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baron arem heshvaun wrote:
Scott Betts wrote:
That 97% Fresh rating with 125+ reviews in is pretty promising.

That's a little higher than I would have given it but pretty close.

If The Empire Strikes Back was a 12+ out of 10 and Star Wars A New Hope was a 10/10, I would put The Force Awakens a solid 8+ out of 10.

An 89 maybe.

Yeah, that's where I would rank it as well. Saw it early this morning not excepting much and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

A few critics have complained there was too much humor in it. I disagree,

Won't go into detail here so I don't to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but there were a few scenes that were visually sophisticated (in the staging of them) that expresed the emotions of the characters in a scene. Something I would never have expected from Abrams. Most impressive.

baron arem heshvaun wrote:

Ed I'm the one who reported your EK initially, I noticed that you were the only one as well. Congratulations on making level 13!!

I made level 13 as well and I have notes on our 2 nd group that made level 12 but have been markedly busy in the weeks leading to Gencon so I have yet to post them.

That plus the fact that not all of the group were Cheliax characters so I was in no big hurry to post them up.

; )

Well it's only fitting your reported my first PFS character making 12...it's your fault I'm a pathfinder junkie and a member of the Cheliax faction...

"It's like 3.5 - but better! Come join us, you'll have a lot of fun....you'll need to join a faction. Now it's up to you but if I may make a suggestion my good friend..."

"Is that brimstone I smell?"

"Nonsense! Here, have some wine! The dancing girls will be here in just a moment. Now, if you just sign on the dotted line in blood..."

Impressive list - must have taken quite a bit of work to put together.

I am the Cheliax Eldritch Knight (and it appears the only EK at this level...), I'm now level 13:

Kalan Seelous (Fighter 1/Wizard 6/EK 6)

I wasn't planning on using him at the GenCon interactive....but I'm changing my mind about that....

I also have another 12th level:

Eassu Carin (Osirion): Inquis 1/Monk 11


My email is EPereira11@aol.com

I really enjoyed Chris Self's little sidebar about joining the company.
Congrats on finding your dream job back in 2007...

In the past, there were PFS games on Wednesday at Scotty's Brewhouse. Any plans for that to happen this year?

Alizor wrote:
Got into our hotel and hanging here for another hour or so. Gonna try to be at Scotty's by 5:45 or 6:00.

Just got here...doesn't appear to be any open games at the momment...

Alizor wrote:
Four of us are coming into Indianapolis tomorrow around 4 pm and we plan on going to Scotty's soon after. We might try to see if there's an open game or maybe even put an ad hoc game of You Only Die Twice together if there's enough people.

Hi, please email me that day if you happen to get a Only Die Twice game off. I'm on a waiting list for a game at 7 but it doesn't hurt to have a back up plan.

I plan to swing by Scotty's at 5/5:30 - but shoot - I'll come over ealier for a game...

Contact Info:
EPereira11@aol.com; I can share my cell number if you email me.

Thanks to all who set this up....I just signed up for a game at 7 pm: #02-18: The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor.

I was at Scotty's last year and it was a nice place to hang out and the food is pretty good and reasonably priced...


Windquake wrote:
Johnico wrote:
You go back and add the extra hit point for all of your levels.
Right, so if your Con bonus went up by one, and you are now 15th level, you would gain +14 hit point immediately, then roll for your 15th level hit point gain.

Cool - thank you both!


My con has increased by 1 point due to my 15th level character leveling up. My hit point bonus due to con has gone up. Does mean I increase my total hit points by the new con modifier for just this level, or go back and add the extra hit point for all my levels?


Ah! Thanks for the info Mark! Much appreciated.



I'm sure this has been covered somewhere but I would be greatful if someone could educate me or point me to the post on this.

I'm GMed PFS twice - the same mod. I beleve I read somewhere that I can gain XP for one of my PFS characters by doing this, is that correct?


Congrats, Mark - all the best in your new job/home.

I'm a big fan of Mr. Rex's previous work and I find those vicious comments about his eating problem (eating interns that is) very insulting and false.

