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Recently, making a new alias for a forum-based game, I tried to select an avatar for the alias. I discovered that the page for alias selection now uses some kind of box formatting that places several of the choices offscreen to the right, removes all sense of aligning of the pictures, and does not allow selection of the next page of pictures. Apparently all pictures now have their full info box shown by default, instead of on mouseover.

This makes it nearly impossible to pick an alias picture, as many of them wind up unselectable and it's hard to parse through the page.

Here is a link to what I'm seeing when I'm on the avatar selection page. As you can see in the screencap, on the far right is an up-down scrollbar, but there is no left-right, and one of the images on the right is cut off; you can't even scroll to select the images.

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Apologies if this is the wrong section, please move if needed.

I have several PBP campaigns cluttering up my campaign page, which have been abandoned by the GM. Nobody posts in them, but they have never been marked inactive. Is there any way to forcibly deactivate these so that they no longer appear on the active campaign page?

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Female Aasimar Bard (Arcane Healer) 8 | 43/51 HP | AC 16 T 12 FF 14 | Fort +3 Ref +8 Will +7 | Initiative +2 | Perception +14, Sense Motive +13 | Bardic Performance 23/23 rounds | Channel Energy 2/2 | Bard Spells: 1st—6/6 2nd—3/5 3rd—3/3

It was Armasse eve, and the wild and raucous revelry had already begun. Though Kenabres is normally known for its zealous witch hunters and its precarious position at the edge of the Worldwound, the pressures under which its inhabitants live mean that when they kick off a festival, they let loose with abandon.

Alas, the festivities were not all that was let loose this time. Somehow, demons managed to circumvent or destroy the wards that protected Kenabres and Mendev from invasion, and a horde of demonic forces descended upon the city. Even the city's great guardian, the silver dragon Terendelev, was outmatched by the invading forces.

Once a city of over twelve thousand, most of Kenabres is now a smoldering ruin. The dead lie in the streets, body parts and innards strewn about haphazardly. Buildings have been demolished and unchecked wildfire has claimed most of the remnants. How can anyone rebuild in the face of such disaster?

Yet life must go on...

Female Aasimar Bard (Arcane Healer) 8 | 43/51 HP | AC 16 T 12 FF 14 | Fort +3 Ref +8 Will +7 | Initiative +2 | Perception +14, Sense Motive +13 | Bardic Performance 23/23 rounds | Channel Energy 2/2 | Bard Spells: 1st—6/6 2nd—3/5 3rd—3/3

This is the new thread for the tandem soft RP game that will be going with Asmodina's Wrath of the Righteous campaign.

Participants in this campaign will be contributing to the rebuilding of Kenabres, and dealing with the fallout of its destruction at the opening of Wrath of the Righteous. They may also cross paths with the adventurers in that campaign, when those heroes return to rest and resupply during their crusade.

Campaign maps: Jade Regent | Kingmaker | The Temple of Elemental Evil

In Common Year 579, the village of Hommlet is a peaceful, almost idyllic setting. Located only a few days' walk from the large city of Verbobonc, it is a developing crossroads between that metropolis and Kron. For many years it was primarily a stopping point for merchants traveling between the large cities, but only a few years ago it was the staging ground for a battle against a terrible army of evil humanoids. That army was smashed and the village fell into peaceful slumber once more.

Now, the village is growing. Prosperous farms and tradesfolk enjoy the benefits of living along a well-traveled and protected route, and a pair of successful adventurers, the mage Burne and his associate the warrior Rufus, have been tasked with overseeing construction of a new keep that will overlook the surrounding countryside for miles from atop a large hill on the northeastern side of the village. The church of St. Cuthbert, established only a few years ago, attracts new followers, and the friendly local Inn of the Welcome Wench has its rooms full with the bustle of travelers in a constant stream the likes of which the village has not seen in some time.

But other forces are at work in the village as well. Farmers from the outlying communities and hamlets claim to have seen creatures stealing crops and livestock at night, even reports of ogres or giants far off the beaten path. A missing caravan has hurt the fortunes of local merchants and fired fears of more trouble on the roads. Verbobonc seems reluctant to become directly involved, lest Hommlet become a point of dispute with neighboring cities and powers over what is, at present, primarily a small, sleepy spot on the map.

For some of you, Hommlet has been a home for months or even years. The tradespeople have come to accept you as one of their locals, if perhaps remaining a bit standoffish from time to time. For others, this village is a new stop in your travels, an unfamiliar but welcoming place, but one where farmers watch you with suspicion and the fear of dark secrets lurks under the surface.

