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If your players tend to look for buyable spells from spellbooks, you can determine a few npc thematic concepts (The chain wizard, the fire wizard), and look at the big spell lists and select spells. A typical NPC spellcaster will have his "specialty" spells but might not be inclined to share them, and other, more common spells that don't mean as much to him.

A few months later, a necromancer comes and announces :

If you want to use both systems at the same time, I'd advise you to apply :
- grazed when you've lost more than half of your Vigor, or if you've taken at least a hit to your Wound points.
- wounded when you've lost all of your Vigor, and at least 1 Wound.
- critical when you've lost at least a quarter of your Wound
- disabled should be applied when the character is in the W&V "wounded" state, in other words when they have less than their Con left in WP

Let's consider a level 1 rogue with 14 CON.
She has 28 Wounds and 8 Vigor

Grazed : 4- Vigor or 27- Wounds

Wounded : 27- Wounds and 0 Vigor

Critical : 21- Wounds (Vigor irrelevant)

Disabled : 14- Wounds (Wound threshold)

Question 1 : The Burn effect is active on 1 character. It gets attacked by anyone using unarmed/natural weapons : the new attacker does not get the Burn effect, but the Catch on fire rule.

- The Burn effect doesn't spread directly.
- Only the character which has the Burn condition can spread the fire.
- The Catch on fire effect does not spread.

Question 2 : If a burning creature attacks a non-burning one, the non-burning one does neither Burn not Catch on fire.

To summarize

A -> B : A catches on fire
W -> B : W does not catch on fire
B -> D : D does not catch on fire
A -> F : A does not catch on fire
F -> D : D does not catch on fire
W -> F : W does not catch on fire

B burning creature,
F creature under the catch on fire rules
A non-burning attacking creature with natural/unarmed,
D non-burning defending creature,
W non-burning attacking creature with a real weapon

I assume you didn't really understand my question, as I didn't spoke about humans becoming outsiders, but about native outsiders that are really close to humans through a racial trait. (Those who are available as player races)

And you specifically eluded the point of the question : these native outsiders who count as Humans through traits, do they have ethnicities ?
The real question is equivalent to :
Can my Scion of Humanity Aasimar be a Kellid Scion of Humanity Aasimar ? Can my Mostly Human Sylph be a Taldan ?

Concerning characters considered as humans through traits, like Scion of Humanity for Aasimars, or Mostly Human for Elemental-blooded outsiders (Suli, Sylph, Ifrit, Undine, Oread) :

Do these characters get to select an ethnicity, just like Humans (and thus getting access to these ethnicities Race Traits) ?

In our playgroup, we tend to make a difference between NN and TN.

NN is the undecided guy who does not balance towards good/evil/law/chaos, but without fluctuating between alignments. In that way, he's not opposed to anything alignment-wise.

TN is the "guardian of balance" type, clearly opposing anything extreme.

This difference affects what could be cast by a character of these alignments.

Yeah, but you don't meet prerequisites for Extra Wild Talent before level 6, so you shouldn't be able to take it... no ? I mean, it would work the exact same way as preventing from taking an FCB for not having access to a class feature.

Sorry for the Expanded Defense, I forgot it.

Basing my interpretation on how the Tactician works for Cavaliers, Fighters(Drill Sergeant or Tactician), I'd suppose it only works with feats you got as bonus feats, as the Greater Tactician feature you get at 17th level allows you to grant any of your teamwork feats, not only those you got through the Tactician class feature.

And what about the Human FCB ?

1. I can take that FCB from level 1 on, getting Extra Wild talent at level 6.
2. I have to wait until I can take the Extra Wild Talent feat.

Second question :

Can I take the Defense wild talent for my expanded element ? If so, how, as it's not an utility talent, nor an infusion, and the specific text of Extra Wild Talent prevents me to do so ?

Be careful there's already an Ioun Stone that gives +1 morale bonus to everything covered by a Heroism spell, and that it costs 30000 gp.

To evaluate a correct price on a slotted item (and not an armor) :

30000 / 2 = 15000 gp (as slotless doubles the price)

To follow the usual rule for bonus evolution, if +1 is 15000, +2 will cost 4 times as much, thus making it 60000.

Hi !

Does the Elemental Strike feat from Inner Sea Races get its damage multiplied on a critical hit ? Not sure, as it's energy damage, but not defined by an extra damage die.

Chet : Undead are unaffected by things requiring a Fort save. Or did I wrongly understand the problem ?

But is there something good for human ethnicities somehow linked to winds/storms/mountains ?

By the way, another question on the topic : can you include yourself in the Area created by the spell ?

I was specifically wondering about things like Will of Giants, which has "Wis 14, Iron Will, giant subtype" as prerequisites.

Thus, do I count as a giant for feats/traits requiring the giant subtype ?

Hi guys.

