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...order # 1446371.

Thank you.

pming wrote:
3. As I said, the main thing I encountered was where a particular encounter, trap or some other thing in the adventure turned out to be MUCH more difficult or easy based on the rules system used.

Ahh, yes. This is what I'm most worried about. It will either run as you state (too easy or too hard) or significant rewriting of the challenges will be necessary. I'll keep reading ;)

I just got my first Kingmaker issue, and it inspired me to re-read Swords & Wizardry, and wanting to meld the two together. I'd like to ask the greater population out there:

1. Have you ever run an AP with a retro-clone?

2. Did it work?

3. What were the problem areas of conversion?

ahmorse wrote:
I can't recommend Hexographer highly enough.

I will also jump on this praise. I spent the 15 minutes (or was it 20?) watching the tutorial, and found that this program has a ton of features and is really easy to use. It's free to generate a map online (and you can save the files & print IIRC.

Thanks for the link. Makes sense.

I was a former subscriber to the Adventure Paths, and my interest has been severely rekindled with the new Kingmaker series (to the point where I might start liquidating shelf space to pay for/accommodate the new issues). I printed off part of the Player's Guide that I downloaded (the 16 page one) and came here to look if I could buy a print copy for $2 like you could for the first few APs.

~whew~ long story short, I can't find them. Are they still being offered?

yoda8myhead wrote:
It's not midnight in Seattle yet. Check back in a half hour.

It's 12:30 now and still no update :( I guess that's how things roll over there on the east side... ;)

Emperor7 wrote:
The owner pronounces Paizo with 3 syllables, pi-azz-o.

I hope you of perfect diction who has never mis-pronounced anything in your life corrected him on the spot with a smug little smile.

10. My group wanted to try it out, so I bought the PHB. I like it as much as 3.5 I suppose. I've only read what I've needed to to play, never read much about it online, and have a great GM, which is 90% of what you need for a good game.

DM_Blake wrote:

Wait, what's that?

(sniff sniff)

Smells like...

... Troll ...

With spelling and grammar like that, I highly doubt the OP (and his single post) was even BORN in 1979...

Zuxius wrote:
I want a peaceful happy tree place where I won't hear any cars from behind me. Know such a place?

I would recommend Tiger Mountain. It's off of Exit 20 on I-90, and withing a half an hour of hiking, you shouldn't really hear the interstate anymore. It's got a great selection of trails and a lot of elevation in a short time if you go the right way. Some nice views as well.

The first time my wife and I went there, we got lost (but still made it back to our car safely and with daylight). I can't think of any convenient places to pick up a trail map, so you might want to take a picture of the trail system at the trail head (if your digital camera has a good zoom feature on the screen), or sketch it out on a piece of paper.

Shem wrote:
If you leave at some very early time like 3 am and really want to go to the rain forest I would drive out to Aberdeen and then north to the park on Highway 101. The funny thing about this route is there are a few places where you can see the ocean but not many.

If you do want to see the outer coast (if you push it and there's no traffic) it's about a three hour drive from Seattle to Ocean Shores. If you Mapquest that, it should give you an idea about where you'll be and where you can get within any given time.

Seriously, I think you need to curb back your enthusiasm. You CAN loop around the peninsula, but you're going to spend 95-98% of your time in a car watching out for deer and making sure you're on the correct road. If you want to go to the peninsula, pick a spot you want to go, and plan to spend an hour or two there - maybe even overnight and book it back to Bellevue early in the AM.

Seattle has plenty of great, fun, short touristy things to do downtown. If you're into tacky, I can't recommend this enough:

mearrin69 wrote:
My forum-fu is probably just weak...but how does one get involved in the gaming at a convention? Just show up and look for an empty seat? Are there empty seats?

If you get shut out in pre-registering for events, the best advice is to be proactive - ask to sit down at a table and try something new. If you wander around waiting to be asked to play something, you'll be standing all day.

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
A major part of the issue is the fact that almost no RPG materials legally qualify for the media rate postage, as they all have advertisements included in them, this means that they have to go by 1st class or priority mail, which is more expensive.

This is an interesting point.

I don't have a plethora of RPG materials around me, but every one I looked at (All WotC, 3.5 & 4e) only had 'advertisements' for their own products. I went to my bookshelf and looked at a handfull of paperbacks as well - guess what? They all contained similar 'advertisements'. What exactly constitutes an ad? Do they have to have a price for a product/service shown?

