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I just had this same problem today. It was also with Safari on macOS Sierra (although 10.12.3). Safari on my iPhone had the same issue.

The page did display correctly in Chrome.

Gregory Rebelo wrote:
Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
I will be going to my first ever GenCon... and I am trying for Tier 1. This is a huge leap for me. I so look forward to meeting everyone.

I'm another who will be doing Gen Con for the first time this year. (I also am trying for tier 1, although in HQ.)

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AdamWarnock wrote:
414. Someone is stealing everyone's pants. (I dare someone to make a serious adventure around that one.)

I know I am responding to an old post, but I couldn't resist.

While I am not sure how serious it is, here is my version of the idea:

Everyone knows wizards can be a bit strange. There was once a party whose wizard was no exception. He loved his loved his robes. (Probably too much: he only had one set he would wear and had named them. Granted, they were magical robes.) The rest of the party claimed the robes made the wizard more susceptible to traps. He said the rogue should be able to spot them and warn the rest of the party in time.

Eventually the wizard’s robes did cause him to get caught in a trap. The party barely escaped and later mandated the wizard wear pants on adventures.

This made the wizard extremely upset. Remembering a time when the rogue was unusually eager to open a chest and got attacked by a mimic, he devised his plan. Mimics disguised as pants would not work because they would attack at once. The wizard spent significant time and money devising pants that would attack after a random period of time. Knowing most people did not have magical pants, he made the pants resistant to detect magic.

The party managed to find out the wizard’s plans too late. The wizard was able to get the pants distributed throughout the land unnoticed. Luckily nobody had been attacked, yet.

It would be stating soon. Knowing their story would not be believed, the wizard’s former party turned to unlawful means. Unable to determine which pants were regular pants and which were dread pants, the party took to stealing all the pants in an area.

This is where the adventure starts. The players are tasked with determining what happened to all the pants in their village.