By hook or by crook you have been gathered to the town hall -- a long, sturdy building with wooden benches and a raised platform at one end. The hall is recently build, solid, freshly painted, but often unused, and it is on an early evening just after dinner that you have been cajoled, shepherded, or enticed into going there for a meeting rather private.

Burne, His Most Worshipful Mage of Hommlet, has concerns, and he would have them heard. His sometime compatriot Jaroo, the druidic leader of the old oak grove at the heart of the village, is also in attendance.

Some of you have been asked (or directed) here because you are associates of the town's leaders. Others have been asked to attend with the promise of interesting possibilities for employment. And at least one is here with a story to tell.

"Friends and associates," Burne says in his bombastic fashion, "We are here for something of a Secret Meeting, though not so Secret that it had to be conducted in the Keep. I have invited Jaroo Ashstaff to join us because his wise counsel has guided this town for many years." He clears his throat.

Jaroo says in a quiet voice, "Please do not assume that the absence of other luminaries of the town indicates any attempt to exclude them. Many of them simply have other pressing duties."

Burne nods and continues. "We have been dealing recently with reports of increased banditry upon the roads, and some of the residents of outlying areas have reported thefts and even the presence of unknown creatures at night. While my detachment of Badgers will keep the village safe from simple threats, this is a deterrent to trade and commerce in the region, which could have a negative effect."

Jaroo says, "We must see to the needs of the people and keep them safe."

Burne nods and says, "Quite so. As Rufus is otherwise occupied with dealing with military matters relating to our delicate relations with Verbobonc, we have decided to assemble a coalition of individuals with certain... skills... to investigate these troubles."

Jaroo says, "The town council is willing to pay a reward in gold coin for successful investigation and resolution of these claims."

Burne looks slightly annoyed and says, "Ahem. Yes, well, of course you will be compensated for your efforts. Now, to the business at hand. Rumors are most distressing, and as I am well known as a local leader and magician, sometimes people will attempt to obfuscate the truth from me -- especially regarding unfortunate conspiracies. Ergo, I have delegated a special apprentice of mine, here, to investigate. He has a reputation as being somewhat talkative but independent-minded and thus I believe that he may be able to loosen certain tongues, as it were."

Burne indicates Zinnath.

Jaroo then continues, saying, "Our hope is that by working in concert you will be able to ferret out whether there is any truth to these rumors, and if so, to deal with any matters that you can handle, and bring to our attention any matters that you cannot."

Burne says, "If these rumors do have merit, it is possible, indeed likely, that you will find yourselves in the position of having to deal with possible bandits, evil humanoids, or other creatures with extreme prejudice. That is why we have called for the assistance of these rather fearsome warriors." He indicates your imposing half-orc, Deko, and the massive half-ogre, Fezzik.

"Furthermore, the clerics of Veluna and Verbobonc are interested in making sure that this is not the work of a conspiratorial cult or hidden evil shrine, and thus we have also sought out the aid of an outside party who can assist in matters spiritual," says Burne with a gesture to Bataleigha.

Jaroo says, "As there is some friction between the Old Faith -- my purview -- and the new church of St. Cuthbert in our town, it seemed prudent to invite a party who would not have a particular stake in that social conflict."

Burne leans back and says, "I fear there is little we can tell you for leads - much of what we know is based on hearsay. There are many travelers coming through town in the last few days, so perhaps if you were to inquire at the Inn of the Welcome Wench you could shake forth some rumors. And, of course, some of our own townsfolk might be able to relate stories that they have heard. I know that our own carriage-master recently lost a caravan, a loss that he feels quite sorely as that is an expensive investment."

Jaroo says, "If any ill should befall you, please see me at the grove our seek out the aid of the clerics at the church of St. Cuthbert. We may be able to help."

Time for the inevitable questions and introductions!

Campaign maps: Jade Regent | Kingmaker | The Temple of Elemental Evil

OH SO SCARY! This thing is actually happening!

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I'm currently running two campaigns on the boards and having a great time doing so, and I'm mulling over doing something a little different. I've been running Jade Regent and Kingmaker, both of which are pretty heavily story-based with a lot of travel. I am considering the possibility of running the classic adventure The Temple of Elemental Evil using the Pathfinder system as a bit of a change of pace.

