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Chad Brown wrote:
Drunkenping wrote:

Looking down the road for Ezren the Evoker one of his power feats states:

"[]Add 2 to your Arcane check with the Force ([]or Acid and Cold) ([]or Electricity and Fire) trait(s)."

I'm assuming this is suppose to read: ...with the Force ([]or Acid or Cold) ([] or Electricity or Fire)?

Without opening the tricky question of whether or not the English common "or" is exclusive, I will say that the one feat increases checks with any combination of Force, Acid, and Cold traits (or instead Force, Electricity, and Fire traits), as long as at least one of the traits is present.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Chad... One follow up question. If my first feat gives me bonus for Force, acid and cold traits (or force, electricity and fire) could my second feat then add electricity and fire(or acid and cold)?

Now that I read the card more carefully it seems to suggest that my first feat would give me force alone, then my second feat I could chose between the addition of cold and acid or electricity and fire and my third feat making me a complete stud at everything...And yes I only have a chance of studliness through PACG.

J Mann - Good suggestion, if I come across Detect Magic, I'll keep it and drop speed... I suppose.

Drunkenping - I'm assuming the card reads correctly, which is why I chose to keep lightning touch (instead of force missle), which combos with scorching ray when I get the Electricity AND Fire bonus.

One thing I'm unsure of, which has probably been answered somewhere, is do I have check the Force box first, then the Acid and Cold, then the Electricity and Fire? Or could I use my first feat to go straight to Electricity and Fire?

The "or" made me think I could choose any of them, but I'm not 100%.

What card feat would you take... I decided on the extra spell, because I acquired 2 augeries, 2 scorching rays, so I needed the room for mirror image, invis, speed, 2 lightning touch... I almost aquired a second staff of minor healing but which would've made this a tough decsion, since I have the sihedron medallion, token of remembrance and staff of minor healing already.

Starting to feel pretty good about Ezren... I was having a tough go in the beginning, but now I'm playing with much less fear of death... except that I have much more to lose now.

Cheez wrote:
His original power feat adds one to a spell re-charge.

What do you mean by his original power feat... Do we get to pick a power feat when we create the character? Maybe I missed that.

I've played through all the available material with ezren and have +2 int (skill feats), +2 arcane( inherent), +1 recharge(power feat) and 9 spells(card feat)... If I should have +2 recharge somehow it would be nice, but I can't figure how you got it.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Fireonk wrote:
...I do think it makes sense to institute an altered version of the rule, in that if you fail a scenario you can not keep any of the boons you received while going through the failed scenario.
Note that then you'd have to keep track of which cards you acquired during the scenario. (We've done our best to eliminate that sort of bookkeeping from the game.)

My group plays this way... We just take a picture of our cards on our iPhone after we decide what cards we are going to keep... In case we have a hard time remembering what we started with at the end of the next scenario.

I don't get it... Did you get 2 power feats? I've only come across one, which I chose the +1 recharge as opposed to the increased hand size. How did you get both the charge bonus and the extra card?

I've been playing Ezren and struggled with the same questions... ultimately I decided to with Int +2, Arcane +2, +1 recharge... but I feel like I should've used one of them on Dex or Wis... The hardest recharge so far is 8 and only on a few cards that I could easily get back out the discard with other cards.
I usually get into trouble with barriers, so I'm kindof leaning toward Dex since I'm wanting to keep items/allies other than theives tools/burgler.
Does anyone know how high the recharge checks are going to be for spells acquired in Skinsaw? That would definately influence my decision.