I've never quite gotten what the USPS means by what constitutes Media Mail. I have been stuck on the magazine front, but I don't think that if the post office opened your package of RPG books they would deny it. Just like they wouldn't open a package of paper back books and point to the back saying, "Look, see this is an ad... sorry, you have to ship first class."

Unless of course my examples are all wrong and what I see in the back of WotC books isn't advertising.

mouthymerc wrote:
Only available in pdf?

Nobody worries about piracy anymore.

I would think that more than five, and the spotlight time gets too limited for players. Depending on the system, I could go with one player.

James Martin wrote:
I'm going to guess that this is viewed by GG as less of a magazine and more as an advertising tool. And a brilliant one, if it works and if WOTC's notorious L.A.W.Y.E.R.S. don't come down on them like hammers for some imagined slight or another.

With a banner over the title exclaiming, "Save 20% on 4E Modules! See Inside Cover" it's advertising at its best.

This is the same size as the Free RPG day DCC modules they put out, so I hope Mr. Goodman has some statistics on pricing and effects on sales. Putting this out four times a year is probably nothing on their bottom line.

With the GSL mess and the PR hit that WotC took subsequently (and the birth of Pathfinder as the biggest by-product of it all) I would venture a guess that they don't sick the legal team on this one.

Krypter wrote:
A print magazine for $2? Is this possible, or is it a loss-leader?

From what I understand, it's going to be 32 pages, so yes, a loss-leader, but one that shouldn't hurt the bottom line too much.

I would think that this is an educational tool to let the public know that Goodman is 4e compatible. I remember seeing threads on the Goodman forum about how it was a constant fight to inform people that, "Yes, DCCs are indeed compatible with 3.X!" I've even heard that one of the most common questions Wizards had regarding Dungeon and Dragon (when they were still in print from Paizo) was if it was indeed official content and if what was found within could be used in official campaigns.

Ludicrous yes, but it seems that brand loyalty for D&D is very high if people actively inquire about the validity of a product that says "100% official D&D content".

Wouldn't an abberation AP require the PCs to start out at a relatively high level? Until Paizo is ready to start that (and I haven't looked into the future APs to see if that is on the horizon) it looks like some of our favourite creatures will have to take the back seat.

I love Lords of Madness, too. Will Paizo be coming up with an 'eye-beast' equivalent?

Bagpuss wrote:
...but a few noble exceptions aside (Azure Bonds and sequel, say), Forgotten Realms fiction is horrible, horrible, horrible garbage. Not a good bar to set.

Meh... I've always been entertained by Forgotten Realms fiction. Of course, I made the mistake of reading the original Dragonlance trilogy when I was 30 rather than 13, but I did grunt through that as well.

I don't think anything in FR fiction is masterful, but it passes the time as an easy pulp-fantasy read - I would say it's the romantic serials (in terms of cheesiness, but well selling) for our chosen genre.

But you can't trust my opinion too far. I am an avid fan of Sci-Fi Original Presentations.

Freesword wrote:
Knowledge (Local) has no special rules outside of the other knowledge skills. There is nothing about it referring to specific areas except by the implication of the word "local". There is no mention of Knowledge ([Insert Name of Location Here]), there is only the generic Knowledge (local). There is also the fact that it is the knowledge skill for information about the various subtypes of Humanoids, much as the other knowledge skills cover the various creature types. Taken as written and not applying the geographic limitations implied by the word local, it becomes the knowledge of Humanoid societies and cultures.

I see your point on this. And now I see why you prefer the Knowledge (Culture) skill. It makes more sense.

Freesword wrote:
As for what is wrong with Knowledge (New York) and Knowledge (London), you could have 100 ranks in Knowledge (London) but none in Knowledge (New York) and it would be impossible to make a Knowledge check to know who the Mayor of New York is. In fact, if you are not in London, your points spent in Knowledge (London) are completely USELESS.

I understand your point on this, but think that the New York-London analogy works just fine. IRL, say I have a Knowledge (Seattle) rank of 30. I know who the mayor is, I know major employers, I know how to get around, etc. Drop me in Chicago, and I have a Knowledge (Chicago) of effectively zero. I couldn't close my eyes and will the name of the mayor of Chicago into my head, as well as many other aspects of the city. My Knowledge (Seattle) is utterly useless.

