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Silver Crusade

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I am happy to GMing this game!

Silver Crusade

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Hello Dennis, table from Spain ready

Silver Crusade 5/5 Venture-Captain, Spain—Leon aka Ethelnir.

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In my own name, and in the name of all GMs and players from Spain: thanks!

Thanks to Dave (RVC), Tonya, Compton... And also to Devir (Spanish publisher) for their support, and many others volunteers and GMs (without VO rank), like the webs of Fosfoman (Rol Royce), Huumusa (Dragona das Varias)... The pioneers GMs of PFS in the PbP web (like Puck, Modron, ...), several VOs like Fran from Miranda de Ebro, translating handouts...

But there are more: (probably I forget someone, please dont offence) Bester in Madrid (first unofficial VO) and many stores (like Generación X, Goblin Trader, Nivel 13, ...), clubs (specially in Barcelona)...

And, at León, thanks to the players, a very funny group, and the GMs (specially to those that make reality multitables, Alfonso, Daniel y Nani). We are growing beyond my expectatives... And It is very exciting!

Sovereign Court

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Varon Humano Varisineo. espadachin 3 CA 21 T13 F15 Ini+7 Pg26 F+3 R+5 W+1 espada ropera MW A+7 D1d6+5 Percep/Nobleza/Local+4 Acro/JManos+7 Intimidar +8 Diplo/Bluff+9 UseMagDev+4

Pues lo has heccho de lujo. Solo puedo quitarme el sombrero.