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Half-Elf with Reflexive Improvisation racial trait (+2)

Feats: Fast Learner, Improvisation, Improved Improvisation (+4)

Class Abilities: Evangelist 5 Multitude of Talents (+4)

Traits: Worldly gives 1/day reroll of untrained skill

So at 10th level you can use any skill with a +10 bonus and a reroll when you need it. Nice thing is that other than using up 4 of your feats you could do this with just about any class.

Cool concept but I'm not sure why you call him a cleric.

Good find. My furious finisher will love this.

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If you want to be a melee powerhouse, one level of bloodrager, vital strike, and furious finish along with behemoth hippo bite damage with strongjaw is just frightening. You don't really need power attack at that point.

To be a good caster you just need natural spell and augment summon. Anything else is gravy when you can be effectively invisible as a small bird.

Archetype/domain/pet to flavor.

I will second the party issues with the blight druid. I actually really like mooncaller.

Druids are always viable.

Yet another is arcanist with the collegiate arcanist prestige class to pick up druid spells.

Lunar oracle also does a pretty good mimicry of a spontaneous druid, if you want to be a full caster.

Couldnt you just use hunter? It's already a spontaneous druid and you can do feral hunter if you want wild shape. No need to houserule.

Rebirth also doesn't have a method. That said it is by far the best discipline imo. Just take the mutation mind archetype and forget you even have a pool (except for a bit of healing).

Yes communal resist energy is a 3rd level druid spell

He's clearly a swashbuckler with the picaroon archetype.

Why brawler? 2 levels of natural weapon ranger for improved natural attack would give you some more dice to roll. Plus then you can take shapeshifting hunter for 12th level favored enemy.

Half-elf with ancestral arms (any weapon) or half-orc (falchion) can pull off the druid with a two-handed sword without feat investment.

I think stealth is a class skill for druids.
The trapper trait can can give disable device as a class skill.

Only 26 str by lvl 9 is not too strong. My current character hit 30 str at lvl 3.

I would say to pick the specific feats that you feel are constraining, remove them from your game, and possibly give your players effectively the same abilities as the feat.

Eliminating all feats in a game this dependent on them would be silly. It would unbalance many classes that rely on them to be competitive with others, and you would need to change every monster in the game as they are either built with feats or with the understanding that the players have feats.

Brawler can flurry with spiked gauntlets as they are in the close weapon group. No need for natural claws when you can have magic adamantine gauntlets.

Go brawler 2/some combo of skald and barbarian or bloodrager to get the combination of dr, fast healing, and rage powers that you enjoy the most.

Don't forget skald so you can get skald's vigor. Fast healing is his real power, after all.

Mutagenic mauler archetype coyld help replicate how jacked he is.

A skald with skald's vigor would best recreate his raging and regeneration.

Feral hunter can replicate his scent abilities, enhanced strength, etc.

Then just get a pair of adamantine spiked gauntlets and I think you have a pretty good wolverine.

You could also get additional attacks by using natural weapons (bite, tail, etc), multiple weapons, or flurry of blows from monk or brawler levels.

Druid is probably more powerful but in practice I prefer the spontaneous casting, all day enhancement bonus, martial weapons, and non restricted armor of the hunter.

Oh I see. I read it as they get the bonus instead of you. Because otherwise this feat makes no sense.

In that case no I'd say you can't be your own ally for this.

RAW sure, RAI probably not.

On the other hand, why bother? You would get an equal dodge bonus to your AC without taking this feat. Are you worried that it won't stack but the natural armor bonus will for some reason?

How about an Angel-Blooded Aasimar Druid? Alter Self at level 1 and at-will at level 13. And of course starting at level 4 you can start shifting into other things.

Maybe just ask them to rebuild their characters to better work with the campaign. No vampire template, 25 PB (since there is only two of them), maybe gestalt, and average-above average wealth by level.

Is everyone having fun with the campaign? If so, just let them keep being awesome until you finish the books.

