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Thank you.

I just got my first Kingmaker issue, and it inspired me to re-read Swords & Wizardry, and wanting to meld the two together. I'd like to ask the greater population out there:

1. Have you ever run an AP with a retro-clone?

2. Did it work?

3. What were the problem areas of conversion?

I was a former subscriber to the Adventure Paths, and my interest has been severely rekindled with the new Kingmaker series (to the point where I might start liquidating shelf space to pay for/accommodate the new issues). I printed off part of the Player's Guide that I downloaded (the 16 page one) and came here to look if I could buy a print copy for $2 like you could for the first few APs.

~whew~ long story short, I can't find them. Are they still being offered?

A few questions... What is the page count for each? The subjects look interesting, so what is the potential for porting them into Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP)?

A lot of the other threads have been bandying about the 25k downloads that Alpha has gotten so far, and somehow construing that to a fanbase. Of course, Alpha and Beta are both FREE downloads! Getting something for free and paying ~$40US for something (i.e. PFRPG when it comes out) are two different animals.

I guess my question is: What percentage of 25,000 downloads will actually translate into sales for Paizo? My guess would be 10-20%, but it's just that - a guess. I'm not a businessman and know next to nothing about sales, so I will pose the question to the community.

FWIW, I have Beta pre-ordered at my FLGS and plan on buying PFRPG when it comes out.

I think the original thread of our conversation is gone...

I had ordered DCC #12 which was advertised as autographed, but my original copy came in as non-autographed. You promptly sent me a replacement, and asked that I send back the original (and said that the postage would be refunded on my next order). I dropped the ball on sending the original back, but it will be in the mail today.



Can you please cancel order #962449?

Thanks so much.

A question about my order - I ordered DCC #12: The Blackguard's Revenge, which was advertised as being autographed by the author. I can't find an autograph anywhere. Can you help me out here?

Eryops wrote:

When Pathfinder #8 was getting ready to ship, I got an e-mail about an expired credit card. I corrected that problem the next day, but this order is still 'pending', and now I am told to expect the NEXT Pathfinder in the next few days. Can you ship Chapters 2 & 3 together for me? (order #s 904361 and 933524)


Now that I've placed order #924719, why not ship all three together?

For order # 884769 (placed Feb 1st), it appears that the WFRP GMs toolkit is what's holding up the order. Could you please cancel that part of the order if it will allow the rest to ship?


I'm running a WFRP2 game and am looking for some ideas for throwing in vampires against the PCs. What I specifically need is an adventure (if one exists) that pits the PCs (who could be considered a gang - one of the PCs is on the road to Crime Lord) against a rival group that is, or is lead by, vampires. I have never played anything Ravenloft, but after a cursory glance of the .pdfs available, I don't think that's the theme I'm looking for. Has anyone had experience with a game or adventure like this? Game system doesn't matter, as I'll most likely be scavenging ideas and creating NPCs myself.

This isn't a New Year's Resolution or anything like that, but I'm going through a purge of RPG materials that have collected and have remained unused since I've owned them. I'm a sucker for sales, and pick up almost anything that I find on clearance at Half Price Books, and delved into the recent Green Ronin/Paizo sale that we had here last month. Not that I need to justify getting four books for the price of a magazine, it makes great sense, but once you have piles of books several feet high, enough is enough!

So I'm curious, am I alone in having a ton of books that I've never read? What do you estimate your percentage of read materials is? How do you decide what should go? I have a bunch of setting books and materials for games that I'll probably never play (Alternity, Last Unicorn's STAR TREK) - should I let go and send them off despite great settings? Or am I fooling myself? Should I also do a d20 purge like so many companies are doing? Thoughts?

I realize my second order is but a day old, but I was wondering if you could ship everything on hand (possibly combining orders)... I'm getting antsy waiting for mail - especially the one placed Nov 14th!

(no worries if something is unavailable right now, I can handle another shipping charge... or if it can be combined with Pathfinder, that would be better!)