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Annoncing the First Annual Extra Life Mini Con benefiting the Duke Children's Hospital!

The Con will take place on Oct. 25th and 26th, at Event Horizon Games (1496 Garner Station Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27603) It will highlight Season 5 and 6, and will include the Special, Legacy of the Stonelords, as well as The Paths We Choose! Tables for all PC levels and skill levels will be available.

Tables will be $5 or $15 for the weekend, and all proceeds for Convention play will go towards supporting the kids at Duke Children's Hospital as part of the Extra Life donation drive. Donations above and beyond the registration cost are always appreciated!

The warhorn for signups is here:

Make sure to donate here to ensure your spot: Please ensure that you add your name to your donation, so that we can record that you have paid.

Registration and Donations will also be accepted the day of the Con, but those who register online early will receive a thank you gift of a reroll token to use at the Con!

If you'd like to learn more about Extra Life, you can do so here:

Dark Archive 4/5

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So today I went to report my 50th table of credit, and noticed it said I only had 6 tables of credit. I checked my GM reported tables and noted I still had all of them but some of the APs and Mods were missing their +2. (Thornkeep levels still had them but they were missing from Shattered Star and Carrion Crown AP, plus Godsmouth Heresy.) I thought it might correct itself when I reported, but I checked again and it said 6 tables still. It reported fine, but don't know what's going on with that. Anyone else having this issue?

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So I have a group of players that want to go through a retirement arc soon. Without spoilers, How optimized should the party be, and what are the must haves for the party? I'm excited to start the retirement arc, but don't want our experience to be marred by inability to be effective.