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Poshment Underhill wrote:
RPGGGM wrote:

Tarry = 1 vote. Not Tarry = 1 vote

I vote for either. Posh would like to hang around with Esme some more and help her out for a while as a roadie (or in "other" capacities) before she leaves. Maybe even help out in locating a few people with some talent....

Esme supervised the process.

"That's the spare axle it goes on top of the carriage. with those bails of hay for the horses. Hmm. There was this funny kobold with a pet dog that could do tricks and drool a lot--sort of the mascots of the Academy of Grand Art--maybe I could ask her. I would ask Alia but what with her anvils and all and me not having a roadie. Yes, I'm quiet sure, all of it goes on top. That and well she's only really funny with Scarlet. Hmm, a humorous stout girl and serious 'straight' air quotes one.... There might be something to that. While you're up there Posh could you shoo Mr. Finch down? Thanks. You're very talented. You should really consider a career as a porter."