Welcome aboard Mr. Rex!

Very cool....thank you all....

I'll give it some thought. I may take two levels of Paladin or a few levels of Holy Vindicator.


I'm creating a a cleric PC but I would like to dip into a level or two of another class so the PC is a bit more effective in combat. Any suggestions on classes, feats, etc?


Very clever and practical...once you get feedback over the next week or so and polish it up a bit...I also suggest you shoot it over to KQ, it would make a great article.

A lot of fun.....I'll be in early next year if this happens again.

Thanks to all who set this up and the GM's who ran games and the folks at Scotty's as well!

tburke0 wrote:
Edward Pereira wrote:

Very cool....I would like to join this game! Just ping me with the info. If we could start at 2:30, I would greatly appreciate it. (My flight gets in at 12:30 and I want to make sure I get to this in time.)

No worries Ed, We'll see you there. Have a swift & safe trip!


A belated public thank you for changing the start time - very much appreciated. Also, thanks for GMing - see you all there!


PS. Forgive a tourist, could someone share the actual address of this place?

tburke0 wrote:

My MotFF table has 3 players, so room for 3-4 more...


Very cool....I would like to join this game! Just ping me with the info. If we could start at 2:30, I would greatly appreciate it. (My flight gets in at 12:30 and I want to make sure I get to this in time.)

I'll buy the first round of drinks (or sodas as the case may be)!


Contact Info:
My email address is swordandpaper@gmail.com

said: "Nah...I'll kill you instead."

I enjoy pretty much everything Paizo puts out - but this one really stands out. With prior Chronicles books - I tend to skim and perhaps fully read a quarter of the content. This is the first one I have read cover to cover...amazing stuff!

Got this yesterday - my fav city gudebook so far.

It was a great dinner - and it was fun to met folks whose names I've seen before on the Open Design boards. Thank you for the invite - much appreciated.


My first PaizoCon and I had a great time as well. I also went solo; although I did know two other folks in attendance. I agree with Tam’s comments above - everyone went out of their way to make me feel at home. I also did the morning tour and Tim was a great host/guide – thanks Tim!

I also met Auspicion and Squeak during the tour and had dinner with them at the Crabpot – real nice folks and this may be showing my age – I found it amazing that Auspicion took photos of the tour and had them up on his site the very next day if not sooner! Most impressive. Here’s the link.

Also great to meet some industry luminaries – I found them to all be very approachable. I had dinner with Wolfgang Baur - who had arranged a dinner with some of the Open Design folks (I’ve participated in the Tales of the Tales of the Old Margreve project – fun and a great learning experience.). Jason Bulmahn joined us and he’s a fun good natured person to interact with. (I found it hilarious that Jason thought it was cool I worked at LexisNexis. I usually have to explain what my company actually does. He must think I’m a flake though; I was a little surprised he recalled who I was the next day when he said “hi” to me. I mumbled a “hello” as I walked down the stairs. I didn't pester/cling to the Paizo folks too much. I also didn’t want to be "that person.”)

I had some drinks with Wolfgang as well – very approachable and interesting to hear some of his thoughts on the gaming industry – it’s a tough business but he obviously really enjoys what he does and is really committed to the spirit of collaboration that he promotes with Open Design. Real cool guy – he deserves all the success he’s earned.

The quiz was hilarious – laughed so much at times that my sides hurt - Joshua Frost’s sarcasm meter was set to 11 – but in a very good-natured way. The food at the quiz was very good!

Some great games – I got into the James Jacobs game (Unspeakable Futures—Knights of Dagon) – a heck of a lot of fun! I’ll never look at an ice cream truck the same way again. (“Mr Tasty! Children are delicious!”).

It’s obvious that the Paizo group is a lean staff committed to the company’s success – they all pitch in on the task at hand. (There’s Vic, ringing up my Paizo purchases with a smile…)

I’m sure there’s more – but that’s all that comes to mind at the moment.

Ed (aka Panda40)