amount of a bleed critical hit effect), use the value for the weapon you are gaining the effect from.
…At 1st level, your entropic strike deals damage equal to 1d3 + your Constitution modifier, but you do not add your Strength modifier (unlike most melee attacks). For each attack, you can deal acid damage, bludgeoning damage, or both. This damage increases as you gain levels (see Table 2–2: Vanguard). At 10th level, you also add your Strength modifier to the damage of your entropic strike. At 5th level, when you use any combat maneuver for which you have Improved Combat Maneuver, you can target a foe’s EAC + 8 (rather than KAC + 8) to determine success, and you also determine the level of success (such as how far you push a foe with a successful bull rush) using EAC.

Eternal Hope - Gnomes receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against fear and despair effects. Once per day, after rolling a 1 on a d20, the gnome can reroll and use the second result (see page 243).

Improved Combat Maneuver (dirty trick) - Choose one combat maneuver (bull rush, dirty trick, disarm, grapple, reposition, sunder, or trip). You gain a +4 bonus to your attack roll to resolve that combat maneuver.

Nimble Moves - You can move through up to 20 feet of difficult terrain each round as if it were normal terrain. This feat allows you to take a guarded step into difficult terrain.

Theme Knowledge - You’ve been involved in your sport or activity for years, and you know a great deal about the industry. When recalling knowledge regarding details of your industry, whether historical or current, reduce the DC of the Culture check by 5. In addition, based on the primary abilities required in your chosen sport, either Acrobatics (for Dexterity or Constitution) or Athletics (for Strength or Constitution) is a class skill for you, though if the relevant skill is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to your Acrobatics or Athletics checks. Likewise, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to either Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution at character creation, depending on which ability is most relevant to your athletic endeavors.

Vanguard Aspect - Reaction - You embody the change entropy brings about through biological, chemical, and molecular reactions, such as rust and rot.
DCs 10 + 1/2 vangaurd level + CON mod = 14
Aspect Insight You gain improved combat maneuver (dirty trick), and a +2 insight bonus to Physical Science checks.


Combat Gear second skin (upgrade slot: empty), basic tactical shield, azimuth laser pistol, battery, mk 1 serum of healing (0, 1d8)
Possessions industrial backpack, athletic clothing (darts), comm unit (personal), canteen, field rations (1 week), hygiene kit, playing darts (10)

Carrying Capacity
Unencumbered 0-40-5 Encumbered 5-9 6-11 Overburdened 10+ 12+
Current Bulk 4B 4L
Credits 2,216

Temp Gear:

Slotted Boons:

Ally -
Faction -
Personal -
Social -
Starship - Skitterfriend
Slotless - Universal Explorer (Drift)








[] [] [] [] [] Skitterfriend (Starship Boon; Limited-Use): By taking part in the skittermander escape from Varkulon 4, you’ve ensured that these adorable creatures continue to help people throughout the galaxy–yourself included! When you slot this boon, it has two different effects, which you can choose to use during the course of the adventure.
Skittermander Stepping In!: If your party numbers fewer than6 PCs, one of the skittermanders temporarily joins your crew during a starship combat. You can choose which of the four skittermanders joins your crew and what starship role they take over during the ensuring starship combat. You can control the skittermander during the starship combat, and appropriate statistics are provided below.
…Dakoyo - Diplomacy +7 (3 ranks), Gunnery +3 (3rd level), Mysticism +13 (3 ranks)
…Gazigaz - Bluff +10 (3 ranks), Diplomacy +10 (3 ranks), Gunnery +5 (3rd level), Piloting +8 (3 ranks)
…Nako - Athletics +7 (3 ranks), Gunnery +4 (3rd level), Intimidate +6 (3 ranks)
…Quonx - Athletics +6 (3 ranks), Computers +10 (3 ranks), Engineering +12 (3 ranks), Gunnery +4 (3rd level)
…At most, two such skittermanders can assist the PCs […] For every 2 Tiers the PCs starship is higher than Tier 4, increase the skill bonuses, ranks, and level of the skittermanders by 2 and the gunnery bonus by 1.
Let me Help!: Rather than having a skittermander take over a starship role, you can instead choose to have a skittermander assist during a starship combat. You must decide whom the skittermander assists at the start of the starship combat round, prior to the engineering phase. An assisting skittermander grants a single PC a +1 bonus on any one skill check made during the starship combat round, but this bonus doesn’t stack with encouragement or any demands from a Captain. A PC can only benefit from an assisting skittermander once per round.
…Once per adventure, a PC who is currently being assisted by a skittermander can check one of the boxes that precedes this boon to provide a dramatic assistance to one PC. That PC can reroll the skill check the skittermander assisted them with. However, dramatic assistance also tires out the skittermander and prevents the skittermander from assisting for the remainder of the adventure.


Universal Explorer (Social Boon) - You’re somewhat renowned for your specialized skills in exploring a certain type of area in the known universe (DRIFT). You can navigate to your preferred region with ease. When you must roll a random dice result to determine how long it takes to travel in the selected region, you can reroll the result. In addition, anytime you have to make a skill check related to navigation in your specialized region, you gain a +2 bonus to that skill check. This bonus applies to Piloting (both starships and vehicles) in the associated area. Finally, once per adventure while in the specialized region, you can reroll your Initiative check after seeing the result; you must use the new result.


Driftborn, from Absalom Station,
Light and nimble, 3’2”, 36 lbs, 76 years old

Appearance and Personality:

A green-haired gnome swaggers into the meeting room, spinning a playing dart deftly between his fingers. On his left forearm is a miniature bandolier, lined with playing darts. His tanned skin occasionally displays iridescent shifting patterns that faintly glow. Over his left eye is a digital monocle. Earrings line his ears, and his goatee is styled into a point. He wears a black leather jacket with red stripes running down the sleeves overtop of a white t-shirt. Both articles of clothing are festooned with logos, the most prominent of which is a large starship surrounded by a nimbus of ice-cream cones and rainbows that reads 'Roxy Sprocket's Spectacular Starships.' All the other logos appear to be small businesses from Absalom Station.

He grins at the assembled Starfinders. "The name's Ezmer. Ezmer Tychoblast, professional dart-player. You may have heard of me." He gives the group a thumb's up.

He grins, a twinkle in his eyes as his skin shifts to a subtly starlike pattern. "Let's shine!"