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Good Times


** Don't worry, no spoilers :) **

When I first saw that Paizo was releasing an adventure path revolving around Azlant, I suddenly felt a little like a kid on Christmas Eve. I downloaded the PDF the morning it came out and read as much as I could before having to leave for work. We are now 3/4 through the book and having a blast! A big thank you to everyone at Paizo for all the work put into this. We are eagerly looking forward to the rest of the adventure.

1) A large list of NPCs that have pre-generated backgrounds for use in the campaign at your discretion.
2) Plenty of encounters & role playing opportunities
3) Developers / writers went the extra mile to enhance player immersion while on the island.
4) Not everything is hack-n-slash, writing is supportive for multiple outcomes.
5) The section on Aboleths is one of the largest/best I've seen since an old Dragon magazine from way back.

1) The last map needs a bit more dressing.
2) Some of the unused NPCs do not show information for their class/race/alignment/ ect. This may be done purposefully so the GM can flavor however they want but a suggestion on what to use would have been good.

In closing, despite the cons I listed, we are really enjoying the adventure so far. As a GM running the adventure for 5 players, I've found it to be decently paced and a pleasure to run.

-Best Regards