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I've seen in several places that picking up familiars with Eldritch heritage or the wizard's arcane bond are incredibly favored with theorycrafters and the community in general.

How do you utilize these critters to their full potential? I've seen most players with familiars practically forget they have them.

So I'm going to be playing in a three man evil party and was looking to make a high damage melee half orc.

I'm thinking either Skulking Slayer Rogue or the Executioner Archetype for the slayer class.

I'm also looking at surprise follow through and it's line.

Should I start out with a level of fighter no matter which way I go?

25 point buy, I have the intelligence so high to pick up dirty trick and other feats as well as roleplaying purposes.

STR 20
DEX 14
CON 12
INT 13
WIS 10

I haven't done anything with pathfinder for awhile so I'd probably go Slayer except for the fact that Unchained rogue is now available. Is rogue worth it now?

Hey I want to play a half-orc investigator going to the Noble Scion PrC. While the investigator is pretty straightforward on the skill/casting side I was wondering how people build them for combat?

I didn't see any guides in the sticky. Are there others I could be directed to?

Hey there!

So I'm going to be a part of a campaign that will at the very least start in a swamp and was thinking of a thematic character. I then saw the death roll ability from the Crocodile domain and have become smitten with the idea of a grappling monk/druid.

Is this as stupid as it sounds? Any prestige classes or anything else that could help with this?

The party's going all orc so race is fairly locked in.

Does it merely produce a minor potion or scroll every so often? I heard people say it would work for selling for bp but how does a 25-150gp scroll in anyway equal a 1-4k build point?

Am I missing somthing?

What would the ACR of a diminutive Shadow(CR3) army be? Do I just drop down to fractions or would it still be too small to use?

What would the ACR of a tiny Shadow army be?

Is a settlement limited to one grid? If you add more how many do you think is appropriate so it doesn't get out of hand?

It really seems that by losing your static bonuses you give up a lot of damage potential.

Although I think vital strike would be better for mobile builds who want to not fall into the 'full attack every round' humdrum.

The orc cavalier in my campaign raised his allosaurus mount's Intelligence to 3 a while ago and I haven't really thought about it a lot but what are the implications of this besides sentience.

Any rules based things I should know?
Any cool tricks he could use?

Does a witch threaten adjacent squares? The character does have Feral combat training and I was wondering whether or not they could make adjacent attacks with their hair or would just use IUS instead.

Like for Catfolk with their racial trait or Ratfolk with the feat

Would teamwork feats be overpowered or too strong if inquisitors, cavaliers, and tacticians could just always use and had no round limits?

I'm thinking no but want to see opposing arguments.

So I have a campaign I'm DMing and have allowed the cavalier to use a large lance two handed when mounted.

What reach would this have around the 4 squares that represent him and his mount?

What about a normal medium lance?

For instance bloody and burning skeletons.

I'm the GM and one of my players is a kobold rogue/ninja (I houserule it as a single class).

His weapons of choice are the kusari-gama and the Kobold Long lash tail attachment.

I want to make sure these would work flanking. Or for that matter, which areas would he threaten?

Does it matter which way I apply templates?

If you think it does which order seems right to you?

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It says the character level is the caster level but what is the save DC based on?

Is there even one?

I was looking at the vitriol that is the Cavalier hate thread in general discussion and most people said that fighters, particularly the dragoon do it better.

But how to get the mount? Leadership? Class dip and boon companion?

So we currently are playing in a semi-aquatic campaign and were recently quite smitten with the idea of commissioning our own ship. Since then we have been rapidly imagining and going out of control as players like to do thinking about creating a submarine (either the main vessel or added on).

So our witch is now dead set on taking craft wondrous item ado craft construct. At first we were thinking of giving it some sort of ai but then we remembered that animated objects are a thing.

I'm in charge of the shipbuilding. I'm a 3rd level ranger with 10 int and will be taking ranks in Craft(Ships) when I level up most likely. Is it worth it for me to try or should I just focus on getting the gold to commission/buy a ship?

A normal sailing ship is 10000 gp. What would you add to it to make it "better"? Ideas so far have been ironwood and other GM fiat modifications. What kind of things could make a ship masterwork? What would you say the price increase would be?

Also I'd like any advice I could get for how quickly a colossal animated object could be made. Lowest caster level etc; I'm sure our caster is researching it but I'd like to pick brains here so we can present everything to the GM.

And finally do you think that the CP modification for animated objects that grants a swim speed includes submarine movement?

So my ranger is taking Favored Terrain: Water and I'd like to know how the trackless step and track bonuses work in well...water.

I'll take it anyway if there's no benefit but I'm just wondering.

Are there any existing conversions for the 3.5 Archivist, the divine caster. Also how do you use Tome of Battle in your games?

I'm playing a paladin and was wondering if there are any magic items that could grant extra swift actions 1-X/number of times per day.

I'm always fairly conflicted if the rogue and monk are truly underpowered. I still lean towards yes since they have other classes/archetypes that can do their jobs better. (Unarmed fighter or barbarian for monk and Sandman and vivisectionist for rogue)

This is not meant to be another argument thread about how why either class is weak. Please only post houserules you use for these two classes

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My gut says no but I can see the argument for since the text says that the bonus is considered temporary for the first 24 hours.

Now the general opinion is that 3rd party stuff is overpowered, underpowered, syphilitic, and should generally be avoided.

I've held this opinion as well until I realized I hadn't actually looked at any of the maligned materials.

So what do you guys allow or even often use that comes from 3rd party sources?

I was looking into the Imperious Bloodline since a player for a future campaign was considering playing one and I'm trying to figure out what pure strain is.

Does anyone know what book it is?