While ToEE has some backstory, it ultimately turns into a very long dungeon crawl. I would not be diverging from this formula much; so, interested players would have to be OK with the idea of an extended period of time just mapping and exploring an immense dungeon with lots and lots of combat encounters strung together. I am not immune to the charms of good RP, but it would largely be upon the players to bring that as a party dynamic.

Conversely, I find hyper-optimization to be a boring practice, so this would essentially mean bringing to the table a small group to face the hazards of the Temple by wit, skill, and luck, ultimately following the story threads that loom in the background, but not focusing on trying to find weird rules edge cases to make the super-character that can beat every fight without breaking a sweat.

This would use Pathfinder complete rules, possibly with a few inclusions from other 3.5e sources, but it would be set in the world of Greyhawk. There would be new, special Campaign Traits appropriate to the setting. Characters would be expected to fit this campaign (i.e. no androids - this isn't Expedition to the Barrier Peaks - kitsune, changelings, etc.).

The party would likely be 5-6 players and their assorted henchmen (the early D&D adventures are built with the assumption that the party will have additional spear-carriers and meat-shields, which is why you have encounters like "30 hobgoblins and an evil cleric").

I tend to have a casual posting style, posting generally once per day unless I'm traveling, very sick, or doing overtime at work.

Any interest in such a campaign?

Campaign maps: Jade Regent | Kingmaker | The Temple of Elemental Evil

"Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this 24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne."

So says the Charter held by your group, a small assemblage of unusual travelers and fortune-seekers brought together by shared bonds of family or fortune. From the city of Restov it is merely a short hike along the South Rostland Road and then down a rutted trail to the old fortification-turned-trading post at the edge of the Greenbelt.

Oleg’s trading post is surrounded by a wooden palisade that stands 10 feet high. At each corner of the palisade are 20-foot square watchtowers, each armed with a run-down catapult left over from the site’s original use as a border fort.

In your short and uneventful journey to this last outpost of Brevic civilization, you have had a small amount of time to learn about one another and your respective capabilities -- at least, as much as your traveling companions are willing to share. The prospect of exploring these dangerous lands is at once exhilarating and forbidding.

If the condition of the trading post is any indication, security and shelter will be hard to come by in these lands.

Take a post or two to engage in a little banter and perhaps establish something about yourself -- you've just arrived outside the gates of Oleg's trading post, which you can see on the Roll20 map page linked here.

Campaign maps: Jade Regent | Kingmaker | The Temple of Elemental Evil

Ok, we have a little work cut out for us!

Telmarni's "buddy": Someone needs to have a tie to Telmarni to explain how she got in on this business. :)

Chaos as far as the eye can see: We have a really heavily chaotic-leaning party here, which can run against some of the core themes of KM in terms of creating order, establishing law, and building government. So, I suspect this will play out more in the form of a desire to build a very hands-off, wild-west-style society -- a loose confederacy of towns with trade and mutual defense agreements, rather than a heavy-handed monarchy with a strong central government and tax base. The ultimate goal is to eventually build some kind of nation-state, so I just want to make sure that everyone is on board with that from the start.

Healing: You'll notice that your group doesn't have a cleric. Your healing will be handled by your witch and your white mage arcanist. Since your witch has the Cauldron hex, she should be making healing potions for you in downtime. :)

Traps: You're also kind of weak on Disable Device. You'll probably just have to suck that up unless you use Summon Monster spells or get a few ranks in the skill for someone down the road, or get a rogue cohort.

Kingmaker is a deservedly popular AP, and I've decided to try my hand at giving it a turn.

This is recruitment for a completely new party, starting at the beginning.

Since character options are diverse in Pathfinder, I've created a document that explains what kinds of characters I like to see, and what I don't want to see for this adventure. Read the character creation document here!

Short version: 20 point buy, Pathfinder races and classes, oddball races will be much harder to convince (but there are some options that are possible there), and you can use gunslingers, Occult adventurers, etc. Yes you can take a drawback to get an extra trait, no you can't take a flaw for a bonus feat, and this campaign will use background skills. No gestalts or mythic adventures.

Planning on a 5-player group.

Pace: I would like to update this game every day. From time to time I wind up traveling or having various activities that impact my schedule and I might miss a day or two, but I always try to give advance notice. If players post frequently, I also tend to post frequently. I would like frequent posters for this adventure. :)
I am in US Pacific coast time.

