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OK, how much would it cost and what is the best Skymetal to build a Power Armor? It will have the following specs:

Be of Large size so that a medium or smaller sized creature can pilot the armor.

Provide physical stats bonuses, armor class, CMD/CMB, movement, etc.

Protection from the environment

Lots of senses

Detection capabilities

Be intelligent

Suit folds down (Like Folding Plate in UE)

Grand Lodge

Synthesist Summoner?

What book is the numerian power armor from?

Grand Lodge

It does not exist.

Synthesist Summoner gives him just about everything he asked for though.

I really need to finish my Armiger class.

Dreamscarred Press' Aegis class fits the part as well, if not significantly better, than the synth summoner. If you want an 'intelligence' take the feat to get a psicrystal and wear it like an amulet or some such.

Other than that, DM fiat with the feat to make constructs into body armor is your only real option and once worn the golems 'intelligence' shuts down to preserve action economy (I'd imagine).

D20pfsrd Aegis

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RAW, there isn't a way to get all of that. However, the apparatus of the crab can be used as a template for some of it. Alternately, the Building and Modifying Constructs section in Ultimate Magic lets you modify a construct to be worn as armor. See the Construct Armor thread from last month for a more detailed breakdown of one way to get most of what you're looking for. The rules for Intelligent Items are right in the Core Rulebook.

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