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Aussie here too

Sydney, Australia

Tyncale_Freevale Free Agent wrote:

My non-US Credit Card was now accepted without a problem, no "AVS mismatch" error anymore.

Thanks Goblins!

Mine too! Thanks

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Is the page you reach blank? If so, I've been dealing with that same issue.

Yes, the Paizo page is blank

I am wanting to become a Goblin Squad member and I have tried on both the pazio site and the Goblinworks site and I get 2 different errors.

On the pazio site I goto Pathfinder Online and click on "Become a Goblin Squad Member!" I get redirected to another page and from there there is no body on the page, nothing can actually be done on the page.

On the Goblinworks site I enter the Store, add the "Early enrolment" package and go to complete my order. When trying to add a payment method from my Credit Card I get an "AVS missmatch" error and I am unable to proceed further.

Can anyone assist with this and me being able to become a Goblinsquad member?

note: I am located in Australia, I have also confirmed my billing address with my bank and credit card.