Tools: This is a play-by-post forum game and I will host maps on Roll20. When I need to make important documents, like kingdom-management spreadsheets, I post them on Google docs with a viewable link for the players, like the document above about my character submission preferences. I generally post important links in the short desc of the campaign, so you can always just click on the links from the top of the campaign window.

A little about me: I'm currently running a Jade Regent group that is moving at a leisurely pace -- they've just left the start and gotten on the caravan trail at level 2 and are having their first encounter on the road. I have a long history in gaming. I play in four games on these boards.

Recruitment will run one week through Oct 28th. I reserve the right to adjust my schedule if something comes up, and I am planning to do some vacationing so something may very well do so. Please make sure your character is neat and complete.

Campaign maps: Jade Regent | Kingmaker | The Temple of Elemental Evil

When we left off, the group had descended to a lower floor, and discovered a room filled with colorful fungi. The room is damp, with water leaking down the stone walls -- something must've damaged them, or perhaps a particularly harsh winter stressed the fittings beyond the capacity even for dwarf-work. The fungi are in a bright variety of colors, a veritable maze of mushroom caps and branches, and Relenor notes that he's somewhat familiar with fungus and he recognizes that these are probably dangerous. The party could probably pick their way cautiously through the maze of fungi, but haphazard contact with a branch might release spores, rot flesh, or let out shrieking, whistling calls that attract any creatures that might reside deeper in the complex.

The damp chamber appears to have three exits -- one straight across from you (south) and one to either side (east and west), all three of them wooden doors that are heavily swollen and covered in a sheen of wood-eating algae.

Currently, Relenor and Jack are on either side of the wooden door, and Seth is charging in to the room beyond.

Campaign maps: Jade Regent | Kingmaker | The Temple of Elemental Evil

The Dutchy of Geoff

The Crystalmist Mountains

Migrating my online 1st edition AD&D game here, because of the more robust tools & support.

This game takes place in Furyondy, a few years after the invasion of giants described in modules G1-3. The players' characters have been hired by a dwarf merchant/mercenary to help in reclaiming lost dwarf outposts in the mountains, with the promise of dwarven gold and steel for their trouble. Of course, those outposts were overrun by humanoids during the giants' invasion, and trouble may still lurk there . . .

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Campaign maps: Jade Regent | Kingmaker | The Temple of Elemental Evil

4711 A.R. (I think. I can't find anything in Jade Regent that states the actual starting year, or online, either.)

Sandpoint is a moderate town, not as sprawling as Magnimar a day and a half of travel to the southwest, but still with over a thousand residents, several bustling industries and its own share of local color.

Some of that local color is the Rusty Dragon, one of two travelers' rest stops in Sandpoint. The Rusty Dragon takes its name from the sizable iron sculpture of a dragon that looms over the roof of the building. Time and weather have taken their toll on the sculpture, thus giving the large wooden building its name.

The owner of the Rusty Dragon is the famous Ameiko Kaijitsu, who is the scion of one of the four aristocratic families of Sandpoint. Though she also owns the Sandpoint Glassworks, she prefers to spend her time in the Rusty Dragon, chatting with patrons, swapping adventuresome tales, and occasionally regaling visitors with her musical skills.

The Rusty Dragon is the preferred stop for adventurers and mercenaries, partly due to the "Help Wanted" board where people can pick up odd jobs, partly because of the spicy food and Tian Min flair that Ameiko brings to the place, and partly due to the fact that the only other lodging house is a sleepy little place preferred by quiet merchants and tradesmen.

Today, as the sun nears noon, the Rusty Dragon has its share of trade, though it's a bit underwhelming -- a pair of travelers en route to Magnimar and a handful of locals looking for a spicy lunch; plus, of course, Ameiko's younger brother Kenji, her dwarven friend Jinda, her family's retainer Hiro, and the strangely distant and nigh-feral half-elf woman who has sometimes lurked about the establishment.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock arrives just before noon, accompanied by a heavily scarred half-orc man. The sheriff goes to the "Help Wanted" board and places a scrap of parchment up against the board, then hammers it home with a small stubby peg, using the butt of his dagger as a mallet.

The sheriff says to his half-orc associate, "I appreciate your enthusiasm for protecting the community, but it's not going to help us at all if you disappear into the swamp like those other folks. People have a tendency to underestimate goblins. This may not be a dragon or a giant or anything like that, but I certainly wouldn't recommend this task without a full complement of trained soldiers, or at least some irregulars."

