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No class levels, please!


As mentioned below, the last encounter is quite horrific. Avalexi has some quite sick magic, very high AC, SR and hp. Near to impossible to kill.

So what i did., was to make her a perfectly normal succubus, without any class levels. Then she is a CR 7, and that worked fine for me.

But it is a great module. The plotline is simple, yet challenging. The whole idea works really great. And most of the encounters worked great for my team.


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Great adventure. Not for beginners.


When i downloaded this lovely adventure i realised two things. First, there are some old skills that don't fit into the 3.5 edition of the core rulebook, which means, that you have to edit some of the characters.
Second, this adventure is not for 1st-level characters, unless they are particularly skilled in combat maneuvring and can manage to slay a worg after having dealt with two wolves. And the treasure given is too much for a 1st level character. Thats what i thougt anyway.

But the plotline is great, and it has a lot of ideas for new adventures. It would be a really great starter adventure if it wasn't that challenging.

Thanks for the great adventure - and totally free!