EDIT: But I *am* in the same kingdom (USA) so I know a lot about the culture, how people act, how not to insult them, etc. so a Knowledge (Culture-USA) would be a much better skill to have than localized to a city.

I understand the frustration of spending points in areas that have very narrow uses. I guess in my mind, that's part of a character's make up and not that big a deal. Generalizing this would seem a more effective way to go, or else allow the GM to award skill points towards Knowledge skills as the story grows.

Freesword wrote:

It seems there has been a change in the Pathfinder Beta that I had overlooked where in Table 5-6 on page 67 DCs are given for Knowledge (Local) checks which cover information that would be location specific.

The fact that it is taken to refer to both location specific and non-location specific information makes absolutely no sense.

Yeah, the listed DCs of what info you can get from a 'local' check are pretty disparate. Local encompasses anything from a kingdom (laws) to secret organizations (undercity). Off the top of my head, I can't think of a way to change this - it's one of the instances where a gather information doesn't quite fit into diplomacy. It may be an instance where it's best to leave it to the GMs discretion.

Freesword wrote:

As a real world example, Knowledge (local) for someone from London would not be applicable if they are in New York. Some DMs house rule it to work this way with allowing it to be taken multiple time each for a different locality. Unfortunately this is not how the rule was intended as it makes no mention of applying locality except by implication of the word "local" in the name. The topics covered can be grouped under the subject of "Cultures" without the implied geographic limitation. Therefore in the Alpha 3 forums I suggested, and will do so again when the skills chapter is focused on, the following change:

Knowledge (Local) ==> Knowledge (Cultures)

I don't see what's wrong with having Knowledge (New York) or Knowledge (London). You could even expand it by saying Knowledge (USA) or Knowledge (UK).

Freesword wrote:
Unfortunately this is not how the rule was intended as it makes no mention of applying locality except by implication of the word "local" in the name.

Could you please explain how the rule was intended?

Here on the _proper_ side of Lake Washington, Pathfinder is finding a good niche in my FLGS (The Dreaming). Hopefully my pre-ordered Beta will be in tomorrow, and if there's a campaign guide, I'll probably pick that up, too. They're not big on keeping modules in stock, so I might be picking those up when I do my Paizo orders. The owner has spoken positively about the reception Pathfinder has gotten recently.

A few questions... What is the page count for each? The subjects look interesting, so what is the potential for porting them into Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP)?

Jal Dorak wrote:
Economic factors?

~$20 a month is ~$20 a month. That's ~$240 a year.

Agreeing with the previous posters, I'm sure most people have a large back-log of 3.X adventures they haven't gotten to yet, so justifying the expense to add to the ever-increasing pile can be hard.

Also, I've never known of any other sort of service where cancellations are on a public portion of a board. It's a normal thing for many people to cancel for various reasons, but most of us have never been exposed to that facet of subscription business.

Digitalelf wrote:
And I really did like Iron Kingdoms, up until they started that silly war so they could use their line of minis...

I guess that's what happens when you stay with a product line ;)

I really enjoyed both Iron Kingdoms and Midnight, but was in campaigns that were way too short.

Doug Sundseth wrote:
I'd avoid CMON, but not because their criticism is harsh. The problem I have is that their ratings are random, depending too much on the miniature chosen and the reputation of the painter and not enough on the quality of the painting.

So it's exactly like any other messageboard in the world... again, the forums and tutorials outweigh anything else. It's not like you *have* to submit anything. 99% of people who ask for constructive criticism upon submitting a picture don't get it. They have a WIP (work in progress) sub-forum where you'll get great advice without 'randomness' or 'favoritism'.

Vigil wrote:
I'd avoid It's one of the bigger mini sites (snicker), but those users are very harsh to even incredibly well-painted pieces.

I disagree. While you'll have to work to get a 5/10 on Cool mini or Not, the forums there are full of great people who will help you out on technique. There are also lots of good tutorials on the site.

Yes, they are harsh, but when you see a mini that's getting 9.5/10 and compare it to your work, the pros are that much better!

EDIT: Now that I've looked at your mini, it would probably get in the 4/10 range. They are big on having pretty, finished bases there, and of course, as you paint more, you'll learn techniques to blend better. As long as you go there with a thick skin (i.e. you can handle poor ratings) you'll learn a ton of stuff about making your minis look better. I know I have.