Ameiko, catching the tail end of whatever this discussion is, pours a pair of mugs of local ale and comes around to hand one to the sheriff and the other to the half-orc. She glances at the poster and says, "Goblin bounty again? I thought that was all taken care of after the unpleasantness."

Sheriff Hemlock shakes his head ruefully as he accepts the mug of ale from Ameiko. He speaks in heavily accented Taldane, influenced by his Shoanti origins, and says, "Apparently the goblins in the Brinestump Marsh got their hands on a shipment of fireworks. They've become emboldened by their success and they're preying on travelers along the road there -- hells, even one of the caravan masters reported a run-in. A group went in the Brinestump to look for the goblins three days ago, and we've heard nothing. Looks like we have no other choice -- ten gold pieces per goblin ear, three hundred more for bringing in the head of the chief."

Ameiko sidles around behind the bar and leans on it. She chuckles and replies, "That explains the sparks and explosions in the sky last night. Looks like the goblins were having a party."

Sheriff Hemlock grunts and takes a gulp of the ale. He wipes his mouth and says, "Well they're sure pulling one over on us. Nobody even has a map of the Brinestump anyway. They could be anywhere. I don't suppose you want another adventure?"

Ameiko seems to think about it for a second, but then she stands and holds up her hands defensively. "Oh, no! I'm a respectable businesswoman. I have responsibilities here." She waves to indicate the Rusty Dragon. "Why, if I were going to take up a life of adventure, I'd have to sell this place! And then where would you get free ale?" Her eyes twinkle with the teasing.

The sheriff finishes the mug of ale and puts it on the bar. "Well," he says, "If any swords-for-hire come through here, now's the time. I can't have Sandpoint under siege again as happened to my predecessor." He points with his thumb at the half-orc and says, "Already have one volunteer, but I'm not one to recommend that a good man head out alone to his death."

Campaign maps: Jade Regent | Kingmaker | The Temple of Elemental Evil

Welcome welcome! Here is the discussion thread for Jade Regent!

This is a great place to start out by introducing yourself to your fellow players and making any pre-existing character connections that might fit into your past interactions in Sandpoint. :)

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All right, here it is, the for-real recruitment thread for Jade Regent.

Here's what you need to know!

(It's kind of a lot, so I will have a pair of summary posts after this.)

Think of this as an audition. I'm interested in your character, your availability, and how you'll fit in with the rest of the cast (the party).
Normally adventure paths are for 4 players but I feel like having 5 players allows a little more leeway in people being able to flex their character designs instead of having to really specialize tightly in one of the "four food groups."

In general, I will accept one party member who's a weirdo -- a character species that isn't in the core book, like a samsaran or android or whatnot. You still have to do the legwork to figure out how you fit into the story. You need to have a reason that people are willing to talk to you!
Jade Regent has, at certain points, a strong emphasis on character interaction and on traveling to different places and making allies from strangers. If the party doesn't have anyone who can convincingly do so, it could stall out the adventure, and that's no fun.
At least one character should be relatively easy to get along with (decent Charisma, maybe some social skills).
If you decide that you absolutely have to submit a strange character, remember that you are competing against everyone else who does so. So while I won't say a hard "no" to a lizardfolk or a wayang, you will wind up being compared to all the other non-core-book-species characters that are submitted.
Your character class generally doesn't matter. You wanna play a black blade magus? Picaroon swashbuckler? Holy gun paladin? Sure, whatever, your job is not likely to affect initial impressions as much as your outward appearance and your Charisma. (I do reserve the right to kibosh third-party stuff that I feel is badly built.)

Make your character with the 15-point buy, using the average starting gold for your class. This means you'll be making some tough choices early on.
If you really prefer playing more powerful characters, this may just not be the game you're looking for.
(If recruitment suddenly dries up because of this, I reserve the right to change my mind, but I really would rather not go to war over point-buy totals.)
On the up side, Jade Regent has several places where the GM is encouraged to flesh out the adventure with more personalized encounters, and in such cases I often like to drop in material that is based on making tough choices, not necessarily on fighting. Playing a character who isn't "combat optimized" won't be a barrier to dealing with those kinds of scenes.
Which leads to . . .

It's great that a tight synthesist summoner or strength-based slayer build can totally mash monsters. I have no problem with this, but as I mentioned previously, you will also face other challenges that are not based on your ability to get +16 to a die roll.
With this in mind, having a character who can contribute to the group is great, but I would encourage you to make a character who has some quirks or characteristics that are there just because you think they are thematically neat. Your character's story should matter.

