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Great Product!


For anyone who is new or hesitant of playing Pathfinder because they know the 3.5 rule set too well and don't want to learn a new rule set. I recommend this to review and find out it's really not hard to learn. It's simple and fun. Give this product a read and you won't be upset.

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An amazing, simple crafting variant that's better than the core rules.


This PDF is short and to the point. It gives you detailed examples of why the core crafting system fails and why this new craft variant works far more effectively.

The rules are very easy to follow and comprehend. Something that everyone should have if they're planning on crafting something for themselves or others.

A bonus is that the cost of the PDF is cheap too.

I enjoyed this book/pdf and shall definitely be using it from now on in my campaigns to replace the core crafting rules.

5 stars, Thank you Mark.