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Sir Kaikillah wrote:

The Company of the Shining Man.

Kaygan "The gods speak to me" human male paladin
The enigmatic Wil human male wizard/ rogue
Conk "Spoon!!!" 1/2 orc male barbarian
Feston "family man" Bulbous human male cleric of Pelor
Rink id Nar "flowers instead of hair" human male sorcerer
Tolken "Let's eat'm" 7' 1/2 orc male fighter
and the fair Serina elf maiden ranger/ sorcerer

This journal begins at the begining of "Flood Season". Kaygan has become a fallen paladin after torturing Kazmojen, from "Life's Bizaar"and has lost his Shiny aura.The party has just finished dinner with the Lord Mayor Severen Navalant (where Feston appeared before the lord mayor shining from a light spell cast on his new fancy masterwork platemail). Jenya Urikas has sent the company on an urgent mission to save Saracem, the high priest of the Church of St. Cuthbert in the city of Cauldron. Saracem was in peril at the Lucky Monkey Inn, 1/2 a days ride from the city.

The full moon was blotted out by rain clouds which unleashed a heavy down pour, as the hero's reached the Lucky Monkey Inn.

In a stroke of bad luck the company had lost three of thier horses in an ambush by two large dinosaurs. Then with a flash of lightning, a crash of thunder and another stroke of bad luck, the remaining horses bolted into the stormy night as the company dismounted to enter the inn.

The company of hero's relaxed thier gaurd a bit as the heard business in the common room.

Kaygan, the fallen Paladin was a bit surprised as he gazed upon the crimescene, as he entered the front door of the Inn.

The ten criminals in the commonroom of the inn were just as surprised, to see Kaygan.

In a dry style Kaygan Offered to the criminals "Surrender or parish." Then Kaygan enters the room drawing his great masterwork silver sword.

The ten criminals position themselves for a fight, with sword, shield, rapiers and short bows.

Tolken, th 1/2 orc fighter, decides to crash his seven foot fram through the window on the right of the front door....


I am orc. My mother was human. My father was orc.
My father great warrior. He kill many humans in village on edge of great desert. My mother defended her old parents with iron rod made hot in fire. My father had many scars from the battle with her. She brave. Father like brave woman. He think if woman brave then whelps grow strong. So he take her back to village. This great honr for woman. she not think so. he gave her many young. she so grateful and brave she try for many years to kill father while father sleep. father so happy she so brave he give her more young. she then kill father. she kill whelps and two of my brothers. then she try to kill drool but drool not as big as brothers drool very good at hiding and running away. sometimes drool miss village. morning slop was good meal at daystart.

I am come to city by fire mountain with much water to drink much grog. Drool like grog. Is festival of floode.
I arrive in city and hear fat human woman scream that she is sad because she is vast and bulbous. Small man with flowers in head very sad also. Drool very lucky he win drinking contest. Drool know he won he drink much and no pay and no city guard take to jail drool very happy.