I just don't have time to read a 14-page backstory for everyone who wants to play. Keep your background to a couple paragraphs highlighting where your character's from, why you're an adventurer, and any pertinent high or low points of personality and history that I can exploit to make interesting twists in your personal part of the story.

If you can't get along with the group, you do sketchy stuff like enslaving enemies that you defeat and then claiming "I'm Chaotic Neutral, I can do whatever I feel like!" or you try to kill other party members, I'm gonna boot ya. So just save everyone the trouble! :D

You must choose one Campaign trait from the Jade Regent player's guide. If you are picked to play, then in this thread you should talk with the other players if you have something like an overlapping "childhood crush" trait. Maybe you want a dramatic love triangle, or for one PC to feel horribly crushed by rejection, or maybe you prefer to just pick something else. That's all good.
Your other trait can be anything that isn't a campaign trait from some other campaign, as long as you use the most recent version. (Yeah, Heirloom Weapon is no longer the be-all end-all.)
You can take Rich Parents, but this means you are either really well established in Sandpoint as part of the aristocracy, or you came from somewhere else where you were really rich, and either way your character will be noticed.
You can take a drawback if you want in order to get one extra trait.

So, Jade Regent is kinda famous because it is an adventure that has built-in romance hooks. This will probably mean lots of face time with NPCs. It may mean the occasional tasteful fade to black. It is not gonna be the forum for late-night lasciviousness. I don't know you, you don't know me, this is a public forum, let's keep it PG.

The storyline of Jade Regent takes you from the Lost Coast of the Inner Sea, in the little town of Sandpoint, on a lengthy journey to the far east. This means your character is almost certainly a "westerner."
If you absolutely have to play a ninja or something, you probably are a descendant of a retainer or friend of the Kaijitsu family, who moved to Sandpoint long ago. Maybe you came all the way to the west from Minkai or Tian Xia or something, or you were teleported or found a gate or whatnot, but I wouldn't count on it.
Though having as your motivation "I got stuck in the West by an evil wizard and I wanna go home and kick his magical behind" is pretty sweet.

The third-point-fifth edition of the World's Most Famous Roleplaying Game That Shall Not Be Named introduced some class options that Pathfinder didn't emulate or follow up on, such as warlocks, duskblades, and spellthieves. (Yeah okay the magus is an emulation of the duskblade, but in many ways it's just not as hoss, right?) If you really want to play one of those, well, ok, go for it. If there is already a Pathfinder version, you need to use that instead. So, if you play a samurai (for instance), use the Pathfinder version.
No, you don't get "extra stuff" to make up for the fact that Pathfinder classes are festooned with more goodies than other Predecessor Game classes. Playing something that isn't really part of the Pathfinder stable should be more than enough.
Still, warlocks are pretty rad, right?
Oh, uh, I have no inherent problem with psionics, though people in the world may think that you are an extreme weirdo. Also you probably won't find much in the way of useful psionic treasure. Use the Ultimate Psionics Pathfinder material if you decide to go that route.

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Haven't seen a recruitment thread for Jade Regent in a while. Any interest out there?

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After reading the campaign rules for domain creation, I started thinking about what would happen if a group decided to start a domain, but they didn't want to do a traditional monarchy. I jotted down some ideas that might give your group some inspiration.


While I would normally just copy the material here, the post includes a text table, which doesn't format nicely. :)


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Anyone know of a PFS-legal way to expand your list of special monk weapons (other than the Zen Archer, who just gets various bows)? I've not yet found a trait or feat or class option that adds a weapon to the monk's special weapon list. (Note that I'm not looking for existing unusual weapons that have the monk descriptor, like the temple sword; I'm looking for a way to make a non-monk weapon into a monk weapon.)

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Has anyone created a definitive list of the prestige classes allowed for play in the PFS, and the sourcebooks in which they're found?

Sovereign Court

Does the Pathfinder Society have any sort of tests or registration for DMs in the fashion that the RPGA used in the heyday of 3.5e?

Has the Society switched over to the actual Pathfinder rules yet? (If the answer is "no," then my entire game group will not be playing until they do.)


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Not sure where else to put this, since there's no "skills" section for the Beta release . . .

The headers for the skills in chapter 5 - things like "Perception (Wis)" and "Stealth (Dex)" - are inconsistently capitalized. Some of them are in all caps. Others are not. As far as I have been able to tell, there is no particular reason why some are in all caps and others aren't.

Just a minor formatting observation.