I have a question about Racial Heritage and its interactions, when taking a Giant race as specifics for the feat.

Due to not getting the Giant subtype, how does it interact with things like the dwarves' Defensive Training racial trait or the rangers' Favored enemy class feature ?

Hi guys and gals!
I was wondering if there was an extended version of the elementalist's school spell list including things released after UM, and including more recent things such as thunderstomp for Earth elementalists, and so on?

If so, could someone give me a link to that extended list, or do I have to rule depending on each spell ?

There's your error. You hope to abuse rules. That's the bad way to do things.

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I hope there will be some kind of clarification about this whole "occupied hand" thing.

Gisher wrote:
Snowblind wrote:
BadBird wrote:
Rebius Dour wrote:
BadBird wrote:

Technically Arcane Deed: Precise Strike didn't work even before the errata because, as the errata now explicitly states, it had no Swashbuckler level. Whether that was the original intent, who knows. People using it as such came down to a vast, collective cry of "of COURSE it's supposed to work, they just made a mistake!" Which may be true, but again, who knows.
As of this errata, Arcane Deed is dead, and not just for Precise Strike. The vast majority of deeds no longer function for the magus.
I wonder how many other ones ever saw use on a Magus to begin with... collateral damage is no fun when it hits an open field.
At least Flamboyant Arcana itself isn't destroyed as an option. Since the Opportune Parry and Riptose Deed is not coming from Arcane Deed, the caveat about never counting as having at least 1 panache doesn't apply.
It would be great except they excluded Opportune Parry and Riposte as an option with the Flamboyant Arcana.

Well, according to page 4 of the errata:

"In the Flamboyant Arcana magus arcana, replace the second sentence with “The magus can spend only points from his arcane pool (not panache points) to use these deeds and any other deeds he gains from the deed arcana. He can’t use points from his arcane pool to use deeds from other classes or those gained by feats, nor can he regain points to his arcane pool as a swashbuckler would regain panache points.”

Never does it say the Flamboyant Arcana does no longer give you Opportune parry and riposte.

But I'm not sure about how the errata'd Slashing grace now interacts with the magus Spell combat...

You might consider the Shapeshifter archetype (APG).

And you don't even lose the animal companion !

@Joesi : Stun and daze are two completely different things. Even if the Daze spell is mind affecting, the whole point of daze is to prevent a creature from taking actions. Nothing more, nothing less. And it's a condition that effects constructs.

Especially in this case, daze would be a stronger form of stagger (preventing actions instead of limiting them).

Damage, drain and penalties are 3 different things. Yes they do share similar effects on a character, but they are not the same. The biggest proof of it lies on bestiary entry for undead immunities. It's clearly precised they are immune to both damage and drain. Not to penalties, though immune to anything with a Fort save (unless it could affect objects).

It's a full-round action, not a standard. So you don't get a move action in the same turn. Unlike vital strike which is a standard.

Add a silken ceremonial armor and it bumps to 23.

Not really, Imbicatus, as Beguiling gift is a compulsion effect, which falls in the "non intentional transgression" part of Atonement.

If the druid wears metal armor, he's supposed to lose his powers for 24 hours, regardless of intent.

Still, there's a way to regain your powers :

SRD wrote:
Atonement[...]Restore Cleric or Druid Spell Powers: A cleric or druid who has lost the ability to cast spells by incurring the anger of her deity may regain that ability by seeking atonement from another cleric of the same deity or another druid. If the transgression was intentional, the casting cleric must expend 2,500 gp in rare incense and offerings for her god's intercession.[...]

If the armor thing was unintentional, you'd be allowed to atone for the lowest cost.

Still... A fun combo with Wayang spellhunter can be the following :

Any 1st-level damage spell
Merciful spell
A Merciful 0th-level spell... Who wants my nonlethal spammable Magic Missile ?

Though... for the kensai, the class ability called Perfect Strike says :
At 4th level, when a kensai hits with his chosen weapon, he can spend 1 point from his arcane pool in order to maximize his weapon damage. Don’t roll for damage—the weapon deals maximum damage. This affects only the weapon’s base damage dice, not additional damage from sneak attack, magical weapon properties, spellstrike, or critical hits.

If the kensai confirms a critical hit, he can instead spend 2 points from his arcane pool to increase his weapon’s critical multiplier by 1. This ability replaces spell recall.

And here, it's not the attack that has its multiplier increased, but the weapon. Contrary to the fighter capstone (which is, btw, also the kensai's).

Exactly my point, Archaeik. Absolute RAW is #1, Conservative FAQ would rule #2, Open FAQ #3. ^^ That's why I'm wondering.

Hi !

Do "Burst" weapons (Icy burst, Shocking burst...) continue to increase their power if the weapon multiplier goes over 4 ? I mean, if for some reason (like being a kensai), I manage to have my weapon doing x5 damage on a critical, what happens with my Icy burst property ?