DMcCoy1693 wrote:
Unless the GSL changes are really sweeping, 4E might look like Mac OS. A quality OS (rulesset), but I already own $10 billion worth of PC software (3.5 books). Sure I can use SoftWindows (convert over), but that's alot of work. Then there's the price of entry barrier. I have to buy a whole new computer (3 new core books). Those are so expensive. Why can't I use the one(s) I already have. Yea I'm going to need an upgrade in a year or two (Pathfinder) but all my existing hardware (3.5 books) works with the PC (Pathfinder). I don't have to spend as much for the upgrade (MSRP $50) as I do for Apple (MSRP $110). Plus I'm just more comfortable with what I have.

A more apt analogy would be:

Windows 2000 = 3.0
Windows XP = 3.5
Windows Vista = 4.0

Comparing PCs and Macs is more like comparing D&D to WW or GURPS.

Although I think more people are jumping on the 4.0 bandwagon than are jumping on the Vista one.

Plus, using your logic, spending money on three 4.0 core books is too much, but buying PFRPG and Gazeteer, etc. is okay? You shouldn't need *any* new books!

JollyRoger wrote:
I have no idea. But I just ordered Beta Pathfinder and should have it in my hot little gypsy hands soon. So that's one download that equals a purchase!

Funny, of course I'll download the Beta (to sit forever in hard-drive purgatory with both my Alpha .pdfs) but the only reason I'm buying the Beta is because it's simply not worth the time or expenditure to print it out. I still don't like reading extensively on the computer, so getting a nice bound full-colour copy is worth the $25.

A lot of the other threads have been bandying about the 25k downloads that Alpha has gotten so far, and somehow construing that to a fanbase. Of course, Alpha and Beta are both FREE downloads! Getting something for free and paying ~$40US for something (i.e. PFRPG when it comes out) are two different animals.

I guess my question is: What percentage of 25,000 downloads will actually translate into sales for Paizo? My guess would be 10-20%, but it's just that - a guess. I'm not a businessman and know next to nothing about sales, so I will pose the question to the community.

FWIW, I have Beta pre-ordered at my FLGS and plan on buying PFRPG when it comes out.

Lord Fyre wrote:
Do keep in mind that these changes are likely the result of intense lobbying by the people of WoTC. The current GSL appeared to have been written by Hasbro's lawyers - and for a game like Scrabble - it might have made sense.

Yeah, people at WotC have worked with, are friends with, and play D&D with people at (probably) every 3pp. I hope the revision of the GSL eases some strains in the d20 area of roleplaying.

baradifi wrote:
Be great to see what it contains.

Funny what you come up with when you Google 'dark sword miniatures':

crosswiredmind wrote:
I think he is more right than wrong but I wonder where his company would be if he had to give back all of the profits made from the use of the OGL. I understand that both Green Ronin and WotC benefitted from the d20/OGL but frankly it seems a bit odd to say that Green Ronin owes them nothing. At the very least they owe them a debt of gratitude for making it possible to have the success that they have had.

I think this is stated fairly well, but perhaps it doesn't behoove GR to explicitly thank WotC for what WotC perceives as a mistake (the OGL). So rather than say, "Hey, thanks for the OGL and our systems we created based off of it!" ~nudge~ ~nudge~ ~wink~ ~wink~ it's better they give a very neutral statement and leave it at that.

Of course, if they were a crapy 3rd party publisher they would have fallen by the wayside and be a footnote on the 3.X landscape or a very minor player. Perhaps they owe their writers and people who hired said writers more than they owe WotC. Maybe they're saying, "Thank god we hired so-and-so to help us out" rather than, "Thank god WotC made the OGL"...

What would you be saying??

Fake Healer wrote:
...I have REALLY low interest rate on it.

Don't carry a balance, and you'll never have to worry about interest rates again! :D

Cosmo wrote:

I will keep an eye out for it.


Hey there,

Just checking in to see if this arrived safe and sound. I didn't see the return postage ($2.19) credited to PF #11. Of course, that could have shipped before you got everything straightened out with the return.


With a good GM, who can tailor the horror level to the comfort level of the players, this is an excellent game. It is dark, and there is an ever present feeling of hopelessness, which may get to some groups.

