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Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Dumbledore666,

You haven't been charged for anything. Your card was declined due to failing the address verification system. Usually this happens when the billing address you have put in for the card does not match the one the bank has on file.

What you are seeing are authorizations. Each time you tried to submit the order the bank was pinged. When this happens most banks will put a temporary hold on the funds, which can look like a pending transaction on your end. Because the card was declined we cannot finalize those authorizations. If not finalized authorizations expire and the holds are released. How long that takes is up to the bank.

Yup, seriously blushing but confused with my bank here. You are right; the bank arbitrarily switched to using my mailing address as my billing address all of a sudden with no action on my part. Thus, the card was showing decline, and it was the address change. Sorry about my grumpiness.

Rysky wrote:

It most likely was authorization attempts to try and charge the card, rather than actual multiple charges.

If you do believe it's actual charges then the best bet would be to contact customer service.

It showed up as actual charges, and I have indeed contacted customer service.

Just got triple charged on the Gamemastery pdf, and did not even receive the pdf. I think I will take my business permanently elsewhere.

MiqoRems wrote:
I'm all for patience, but it's honestly kind of ridiculous that we can't even be guaranteed to get *DIGITAL ITEMS* by the day they're released.

I agree. Looks like it might be an unaddressed coding issue--all day of a major release date. I am thinking of reallocating the money to RPGs that make it easier to order. Beginning to have some doubts of the future of PF2 if this sort of thing becomes commonplace.