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LN Ifrit Oracle(Shadow/Blackened) 12| HP47/111 | AC28 T18 FF23| CMD 21 | Fort 10 Ref 10 Will 11 | Speed 30/60 Flyft | Initiative +8| Buffs: Shield of Darkness


Flying 8/12 Minutes, Shadow Form 10/12 Minutes, Cloak of Darkness 8/12 Hours, Spells: 1st 3/8, 2nd 0/8, 3rd 0/8, 4th 0/8, 5th 0/5, 6th 0/3

Strength 7
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 8
Charisma 26

About Emberwik

Character Sheet
AC 16 Touch 14 Flat Footed 12
HP 111
Fort 10 Ref 10 Will 11
Defensive Abilities: Cloak of Darkness (Add 8 to AC, 6 to Stealth).

Speed 30ft (60ft Fly)
Melee Staff of Fire +7 (1d6-2)

Str 7 Dex 18 Con 14 Int 12 Wisdom 8 Cha 26
Base Attack Bonus: 9
CMB 7, CMD 21

Bluff +16, Diplomacy +21, Disguise +16, Disable Device +5, Disguise +13, Knowledge Planes +30, Knowledge Religion +9, Spellcraft +10, Stealth +14 (+20 with Cloak of Shadows), Use Magical Device +19.

Skill Focus; Know Planes, Elemental Focus; Fire, Extra Revelation; Dark Secrets, Metamagic Tenebrous Spell, Extra Revelation; Wings of Darkness, Spell Penetration

Combat Gear
Intensified Metamagic Rod
Cloak of Resistance +2
Spell Component Pouch
Lesser Talismin of Life's Breath
Staff of Fire

Headband of Alluring Charisma +6
Trail Ration *80 (40/80 Eaten)
Handy Haversack
Wand of Lesser Restoration 4/14 Charges Used
Spectacles of Understanding
Wand of Cure Light 50/50 Charges Used
Wand of Protection from Evil 5/50 Charges Used
Wand of Infernal Healing 16/50 Charges Used

Powers Used and Remaining
Staff of Fire Charges Left 8/10
1st Level Spells Remaining 3/8
2nd Level Spells Remaining 0/8
3rd Level Spells Remaining 0/8
4th Level Spells Remaining 0/8
5th Level Spells Remaining 0/5
6th Level Spells Remaining 0/3
Cloak of Shadows - 10/12 Hours Remaining
Wings of Darkness - 8/12 Minutes Remaining
Living Shadow - 12/12 Minutes Remaining

Revelations and Curses

1: Revelation; Cloak of Darkness:

You conjure a cloak of shadowy darkness that grants you a +4 armor bonus and a +2 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks. At 7th level, and every four levels thereafter, these bonuses increase by +2. You can use this cloak for 1 hour per day per oracle level. The duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-hour increments.

1: Curse; -4 to Weapon Attack Rolls, Gain Burning Hands

3: Revelation; Pierce the Shadows:

The shadows step aside from your baleful gaze, affording you sight in even the deepest darkness. You gain darkvision 60 feet. If you already have darkvision, increase your existing darkvision by 60 feet instead. At 11th level, you can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even in absolute darkness or the darkness created by a deeper darkness spell.

5: Curse; Add Scorching Ray & Flaming Sphere to Spells Known

5: Revalation; Dark Secrets:

You learn the hidden secrets surrounding the casting of shadow spells. You can add a number of spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1, maximum equal to half your oracle level) to your spell list and your list of spells known as divine spells. These have a spell level equal to their sorcerer/wizard spell level. You can add only illusion spells from the shadow subschool or spells with the darkness descriptor to your list of spells known in this manner. Each time you gain an oracle level after taking this revelation, you can choose to replace one of these spells for a new appropriate spell on the sorcerer/wizard spell list.

Spells Chosen:
Shadow Enchantment
Shadow Conjuration
Shadow Evocation
Shadow Endurance
Shadow Anchor

7: Revelation; Living Shadow:

Your body dissolves, and you become a living shadow. This ability functions as gaseous form. At 14th level, this ability functions as shadow body instead, except you also gain DR 10/magic and become immune to poison, sneak attacks, and critical hits as if also using gaseous form. You can use this ability a number of minutes per day equal to your oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments. You must be at least 7th level to choose this revelation.

9: Revelation; Wings of Darkness:

As a swift action, you can manifest a set of translucent, inky wings that grant you a fly speed of 60 feet with good maneuverability. You can use these wings for 1 minute per day per oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments. At 11th level, you can use these wings to fly as if with overland flight once per day. Used in this way, the ability lasts for up to 1 hour per level, and counts as your total use of this ability for the day. You must be at least 7th level to select this revelation.

10: Curse; Add Wall of Fire to Spells Known List, Reduce Curse to -2 Attack
11: Revelation; Shadow Projection:

Shadow Projection (Su): You infuse your life force and psyche into your shadow, causing it to separate from your body and act as an independent creature. This ability functions as shadow projection except as follows. Your shadow has the outsider type and the phantom subtype instead of the undead type. As a result, this ability does not have the evil descriptor and your shadow cannot be turned or affected as undead (though it can be affected as an outsider). You can use this ability for a number of hours per day equal to half your oracle level. These hours don’t need to be consecutive, but they must be spent in 1-hour increments. Your shadow’s hit points are not replenished between uses, although your shadow can be healed in the same manner as any other outsider. When this ability isn’t in use, any healing done to you also heals your shadow for an equal amount. You must be at least 7th level to choose this revelation.



Create Water
Purify Food/Drink
Detect Magic

1st Level Spells:

Barbed Chains
Burning Disarm
Burning Hands
Hedging Weapons
Blurred Movement
Shadow Trap
Cure Light Wounds

2nd Level Spells:

Delay Poison
Align Weapon
Arrow of Law
Shadow Anchor
Scorching Ray
Cure Moderate Wounds

3rd Level Spells:

Deeper Darkness
Shield of Darkness
Screaming Flames
Remove Curse
Shadow Enchantment
Shadow Enchantment
Cure Serious Wounds

4th Level Spells:

Wall of Flame
Shadow Step
Greater Path of Glory
Wall of Bones
Shadow Conuration
Cure Critical Wounds

5th Level Spells:

Spell Resistance
Vampiric Shadow Shield
Shadow Evocation
Flame Strike
Mass Cure Light Wounds

6th Level Spells:

Shadow Walk
Mass Cure Moderate Wounds
Shadow Endurance

Chronicle Information:

1: Module: Dragon's Demand 1
2: Module: Dragon's Demand 2
3: Module: Midnight Mirror
4: Module: Dragon's Demand 3
5: Module: Dragon's Demand 4
6: 08-07(S) Tome of Righteous Repose
7: 08-99B(S) Solstice Scar B
8: 09-09(N) Beyond the Halflight Path
9: 06-19(S) Test of Tarkuata
10: 05-17(N) Fate of the Fiend
11: 09-17(S) Oath of the Overwatched
12: 01-32(N) Drow of the Darkland Pyramid
13: 06-21(N) Tapestry's Toil
14: 07-28(N) Ageless Ambition
15: 04-04(N) King of Storval Stairs
16: 10-00(N) Hao-Jin Cataclysm
17: 10-04(N) Reaver's Roar
18: 10-08(N) What Prestige is Worth
19: 05-00(N) Siege of Diamond City
20: 02-04(N) Shadows Fall on Absalom
21: 09-14(N) Sanctuary of the Sages

Current Scenario: 22
Progression: Normal Track
Day Job: Diplomacy(Caravan) +21
Current Wealth: 1986gp
Prestige: 34
Fame: 55