If not, maybe just talk to them about starting a new campaign at low level. Maybe these guys (being wicked and all) could become the main villains that the good guys need to find a way to stop (a long time from now, of course).

If you must challenge them with those characters, I'd say anything that targets will saves should be very effective against them.

If it's only 1/day I still don't think any of those things are worth a feat. However, my PFS DM says it gives me the level 1 power 3+WIS/day, so I'll roll with that.

anyone have an example of when this feat would be worth taking?

Yeah my question isn't about getting a free feat. I don't think that's the intent of Believer's Boon at all.

I believe it's meant to give you the 1st level power only, similar to Eldritch Heritage. However if you only get a single use of a 1 round power, it is worthless.

I'd just like some confirmation from one of the writers, or at least a PFS GM, on how they would rule it.

The feat says:
"Once per day, you can use all 1st-level domain abilities granted to clerics of that domain. You gain access to this one ability only"

The first and second sentences make no sense together.
I THINK the first sentence should say "you can use all 1st-level domain ability uses granted to clerics of that domain"

That would make more sense and would match up with the Hero Lab interpretation.

1 round per day is definitely not worth a feat. 3+wis rounds per day is still pretty weak.

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OK I have a Druid who qualifies for Believer's Boon

He would like to take this feat with the Growth Domain to gain the level 1 power Enlarge.

Based on the wording of the feat, it seems like he would only gain 1 round per day of Enlarge, which is stupid. It seems the intent would be to gain 3+WIS uses of the ability, which is how Hero Lab interprets it.

Has there been any errata, comments, or updates to this feat that would clear this up?

I am about to DM this campaign, and I decided to go a completely different direction than what is suggested here.

Rather than make it more elfy, I am making it less elfy and also throwing in some of the more popular pieces of other adventure paths.

First, somewhere before the end part of book 1 (before they leave town in book 2), I'm going to run them through Foxglove Manor (From Skinsaw Murders) and the Sixfold Trial play stuff. I think they can fit in with the "wierd things are happening in this messed up town" theme.

Books 2 and 3 will stay pretty much intact.

The planned target of the next big attack will be the town that they've worked so hard to clean up. The WC will be the ones who help them infiltrate in book 4.

Most importantly, I am planning on replacing book 5 completely with Skeletons of Scarwall, which I will use as the WC's home base that the BBEG has taken over.

I'm sure I'll run into issues but I hope it will be fun and avoid the pitfalls of this AP.

My take on this:

Aquarius: Aventi
Libra: Human
Gemini: Half-Elf
Virgo: Elf
Taurus: Minotaur
Capricorn: Ibixian
Aries: Satyr
Leo: Catfolk
Sagittarius: Centaur
Cancer: Dwarf (what race is more crabby?)
Piscies: Locathah
Scorpio: Drider

jtokay wrote:
Drood wrote:
I'd recommend making your life easy by NOT creating a wizard or a sorcerer.

Sorcerers aren’t all that versatile. In fact, that may be just what the doctor ordered. You can really keep it simple.

You still have to keep track of the number of spells they get per day, several different spells and everything they do, etc..

Also, in Pathfinder, Sorcerers get more spells than in 3.5, not to mention the bloodline powers...

A warlock, on the other hand, fills the neat arcane role (with lots of flavor) yet he acts a lot like an "arcane" archer because he just makes single-target attack rolls and does damage. You don't have to keep track of multiple spells or spells per day because it's all at-will.

I'd recommend making your life easy by NOT creating a wizard or a sorcerer. Too many spells means more work on your end. Instead, create something like a 3.5 warlock where they can blast constantly and use their (limited) abilities as often as they want.

Versatility is not something you want in this case.

Remember, in Pathfinder any character can create magic items with the right feat and skills, so it's not like this guy has to be able to do everything. Just make him a blaster and keep it simple.

Alternatively, a fighter or ranger specced towards archery isn't a bad plan either.