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100% a typo. I find it easier to believe than they completely forgot to edit the Flexible skill ability to that degree.

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Just got my shipping Email, Can't wait for the PDF to be available! There's a lot to be excited about, but finally PC's can achieve undeath if the playtest is still accurate. Also always a fan of more options for classes even as a forever GM.

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Hmm. Xenocrat is right in that you pick from you spell lists, but I wish it specified it in this entry only because you’re right, certain classes would make bad specialists for schools. For instance, my favorite character would be a Technomancer Necromancer, but their list doesn’t have all that many spells I’d want regarding necromancy. Grabbing 4 spells total from another class, of a specific school doesn’t seem game breaking. I think I’ll run it like that to better fulfill player fantasies.

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Does specialized breadth from the school specialist archetype let you pick spells from any class to your spells known? I’m playing it currently as it does, because it let’s the school specialists really live up to that title. If not then I wonder if all the spells of that school would mostly be taken by then if it’s class limited.

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With the new Tech revolutions book out we got something cool for everybody. What struck me as unique is my favorite class, the Solarian, got a new cycle. I'm intrigued because this one seems to have cool setting hooks and somewhat expands it if you really want to separate the Solarians from the Electromagni.

Setting: How will Solarians view the Electromagni in your setting? Will they be viewed as heretics by those in the Cosmonastery? Do you think Kasathans dislike this upstart faction? Where do you think they would have their largest temples? I believe the Liavaran moon Arkanen would fit, as it's constantly storming there. The two native species, Dirindi and Sazarons, would make natural Electromagni. What neat name would their centers of worship be, Electemples? Do you think they're more science oriented, as a mirror to the more mystical leaning Solarians? How does electromagnetism work in a spiritual view of the universe? Something to do with how all living and constructed creatures use electricity to function, which technology also relies on? Tapping into resistance to temper themselves spiritually?

Mechanics: So the lightning attunement is easy to understand with its changes. Plasma sheath now covers your weapon in electricity, ray of light becomes a lightning bolt, constellation blasts are now miniature lightning storms. The difficult part for me, is resistance. What does that effect look like for Solar armor or a weapon? How does controlling resistance create wormholes, or allow you to harm with Crush? How do these new aspects of the cycle work with Sidereal influence? I'm not experienced with electromagnetism/physics to think of fitting lore besides ts magic.

Whats everyone's thoughts? I'm excited as my favorite class has a cooler aspect I think I'll stick with.