Is there a way to get Slashing damage on ammunition?


Just wondering if there are spells or enchantments that gives Slashing damage to ammunition? Trying to find ways that can get through that specific DR.

Not that I know of. In 3.5 there were arrows that did slashing, but not in of, so far just piercing and bludgeoning.

Clustered shots can help you, if DR is your problem, doesn't matter what type of DR,it's all applied only once.

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Versatile Weapon is a spell that lets a weapon or ammunition bypass DR/slashing (or bludgeoning, piercing, cold iron, or silver, chosen when you cast the spell). It also gives the weapon an enhancement bonus for a short time though that may or may not be relevant depending on whether your weapon already has such a bonus.

If 3E material is allowed, Races of the Wild had serpentstongue arrows that did piercing and slashing damage; same range, damage, and weight. Only cost 3 gp for a quiver of 20. They also did full damage (rather than half, as normal for projectiles) to objects that had hardness 5 or less. Not sure if PF still has that rule, though.

PF has the rule that ranged attacked do half damage to bisects, yes.

Versatile Weapon's gonna have to do it, I guess. Would be nice if it was an Inquisitor spell, but I'll just max out UMD and it should do...

Or yeah, Clustered Shot I guess...

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The Clustered Shot feat is very useful.

Especially if you are in a party that lack the ability to identify enemies (hence, you don't know what will bypass its DR)

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