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Doh, I already need a pallet jack to move my D&D 3e, Pathfinder, and Rolemaster/MERP books... and now I feel the need to buy this. I hate the fact that I am an addict (since 1979). I should join a twelve step program like gamers anonymous. "hi my on line name is Elrond....hmmm"
But seriously, as a GM I will most likely get this and reform some of the clunkier 1st edition rules. I tend to home brew a lot. One thing I ported over already in my new campaign is the bard. I took some of the ideas from the play-test bard and smooched into the 1st edition rules. I will see how it goes but it makes the bard a bit more formidable at higher levels. My bard player likes the changes. I am leaving the other classes alone other than the DC for spells. I am taking that as well. It is easier/cleaner/faster. Oh and I like the expert/master/legend weapon bonus system. I will mix and match a bunch of other junk as well I am sure.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Anybody want to do this with an all-Bard party?

. I think that bard is one of those classes that could do it and not be left wanting. An all fighter party for example would be hard as would most classes... Of course I am thinking in 1st edition terms.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:
In the Equipment section a "lesser potion of healing" costs 3 gold, in the treasure & magical items section it costs 4 gold. Which one is right?

1 gp is not a big deal. But this is not 1st edition. I like the silver based system myself. I would use the higher of the two. I like healing to take more effort. Another idea would be see what other potions of that level cost and match it up. Wait for a second printing in order for them to fix all this stuff.