1. x5 is not x3 or x4 and thus, +1d10 cold damage. (absolute RAW)

2. There's nothing over x4, so I get +3d10 and that's it.

3. The table continues and it's +4d10 for x5, +5d10 for x6... (good sense application)

What do you think ?

2 magic shields : you only get the AC bonus and the enchantments of the shield with the best enhancement bonus. Same as trying to stack an armor with bracers of armor.

Might not be an official RAW, but as Bracers of armor specifically precludes stacking using that rule, I suppose it'd be somehow the same for using 2 shields.

I was specifically wondering about VMC(Sorcerer) and Wildblooded bloodlines.

Hello fellow players !

Is there any official answer about the use of archetypes in combination with VMC from Pathfinder Unchained ? Not for your main class, but for your secondary class.

Thanks in advance !

That's what I was thinking, but wasn't 100% sure.

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As I didn't find another answer :

How does VMC from Unchained interact with feat prerequisites, such as Weapon Specialization, which requires you to be a 4th-level Fighter? Does taking a VMC(Fighter) allow you to take it, or does it lock you out ?

It seems it wouldn't work, as VMC seemingly does not give you anything beyond class features, but I'd like to get another point of view on that question.

No, you trade shards of the past, the ability to get +2 to 2 skills of your choice, making them class skills.

The trade-off is really good.

Hi guys !
I tried looking for it but without finding any official/definitive answer.

How does Elemental assault interact with thrown weapons ? With projectile weapons ?

(In case you ask, I'm wondering about making a Card Caster Elemental Knight Suli Magus !)

Hi fellow players.
As I was building a new character with a familiar, I encountered an oddity in the familiar statblocks for king crabs... They don't have a feat. But, as non-mindless creatures, they should get one.

For those who think vermin familiars don't get an initial feat, that's wrong, the Greensting scorpion gets Weapon Finesse, as does the centipede. Is is the same for the king crab ? Just want a confirmation.

I hope there will be cool and shiny thingies for feats and spells... Especially on the feat side, many interesting things could happen in the wild... (Unless what happens in the Wild stays there...)

And finally... Owen, Dragon78 asked for the racial traits only when someone gets his/her pdf, not when they wrote it themselves. (obviously joking of course)

And... anything about the names and global effects of the new wondrous items ? To know if I'll be needing to craft them in our home game or not.

Sorry for you. A formulae book is not a spellbook... and you cannot use the same book for both extracts and spells. And even if you could, you'd have to have the wizard version and the alchemist version of the spell take each the appropriate number of pages in the book.

And even with the discovery, you can only copy the spell from a formulae book into a spellbook, you cannot prepare the spell from it.

BlingerBunny wrote:
If a Untouchable bloodrager drank a pot of enlarge person, and went into a bloodrage, would the effects of the potion be suppressed or dispelled? I'm hoping I'm right in that it keeps going since the effects were applied before the SR was activated.

When drinking a potion, you're considered both the caster and the target. Your SR never prevents your spells from affecting yourself.

So you could even (in theory) drink a potion during a bloodrage and you wouldn't have to make the SR check.

According to the line in the Alchemist text says that Bombs are considered weapons whereas the ray explanation says You aim a ray as if using a ranged weapons.

Deflect arrows says : "natural attacks or spell effects can't be deflected". A (Su) is magical but still not a spell.

So rays work like weapons but are not weapons, thus cannot be deflected by the feat.
Bombs are weapons and thus can be deflected.

The only way you can legally get cure spells with a wizard is to be a Samsaran with the Mystic past life alternate racial trait.

A full-round action is a "complex action". It means it takes both your standard and movement, but happens during your turn. (And it has a hyphen)

A spell with a casting time of 1 round can be cast in two ways. Either you use a "complex action" on turn 1, but the spell isn't cast before turn two (and you can still be interrupted/hit for concentration checks) ; or you can use a standard on turn 1 and on turn two (with no other action in-between, as you are casting the spell)

In the monster entry, it specifically says "always as a 2nd level paladin". If it wasn't locked, there wouldn't be the word "always", there would be something like "the power of this ability is based on the creature's HD"

If you're not an universalist, you're a specialist.

Unless you have an archetype that removes the Arcane school class feature, in which case you cannot choose to specialize in an arcane school - and thus you cannot be a specialist.

1. By RAW, you're not supposed to get a cloak effect on ANYTHING if it's not a cloak... But as the rules tell, it's DM fiat. It's the realm of custom MIs. Try looking at existing armors with flying properties on them if you want to get some pricing idea. But it'll be up to your DM to accept the custom item.

2. I just read the property. It clearly says in hand, so by RAW, you cannot power rangers into your mythic armor. It teleports in your hand... and you spend a few minutes trying to don hastily your armor in the midst of the fight...

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