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Yeah I'm sure Half orc could probably work out. Hadn't looked at blight druid but it seems like it fits very well!

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Because it keeps getting glossed over. PLAYERS CAN REFUSE THE SONG. Stop saying it keeps people from casting and read the document. Your casters won't rage if they choose not to.

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Greylurker wrote:

Insults for one.

This version of the Skald feels like he should be a Shouter. Riling up his allies for heroic feats but also laying into his enemies regarding their cowardliness, dishonorable acts and assorted parentage.

Heck yes! Since the class seems low in features and rather bare bones add flyting. Get some viking rap battle going on to make the skald more flavorful.

I mean who wants to fight the guy with frothing allies who just called dropped the best yo' mamma poem in all of Golarion?

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Yeah more focus on Inspiration (maybe more related to 3.5's factotum) seems novel and interesting rather than "Hey guys we made a less ridiculous vivisectionist", which is what it feels like now.

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/hipster glasses

EDIT: To explain I like that even if he's lesser with little fluff there is something that is allowed to be in the underground/underdark without LOLEVIL

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To be honest I'm not a fan. Most of the time they don't really play different from normal characters. Like mentioned above they're the new drizz't and common as dirt. This also means that most groups don't have NPCs react harsh enough if a horned red person walks through the hamlet of Dirtvale and no one cares.

I've never seen one played in person (my group is excellent and could change my opinion) but online games have left a bad taste in my mouth.

The roleplay is going to go down three tracks:
1)Everyone hates me because I'm a devil but I'm good!
2)Everyone thinks I'm evil and they're RIGHT! MUAHAHAHA (see also players that can't play evil alignments well)
3)Oh no I have to resist my evil inner nature and do the right thing. Also known as roleplaying any character with moral qualms. But at least other morally uncertain characters don't have their angst show up when they're ordering breakfast.

Mostly I dislike alignment based outsider mixes so I dislike aasimar just as much. They show big problems of "look how much I follow my birth alignment" or "look how much I don't follow my birth alignment" roleplay.

Although now at the end of my stream of consciousness rant I realize I have seen one played decently in 4e as a female bard.

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Conan is a multiclass fighter/rogue in the books. He leans more barbarian in the movies. He is a cultural barbarian not a D&D class one.

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Tholomyes wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
I will also add that if you try to make sense of every rule in this game, so that it is realistic you might have a few headaches. Throw a bone to "because the rules say so", and life will be a lot easier.
Yeah, if there is a thing about the game that I'd take a physics microscope to, it'd be the commoner railgun (aka, line up a thousand Commoners in a row, then have them pass a cannonball to the one next to them. The cannonball will have traveled nearly a mile in 6 seconds; so when the last commoner lets go it'll be going over 250 mps [~830 feet/sec]).

The commoner railgun is a misconception by people who try to combine physics with RaW. It doesn't work that way

The cannonball does accelerate to 250mps but then is thrown as far as the last commoner can throw it based on his strength score (not far) and uses his BaB (not good).

It just rapidly accelerates and ends with a normal guy throwing a cannonball as fast as a normal person can throw a normal cannonball.

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MrSin wrote:
Expostfacto wrote:
But as I've said before if you're not playing a party of 4 schrodinger's wizards apparently you are not playing PF 'correctly' for most posters here. (Although I'd love to see how those wizards survive past level 3 in any real game)
Did someone really say that? Or are we using hyperbole?

Absolute and disgustingly unfair hyberbole :)

Drachasor wrote:

Really this thread is about the bottom say 20-30% of stuff that's just so awful that game would be likely be better if it didn't exist at all. This is the stuff that new players look at and think must be viable options, otherwise why would the game even bother to have them? But they aren't viable, just wastes of feats, class abilities, etc, and picking them means falling into a trap of very bad choices.

That's quite a bit different from saying people have to optimize. Heck, from a certain point of view it is anti-optimization. We're really saying that the level of system mastery in 3.5/PF is far too high, and a lower level would make for a better game. Such a thing would reduce the impact of optimizing (and make more builds viable).

No that's not what this is about that's what the "What's the most useless feat" thread is about. The OP in his first post says "WHY WOULD SOMEONE EVER FOCUS ON CROSSBOWS THEY'RE SOOOO TERRIBLE". They're not. You lose out on 2-5 damage a hit and have to take 1 more feat than bows. OH NO!

The Crusader wrote:

"Sub-Optimal" does not equal "Ineffective".

I have played non-Teleportation-ist Wizards... They weren't gimped.

I have played a Barbarian that didn't use any of those rage powers... He wasn't gimped either.

Never used a crossbow as my primary, but... whatever.

Currently playing a ranger with crossbow style. Works just fine.

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Why the cavalier hate?

Because these are the paizo boards and if you're not playing a full caster you obviously don't know how to have fun and should kill yourself.

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I have a player in an upcoming game who's either going with the arcane or imperious bloodline.

He wants to be a guy whose grandma told him myths about his ancestors being great mage-kings. He believes in his birthright so strongly that's why he can cast spells. (He's descended from no one special)