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Page 337, the description of the House of Divine Consumption says the following:
"Many of Xin-Shalast's lamias - harridans, hungerers, matriarchs, and normal lamias alike - dwell in this building or in the surrounding ruins"

However, on page 343 while describing the Harridans' Compound it claims the following:
"only one harridan dwells in Xin-Shalast - the dangerous and deadly oracle known as Most High Ceoptra"

So what is it? Are there harridans in the House of Divine Consumption, or is Ceoptra the only harridan?

I'm also somewhat confused by the description of the place itself. On the map of the city it's just a big rectangle with a square tower in each corner and a circular dome in the middle. But the description talks about rows of corrugated towers with fluted prominences and onion-shaped domes looking out over an inner compound which is dominated by the temple, which itself is topped by 2 hollow pagodas. Is the big rectangle supposed to be the compound, with the temple somehow being inside of that, like a building inside of a bigger building? Of course like many of the places in Xin-Shalast, there's no official map of this place.

Found a fun one: Sobloch, the quasit familiar belonging to Jordimandus (p285 and p289) has its hp listed as 95. This is indeed half of Jordimandus' listed hp of 190. However, Jordimandus' listed hp includes false life. His actual hp is only 175, so Sobloch should only have 87 hp. This mistake could easily have been prevented if stat blocks properly separated actual hp and temporary hp, which I have wanted them to do even before this.

Strife2002 wrote:
I have skills coming out accurate as written:

Ah, I see my mistake. I had missed the knowledge planes, likely because they had written it as a single "knowledge (arcana, planes)" and with planes after the linebreak, instead of as 2 separate entries as they usually do (and did do for perform).

Some corrections for Delhavine herself as well:
• HP is listed as 249 (19 HD; 8d10+11d8+158). Like with her daughters, the dice and modifiers appear to be correct, but the average should actually be 251.
• Her agonizing touch ability fails to mention that it can be resisted with a fortitude save (DC 10 + dominant level + cha mod, so DC 28 with her listed stats). Though I suppose this might be a deliberate change, as it's a conversion from an old 3E book. It's only a negligible 1d3 nonlethal damage, not exactly worth the effort of rolling the save at this level.
• Her spell-like abilities don't seem to have taken spell focus and enchantment specialization into account. Increase the following SLA DCs: Suggestion (26->27), Charm Monster (27->28), and Dominate Person (28->30).
• It seems she has 10 unspent skill points. Racial modifiers are definitely included this time, because she can't reach such high bluff and perception without them. It's of course possible they were spent on skills overridden by versatile performance, but surely she would have retrained such skills in the 10000 years she was stuck here?

Some corrections for the alu-demon submissives on page 273:
• Initiative is listed as +3, should be +4 thanks to Mistress Says So (because initiative is an ability check)
• HP is listed as 124 (6d10+5d10+66). The dice and modifiers appear to be correct, but they actually average out to 126.
• CMB is listed as +18 (or as +17 in the errata) but should actually be +19: +11 BAB, +6 from strength, +1 from Mistress Says So, and +1 from the sin bonus.
• Perception should probably be +21, assuming they put the full 11 skill ranks in it. Alu-demons have a +4 racial bonus in perception, and if I leave perception at only +17 then they still have 4 ranks to spare.

I have a question about Azaven, p264. It lists his hp as being 179 (14d6+128), but I have no idea how he's supposed to have that much. Between the FCB (+14), Toughness (+14), and his +4 Cha bonus (+56) he should only have a total of +84. If we assume that this also includes false life with the average 15 hp roll, then that's still only +99. Where did the remaining +29 come from?

Strife2002 wrote:


Quick update to Big Gogmut above, if Pathfinder Adventure Path: Jade Regent #1: The Brinewall Legacy is any indication, Mosswood is a CR 3 area so it may make sense to make Gogmut a 4th-level character.

EDIT: Since he's rumored to be big for a goblin, I like the idea of giving him 4 levels of a goblin-friendly class that has access to the enlarge person spell, like alchemist, bloodrager, or sorcerer. Alternatively and since they get so little love (whether deserved or not) it might be fun to lean in more to the rumor about one of his parents being a boar and make him a 4th-level shifter with the boar aspect.

EDIT #2: Other enlarge person granting options include clerics with the Strength domain, clerics or druids with the Growth subdomain of the Plant domain, and oracles with the Battle mystery.

If you want a big goblin, you can just use the "oversized goblin" subrace:

aonprd wrote:
Oversized goblins are Medium size, and grow to 4 to 5 feet tall. They tend to be particularly obese, weighing between 225 and 275 pounds. Instead of the normal racial ability score modifiers for goblins, oversized goblins gain a +2 bonus to Strength, a +2 bonus to Dexterity, and a –2 penalty to Charisma.