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HP 33/33 | AC 20 | F +8 R +10 W +6 | Perc +6 (low light vision) | Stealth +7 | Exploration Mode (default): Investigate |


speed 35'| Hero 0/3 | Reagents 1/7 | Active Conditions: Resist Cold/Electricity 1 | ◆ | ◆◆ | ◆◆◆ | ◇ ◈ | ↺ |


CN Male Elf (ancient elf) Alchemist 3 |

About Evindal Mog

02. Evindal Mog
Male elf alchemist 3 (Advanced Player's Guide)
CN, Medium, Elf, Humanoid
Heritage ancient elf
Background tinker
Perception +6 (+7 when using Pursue a Lead); low-light vision
Languages Common, Elven, Goblin, Shoanti, Thassilonian, Tien, Varisian
Skills Acrobatics +7, Arcana +9, Athletics +4, Crafting +11 (+12 when crafting items of type Alchemy.), Engineering Lore +9, Nature +6, Occultism +9, Religion +6, Society +9, Stealth +7, Survival +6, Thievery +7, Underworld Lore +9
Str 10 (+0), Dex 16 (+3), Con 12 (+1), Int 18 (+4), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 10 (+0)
Other Items studded leather armor, moderate acid flasks (2), moderate alchemist's fires (2), moderate blight bomb[APG]s (2), moderate bottled lightnings (2), moderate dread ampoule[APG]s (2), moderate frost vials (2), sling, alchemist’s lab, alchemist's tools, backfire mantle[SoM], backpack, bandolier, basic crafter's book, batches of infused reagent, bedroll, belt pouch, belt pouch, cat’s eye elixir, chalks (10), flint and steel, formula book, healer's tools, lesser antidote, lesser antiplague, lesser healing potion, minor elixir of life, minor elixirs of life (4), minor healing potion, pack animal, rations (1 week)s (2), repair kit, rope (foot)s (50), saddlebagss (2), sheath, sling bullets (10), soap, torchs (5), waterskin, wayfinder, purse (46 gp, 1 sp, 7 cp)
AC 20; Fort +8; Ref +10; Will +6
HP 33
Clue In [R] (concentrate, investigator) Frequency once per 10 minutes Trigger Another creature attempts a check to investigate a lead you’re pursuing. Effect You share information with the triggering creature. They gain a circumstance bonus to their check equal to your circumstance bonus to checks investigating your subject from Pursue a Lead. The GM can add any relevant traits to this reaction depending on the situation, such as auditory and linguistic if you’re conveying information verbally.
Speed 35 feet
Ranged [1] moderate acid flask +9 (thrown 30 ft., acid, alchemical, bomb, consumable, infused, splash), Damage 1 A +2d6 persistent Acid +2 A splash
Ranged [1] moderate alchemist's fire +9 (thrown 30 ft., alchemical, bomb, consumable, fire, infused, splash), Damage 2d8 F +2 persistent Fire +2 F splash
Ranged [1] moderate blight bomb +9 (thrown 30 ft., alchemical, bomb, consumable, infused, poison, splash), Damage 2d6 Pois +2d4 persistent Poison +2 Pois splash
Ranged [1] moderate bottled lightning +9 (thrown 30 ft., alchemical, bomb, consumable, electricity, infused, splash), Damage 2d6 E +flat -footed +2 E splash
Ranged [1] moderate dread ampoule +9 (thrown 30 ft., alchemical, bomb, consumable, emotion, fear, infused, mental, poison, splash), Damage 2d6 Ment +2 Ment splash
Ranged [1] moderate frost vial +9 (thrown 30 ft., alchemical, bomb, cold, consumable, infused, splash), Damage 2d6 C +10 -ft. speed pen +2 C splash
Ranged [1] sling +8 (propulsive, range increment 50 feet, reload 1), Damage 1d6 B
Ancestry Feats Nimble Elf
Class Feats Far Lobber, Quick Bomber
General Feats Adopted Ancestry
Skill Feats Alchemical Crafting, Assurance, Specialty Crafting
Other Abilities advanced alchemy, bomber, envoys’ alliance champion, field-commissioned agent, formula book, hireling, infused reagents, quick alchemy, research field, signature items, skillful mentor, wayfinder
3-99: Once during the adventure, you can receive a +1 circumstance bonus to one skill check or attack roll, representing a rookie Pathfinder succeeding at a check to Aid you. You must decide to use this benefit before rolling. Also: free Lesser Healing Potion (used). Also: Scroll of 2nd level Burning Hands (gives to a party member). And 2 lesser eagle eye elixirs (used 1).

Orphaned in the Goblinblood Wars. Raised by goblins in Isger. Learned the craft of alchemy at the feet of a succession of Mogmurchs, over many (goblin) generations. Earned his keep among the goblins by hunting and making jewelry for them. Has such reverence for the many Mogmurchs he has served that he took the surname Mog. Has great doubt that magic exists at all and believes that all so-called magic will eventually be understood through alchemy or related disciplines.

Field Commissioned Agents get NO start-of-scenario consumables.


01) Traveler of the Spirit Road: Whenever you would critically fail a check to Hide, Sneak, Sense Direction, or Track WHILE IN A FORESTED AREA, you may check a box [3 uses] as a free action to treat that check as a failure instead.

02) Valais's Assurance: [2 uses] Spend an action to use the champion focus spell lay on hands, heightened appropriately for your level. This does not cost a focus point. [Touch range; restore 6 hp/level & give +2 status to AC for 1 round. Or, vs Undead, does 1d6/level dmg & basic Fort (fail = -2 status to AC for 1 round)

03) Touched by the Storm: While this boon is slotted, you gain cold & electricity resistance 1.

04) Doom Averted: "When your dying value is increased to exactly the amount that would kill you, this boon automatically activates. Decrease your dying value by one." ONE TIME USE.

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