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Exciting news! Way to go Jess!

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Outpost III: Enemy of my Enemy

Adventures where you team up with or work for suspicious and shady characters or organizations in order to meet your objectives, or take down a bigger foe.

I vote kobolds.

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Hey there. I'll be the last player. I'm bringing a half-orc cleric of Sarenrae who uses tough-love and intimidation to force evil-doers to repent and convert to the Dawnflower's faith. Because some folks need a beating before they see the light! (He sure did). I'll have my profile up by tomorrow. Just having trouble deciding on a name and image.

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Thank you very much.

My ratfolk will be named... Lomo!

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Hey there, I'm hoping to make the ratfolk shifter from the entry above.

Thanks for making an entertaining contest. My kids have really enjoyed themselves.

Best of luck to all the entrants.


Oh, plenty of ideas. It's the deciding that takes time. I've settled on a Varisian cleric who worships an Empyreal Lord. I'll have further details up tomorrow.

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to play. I am happy to make a healer. I'll give it some thought and get back to you soon.

Thanks for having me.

Hi Everyone,

I've created two potential characters for this scenario. A Varisian human slayer who fights with a grappling hook or a gnome inquisitor of Shelyn who is passionate about cooking. I'll play whichever character is best for the group. Let me know what you are playing.

Looking forward to gaming.

Sounds good.