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Hey your Carbon too Thomas-san!

Sissyl wrote:

First things first. Mother Earth is a ball of rock. The Earth is not sentient. It is not going to retaliate against us. Lovelock was wrong, thunderously so.

WE determine what happens next. And no matter what we do, some tough bastards will find a way to survive it. Yes, this includes nuclear war. Let's not give ourselves too much credit here.

What remains a constant is the desire to see the world as ending, tainted, corrupted, dying, etc. We always have, quite simply. Extrapolate on any data you like, and you will reach some kind of oblivion, whether it's all of humanity employed to handle telephone switchboards, to huge numbers of super predators. Add in a bit of political ambition and you get hysteria, like the oceans rising 70 meters in 50 years, or any of a thousand lurid points.

Will it end? Certainly. But we can delay that. We can work toward or against survival, and a decent world to live in. Something isn't worthless because it ends. I think Asimov said it best: A lot of good things can happen in a billion years.

I politely disagree Sissyl-sama!

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Freehold DM wrote:
Earth-chan wrote:
I'm not FLAT!
of course not! You are voluptuous!


I'm not FLAT!

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Gran why do they read the sold out sign then walk in and ask if we have rooms?
Because of Global Warming.

:( :( :(

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Evil Kjeldorn wrote:

I did partition various cosmic power to give a helping hand in stomping the earth flat and stopping its rotation...

Haven't gotten any answers yet though.

Uhh hmm I'm gonna have to politely request you to not do that Evil Kjeldorn san

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Maybe black hole swarms are why aliens can't contact us.

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I'm very sorry Senpai John John.

I will try to spin faster to make this anticipation end quicker Senpai Deadmanwalking.

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WWHAaooooaaaaaOOOOHHHHHH *dizzy*