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You're all permabanned.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Solnes said that since she can't tell Sebastian who sent him his Bella Sara plushie, then she can't tell me either. ~goes off to pout since Solnes will not tell me anything~
Solnes should only tell trustworthy persons who don't have loose lips. These people, such as I, are easily messaged on FB.

Or me, the Publisher of Paizo, and not a sock puppet facsimile with a mis-spelled name...

Sebastian wrote:

I blame myself. If only I had been a bigger bastard, all of this* could've been prevented...

Oh well, only one thing to do. Be even more of a bastard! I'll do my damndest to drive off enough people that we have a nice, small, homey little community again. I'm pretty sure the Paizo staff approve of this mission.

In fact, we do! As one of the original abusers of our alias function, Sebastian has proven himself as the sort of blight that keeps this community healthy and...uh...friendly?

No...that's not the right word...

Repugnant! That's what I'm looking for.

Well, it looks like you folks have forced my hand.

In fact, the adventure path right after Kingmakers will be "The Chronicles of the Flumph-o-nauts". This will be a bit of an experiment for us, and we will be rebuilding the old 2e spelljammer setting for the path. The adventure path will explore the deep backstory behind such iconic D&D races as the Giff, Dowhar, and Carbunkle as the players race to stop a Giant Fire-Breathing Sweet-and-Salty Two-Headed Half-Dragon Gninja Hobo NASCAR Space Hamster.

The first Pathfinder Chronicles Book supporting the adventure path will be the Complete Flumphs Handbook, which will provide the details of the elusive Flumph subraces, such as the Ice Flumph, the Fire Flumph, and the always popular, Wood Flumph.

By the time you receive the product, we should already be on an exotic island, counting our money and laughing heartily.

Er...ignore that last part.

The Real Eric Mona

I have no idea. It's almost like there's a vast conspiracy consisting of aliases devoted to me, the original Eric Mona (and not Sebastian posting with an alias that intentionally mis-spells my name).

Sebastian wrote:

Glad to have someone I don't hate working customer service! Well met, Alison.

Someone get that lady a custom avatar before one of the more deranged board members creates an alias to impersonate her.

That's a damn good point. Remind me again how it is that we didn't hire Sebastian as a customer rep too?

Erik Mona wrote:
SirUrza wrote:

Eric Mona vs Bill Slavicsek in a cage match!

Well, I'd have thought Bill would beat me in a "spell my name incorrectly" contest, but I guess not.


He was talking about me, you egomaniac. Sheesh.

Welcome to the team Sebastian, but please, watch what you say about our monocular employees.

Sebastard Sword the Ruleslawyer wrote:

Erik Mona day is over, you can change your avatar back now.

Heathansson wrote:

I know Eric Mona! He gimme dis twenny sided dice, made outta mastodon fossil toof, and autograph by Eroll Otus.

I sell it to you for 5 dalla.

I do not know this dog-like man, please disregard his lies.


Gary Teter wrote:
No, actually these kinds of outages upset me probably more than they should.

Gary, you're getting a raise for all your efforts. And why don't you take the Paizo trans am for a spin out to my summer home in lovely Spokane and relax for a while.

James? What are you talking about!??!!? Pett is the winner. Logue is a hack, everyone knows it. He's no better than that two bit shrill Sebastian.