So in a new campaign setting I'm designing for when I want to run a campaign in the future I wanted to replace the drow with some sort of subterranean elf variant more akin to morlocks than elves. I also want to balance them to be played (which will be funny when none of my players go with them and I assume this topic will become moot and I can make them whatever).

I also got the idea to sort of mimic the Falmer from Skyrim(I haven't played but all my friends have)since they already work as a great morlock/elf race.

My problem is this: Blindsight is ridiculously good and is pretty necessary for something that can operate in the world.

Is it balanced out by the lack of non-vision outside of the range? Would blindsense with a closer radius of blindsight make up for the lack of long range vision or just make them more powerful?

CUrrently I have this from the ADvanced Race Guide:

Elven Immunities (2 RP)
Illusion Resistance (1 RP)
Plagueborn (1 RP)
Cave Dweller (1 RP)
Silent Hunter (2 RP)
Skill Training (1 RP) Survival and Perception
Underground Sneak (5 RP)
Elven Magic (3 RP)
Svirfneblin Magic(2RP)
Hatred (1 RP) Fey and Elves
Vulnerable to Sunlight (-2 RP)

This comes to 17 RP without addressing the fact that the race would be immune to gaze attacks, non-mental illusions (figments?), and the whole blindsight/blindness issues.

Note that a lot of those traits can be removed depending on what you think. What do you guys think?

Does the shield master feat make the enhancement bonus on a shield stack with its enchantment as a weapon?

For instance:
A +2 shield would act as a +2 weapon

A shield with +2 weapon enchantments IS a +2 weapon

Does a shield enchanted as a +2/+2 Shield function a +4 weapon when used with the shield master feat?

Some magical abilities can be turned on and off such as flaming. Since the vicious ability doesn't say that RaW it cannot.

Would it be too OP if you could?

Are potions of Protection from Energy my best bet?

So my friend is playing a Kobold Alchemist in sort of a generalist way. Focusing slightly on bombs, poison creation, and uses a crossbow.

At the moment he is taking Extra Discovery Feats since he likes the discoveries better than other options. There's nothing wrong with that of course but I wanted to look at other things on his behalf. Are there any fun feats that go with a base Alchemist that will never be in melee?

I have two quick questions.

1) Does the bashing quality stack with shield spikes for determining the size equivalent damage the shield does? I.E. if bashing raises up 2 steps and spikes say it changes the shield to a martial piercing weapon one size step higher would a bashing spiked shield be three steps higher?

2) I've seen multiple casual references to the enchantment of shield spikes and shields as separate. This seems rather cheesy to me. Where are the written rules that support this viewpoint?

Hey just debating through two weapons and trying to find the "better" one.

So I'm debating between Battle axe and Scimitar.

I know that a battle axe and long sword are the same but I'm wondering if the extra 5% crit chance makes scimitar better. It would certainly crit more often.

At the moment the battle axe is coming in way ahead a whole 0.925 is my math right?

I have just hit 5th level with my paladin and feel like I'm making too many posts about build for him anyway but here goes.

I've got my 5th level feat and nothing particular to spend it on as shield slam or ITWF or whatever isn't available until 6th.

So rather than going the route of Power Attack or other somesuch I was wondering what sort of feats have fun little bonuses without a ton of requirements or need to chain further.

For instance Step Up is a nice feat that allows me to mess with 5 foot steps, and is still fun if I don't chain into it further.

Anyone know other feats like that?

I've been spending a smite everytime I roll against an evil person/creature. But now I've read that the effects remain until the target dies. How does this change how I've been doing it?

I'm not terribly great with coming up with items for characters and my 4th level paladin has 4000 gold to spend

So far I've got a masterwork weapon, a masterwork breastplate, and a light spiked shield as the only equipment of note.

Stats are 18, 15, 11, 8, 8, & 16 in order.

and I've got the TWF, ISB, and Double Slice feats

Between shield, armor, weapon, wands (now that I have soells), transportation/animals, and single use items I'm kind of lost to what my priority should be shopping wise.

Full plate doesn't seem like a great investment. It raises my 19 AC to 21 which isn't a significant improvement in my book.

I know that crossbow fighter is better but I'm making a Ranger as part of a semi-aquatic campaign (thinking about an underwater crossbow) and I'd like to keep raw ranger but will dip Fighter if need be.

Race is probably Human but I may pick Undine as a long shot.

Thinking stats (Human) would be:

I'm having trouble thinking how to maximize my crossbow damage. Any tips?

It seems to be barely covered in most Paladin Guides even though it makes the iconic knight in shining armor. But shields are ignored in most guides (cryptic addresses it best)since it doesn't maximize damage etc etc.

Besides cryptic's suggestion(TWF,Improved Shield Bash, and Doubleslice) what are the necessaries? What are other feats that help? I'm especially troubled by the mid-level feats when shield slam etc are higher level feats.

I'm also looking for character advice so I can go into more particulars if need be as far as concept etc.

I'm going to be playing in an epic 6 game for the first time and was thinking of rolling a sorcerer. Any tips?

Unarmed fighting is notoriously hard in DnD systems even when you play monk (please don't derail into monk hate).

I've been tossing around the idea of an unarmed barbarian for an upcoming campaign.

We're starting at level 3 so I was thinking barb 2/ martial artist 1. I've applied the urban barbarian and brutal pugilist archetypes to barbarian.

Stats STR 18, DEX 15, CON 13 (will be raised next level), and tens in the rest.

I get improved unarmed strike and improved grapple from my dip and my other feats were going to be power attack, TWF, and boar style.

Rage power:animal fury

Obviously it's not going to be as effective as the standard greatsword ultraoptimized barb but that's not the point.

How does it look so far? Advice for future feats or powers?