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Okay, so here's the deal: I'm playing a level 6 Gnome Paladin with a riding dog as Bonded Mount. The dog has the feats (Power Attack,) Improved Overrun and Charge Through, while the gnome has the feats Mounted Combat, Ride-by-attack and Spirited Charge.

As I understand it, when charging a foe the dog and the gnome are charging together, and while my *dog* overruns any foe that obstructs our path, my *gnome* is trained to deal extra deadly attacks during that charge. While Improved Overrun and Charge Through speak of a charge that *you* are making, Ride-by-attack and Spirited Charge specifically mention that you should be *mounted*, so I am fairly certain that so far the rules add up.

To keep things simple, my gnome never attacks a creature that my dog is opting to overrun, but we both charge the final target.

So now I get to temporarily apply 3 mythic tiers for a special scenario, and I rather like the 3rd tier Guardian path ability Burst Through, which lets you overrun any amount of characters (who may sidestep your attempt, as allies are likely to do), and if the overrun fails that creature becomes the final target of the charge attack.

But the mythic tiers belong to the gnome, not the dog. So who is doing the Overrun combat maneuver? Would Burst Through extend this special charge to the dog, or can the gnome only do this when he's dismounted? And if he does dismount and charge by himself, does he provoke attacks of opportunity due to his lack of Improved Overrun?

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Wolfspirit wrote:
Does that clear things up?

It does, thanks a lot!

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I GMed the module Crypt of the Everflame for a group, and according to the Society rulebook this would net players 3 XP and 4 PP. However, after I logged it under sessions on the paizo site it listed "GM 2" under Prestige. I cross-referenced with a friend, who GMed the Free-RPG day module Master of the Fallen Fortress, which should reward 1 XP and 1 PP, but for him it also read "GM 2". Is this a bug? How much PP should I award to my character?

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When my pc's reached the pilings, they had rescued Natalya and imprisoned Terisha. They decided that the best course of action would be to kill the evil wererats (three girls), and install Natalya as their new leader. They're hoping to pull a fast one on the dimwitted paladin to avoid having to imprison the lot of them.

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When my pc's encountered Terisha, she knocked one of them out cold and killed an animal companion. Two pc's started fighting each other about whether or not to surrender, while the nature oracle was suffering from tongues and hadn't the slightest idea why the paladin one-shotted the sorceror (non-lethal crit with a two-hander; he was comatose for two days). Once the paladin handed over the shard to Terisha, she shifted personality a bit, leaning more towards "I'll take anyone willing to serve me" than "I'll kill anyone I'm ordered to kill". Thus, she spared Natalya (and offered the paladin a job).

Because the players had skipped lead 2, I had Terisha visit there with the captive Natalya in an attempt to purchase some nice slaves from the "Nidalese", but when she found out the truth she left again. She gave the disgruntled man some vague instructions to find her if he found worthy tributes to her greatness, so he still attempted to capture the pc's.

Then she visited her parents for a "quick errand" to tell them the truth about her career, while her guards were on the marketplace to purchase lions and cheetah's for her new "Cat Burglars" group. Terisha wanted her kid sister, a level 1 rogue, to be her first recruit, but her parents were less than amused. After a big fight, Terisha locked up her parents and Natalya in the closet and had the master bedroom converted into a throne room, while her teenage sister served her every whim.

In the end, the oracle kept one of her big cats as his new animal companion.

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As a female gamer myself, I've submitted for the first time this year. While my rules-fu is indeed not as strong as it could be (I've never GM'd beyond level 3 or played beyond level 7), I rather liked getting down and dirty with formatting and phrasing in such a way that my item can only be exploited in ways I intend for it to be exploited. So what if I don't know what suits a twelfth level adventurer's needs? I just made a low-level item and kept it a cute and simple concept. :)