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Bob the Pugwampi wrote:
When did Elmer get a wig?

One word; Wogaine!

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Bob the Pugwampi wrote:
BIRD SEASON! *cocks cartoon shotgun*

Wabbit season!!!

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NobodysHome wrote:

Geez. I don't know what it is about the winds, but the Paradise fire is killing us. Yesterday on my hike (with weight, but only 32 lbs) I ended up getting lightheaded and nearly had to call for help. I didn't understand because the smoke was barely visible then, but 2 hours later we were in a sea of fog (smoke).

This morning Impus Major is home sick because of it, GothBard was considering taking the day off because of it, and the sunrise is a sickly yellow-brown color.

And it's farther away than most of the other fires have been (Santa Rosa is maybe 50 miles NNW of us, while Paradise is closer to 150 miles NNE. And the prevalent winds are typically heading ENE, so I have no idea how the Paradise smoke is getting here, but it sucks.

Fortunately, our friends who used to live in Paradise moved out years ago, but it's a nice little town. Or it was.

What the heck is up with the fire season this year?

It's wabbit season!

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But, I've been hunting wabbits!

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NobodysHome wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Hey, lisamarlene! I left you voicemail, but I figure FaWtL is just as good!

Want free dinner at the pub tomorrow night?

Impus Minor's still 7 hours short on his volunteer work and he has 'til Wednesday to catch up, so we're looking to line up some baby-sitting for him.

So if you can find a way that he can watch your kids for a couple of hours tomorrow night, we'll buy you (AND Whingey Wizard, of course) dinner. Or you can just drop off the kids and take off and do your own thing. (Snuggle movie night! Woo hoo!)


Considering that I just put Whingey Wizzard on a train to Santa Barbara this morning and will on my own this week, I'd love to take you up on it. What time does Goth Bard get home from work?

She typically gets home around 6:10 pm. I have all of tomorrow off so I'll get the house all ready, and I don't know whether you've been to the pub but it's all of a block and a half from our house and has great food (for a pub).

So come by around 6:00 pm, we'll give Impus Minor instructions, and we'll draft Impus Major just because he's there and he's really good with Hermione.

Thanks a LOT! Impus Minor's really worried about his hours now. As he should be!

EDIT: And heck, if you want to come earlier, I'll be around, other than the requisite pick-up of Impus Minor from the rabbit rescue shelter he volunteers at at the moment.

Wabbit Wescue Welter you way!


Loads blunderbuss, gets ready to tail Impus Minor.

Shh! I'm hunting wabbits!

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Goddity wrote:
Flamingoes are best used for playing golf. Everyone knows this.

Whis wuy wits it!

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I'm also a Psylon.

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How was I able to get Elmer Fudd?!

This is basic joke 101 :-)