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I was wondering if Paizo plans on releasing more gunslinger minis in any of the new products. There are not very many options for gunslingers unless you go with the bones line of minis. A few more dwarves, elves, orcs, tieflings with guns in the pathfinder battles line would be very helpful.

I am not a subscriber to dungeon or dragon magazines but, i do frequently pick up dungeon. About a month or so ago i decieded to spend my hard earned income on the shackeled city adventure path, so i purchased all of the back issues i was missing(11 of em). So i spent like 50 bucks on the 11 issues and the shipping and handling. Now Paizo comes out with it in hardback and want to charge me another 50+ bucks. Come on! I have been a serious DM ( above the age of 12) for 20+ years now. This is getting out of control with the prices. So can i send back my 11 issues for a refend and get the hardcover instead. Obviously not! So why charge so much for the new product. At least give those of us who have already spent 50 bucks on it a discount or something.