FFG has a once-or-twice a year sale (probably one around Christmas) where they knock a lot off on their RPG stock. Last Christmas, all the splat books were $5 a pop.

I've found myself drawn towards Scandinavia as well. Amon Amarth - and the goodness that is Viking Metal - is among my most listened to at the moment. I'm also being drawn towards some great Finnish folk and pagan metal lately, including Moonsorrow (anyone else like 20+ minute songs?), Finntroll, and Korpiklaani. Still, I do love most metal, with the many times aforementioned recent Maiden tour, and probably one of the greatest shows I've seen where Mastodon and Killswitch opened for Slayer. I'm also looking forward to the upcoming At The Gates tour. Good stuff.

My music pendulum swings between punk and metal, with hc in between.

I think the original thread of our conversation is gone...

I had ordered DCC #12 which was advertised as autographed, but my original copy came in as non-autographed. You promptly sent me a replacement, and asked that I send back the original (and said that the postage would be refunded on my next order). I dropped the ball on sending the original back, but it will be in the mail today.



Can you please cancel order #962449?

Thanks so much.

Gailbraithe wrote:
The professional painters at Privateer Press get paid about $8.00/hr, which barely over minimum wage. Those guys have sufficient talent to paint those runes, and they can barely cover rent on a one bedroom in a bad neighborhood. Even the best painters just barely scrape by on their skills. Nobody is getting rich.

A lot of the great painters at Cool Mini or Not regularly have their work go for several hundred dollars (200-300) per piece, and from the little I've read they're not spending more than 10-15 hours on them.

Not saying that anyone is making a living off of it... these are definitely people who do it as a hobby, or on the side. But the best of the best do charge a good premium for commission work.

A question about my order - I ordered DCC #12: The Blackguard's Revenge, which was advertised as being autographed by the author. I can't find an autograph anywhere. Can you help me out here?

I'll be buying a beta and release copy, and one of my groups will most likely get the release (can't say if they're buying the beta or not). A week after printing up the first alpha copy, the second version was released, so I was a little bummed about that.

I can't stand reading .pdfs on the screen, and the $25 is more than worth it for someone to print up and bind a copy for me. Thanks to Paizo for making that an option.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a no-brainer. It's an excellent system that doesn't get bogged down, and even after playing for a few months, skeletons are just as dangerous as they were to begin with. For whatever reason, the role-play factor is much higher and much more fun than anything I've had with D&D.

I've also enjoyed playing Reign over the last few months as well. It's really does do a complete 360 from most systems I've played, but once you've grasped the system, it's a lot of fun.

I can also give a thumbs up to Savage Worlds and GURPS as well. Both systems I've enjoyed, but haven't played in a while.

I know this wouldn't fly, but the style and design I would prefer would be a collared shirt with a simple design on one of the breasts. Something like the Pathfinder RotRL star symbol or something else neutral that would be appropriate for work. I keep a vest at work to hide many of my inappropriate heavy metal shirts (on the days I forget), so adding something with just a cool symbol would be great.

Unfortunately, the price break for something like this of quality would be ~$40-50, so I don't see it in the future at all - but I can dream, can't I?

Cosmo wrote:
Unfortunately, I cannot combine order 924719 with it, because we are not able to combine subscription and non-subscription orders at this time.

No worries. Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.

Rezdave wrote:
But it really makes the threads tedious and drives me away from the Paizo forums and thus the Paizo website and thus the Paizo Store and Paizo products.

Nothing says that every user must read every thread.

Eryops wrote:

When Pathfinder #8 was getting ready to ship, I got an e-mail about an expired credit card. I corrected that problem the next day, but this order is still 'pending', and now I am told to expect the NEXT Pathfinder in the next few days. Can you ship Chapters 2 & 3 together for me? (order #s 904361 and 933524)


Now that I've placed order #924719, why not ship all three together?

When Pathfinder #8 was getting ready to ship, I got an e-mail about an expired credit card. I corrected that problem the next day, but this order is still 'pending', and now I am told to expect the NEXT Pathfinder in the next few days. Can you ship Chapters 2 & 3 together for me? (order #s 904361 and 933524)


For order # 884769 (placed Feb 1st), it appears that the WFRP GMs toolkit is what's holding up the order. Could you please cancel that part of the order if it will allow the rest to ship?


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