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I am posting this hear as more or less to figure out if I am in the minority on this particular subject and if my idea might draw a bigger interest in PFS play.

In the past few months my interest in playing in PFS has severely waned, but not on the issue of content or scenarios being to difficult. There have been times in past seasons were building towards the core goal for that year but to me it felt like I was playing a game of darts, I'm hitting the board(hopefully) but not really getting any bulls-eyes. However this was not the case when I played in multi-part scenarios, which there were consequences and rewards given depending on what your character did in the previous parts that gave me a sense of accomplishment once the multi-parter reach its end.

Its because of this I would like to see more multi-part scenarios that become the "spine" of the season's core goal and then you have the other scenarios to be something that is attached to the main story to add some minor benefit to the season's last scenarios, like gathering the different groups to add to army for Year of the Demon.

Now I am not saying it needs to be like "Search for the Thingy" Parts 1-10 but more like treating each separate multi-parter like it is a chapter in an adventure path but on a smaller scale and the other scenarios are the side quests that add a little bit here and there as the season progresses.

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After checking over the first two books in the Iron God's AP and after reading over the technology guide and the section about AIs I had the the following thought, if Unity has the typical abilities of being an AI along with becoming a god how cool would it be to see it seize control the grand daddy of all annihlator robots and see it go toe to toe vs my favorite bestiary entry to date, Mogaru.

Basically the mental scenario my mind has spawned is that Unity fails to become a true god but is not destroyed. In an act of desperation to gain real divinity it turns an massive annihlator into its last ditch attempt at becoming a god by making way towards the Isle of Kortos and the Starstone residing upon it to only meet the infamous kaiju who sees thing mechanical monster as a kaiju threatening its title and climatic nation destroying battle insues.

As a fan of giant monster/robot movies and to see an Iron God duke it out with the Golarion king of kaiju would be cool to see this idea in the final book as part of the suggestions to continue the campaign but I know all this stuff is already set but if I get a chance to run this AP I do have this idea to fall back too. And yes I know this is more of a story than an actual encounter but everyone has to start somewhere.

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Alright I am in the process of building a character that includes this new sorcerer archetype (Eldritch Scrapper if ya couldn't guess that) and I began to ponder the following. Since this archetype replaces powers and not the bloodline would an eldritch scrapper's effective sorcerer level which in turn translates into brawler levels for the new class abilities would be increased as well?

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After seeing the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie (which by the way is totally awesome and if you haven't seen it shame on you), it sparked an idea of making some themed characters. My local venture captain is responsible for the creation of Captain Andoran and other avenger-inspired pathfinder characters and I decided to take a whack at it with my specialized pathfinder team, the Guardians of Golarion.

I'll be getting these characters started off with Star-Lord (can't really think of a better/cooler name atm to make him PFS branded like Captain Andoran) but I have an idea of what the other members will be, at least the closest pfs legal approximations based on what I seen in the movie and the few times they have shown up in the new marvel cartoons on Disney XD.

Human Starsoul BL Sorcerer/Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger/Eldritch Knight

Human or 1/2 Orc Brawler/Slayer with a smattering of Barbarian possibly?

1/2 Orc Slayer

A not very intelligent Elf Treesinger Druid, and going to have to wear gear to hide the fact he's an elf and look more like a walking tree

An abnormally hairy Halfing Gun Scavenger Gunslinger with a hat of disguise to hopefully finish the raccoon look

As I was thinking on my initial SL build I also thought to go sorcerer/rogue/arcane trickster but the only sneaky stuff we see him do (if you can call it that) is when he first gets The Orb. Beyond that I welcome any suggestions.

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I am looking for ways to assign what classes my favorite manga characters would have, so this is a call out to other people that may have read these same mangas and might have a better insight on what classes to use.

As a test the first character I'd like to build as closes as possible within PFRG rules is Toriko.

For those that don't know anything about this manga, the story is about people called gourmet hunters that are hired out to obtain rare foods, and Toriko is one of these gourmet hunters. Toriko is a pretty strong guy that can take down powerful creatures that normally a group of hunters armed with shotguns all by himself, and he does all of his hunting bare-handed.

So here are a few things he is capable of:
1. Extraordinary sense of smell, exceeding that of a bloodhound.

2. Spiked Punch, which is mainstay attack and has several versions. Basically he does a rapid fire punch to the same location to up the damage to the target.

3. Fork attack, basically he can strengthen his hands to have incredible piercing ability, literally turning the limb into a powerful fork, also he's capable of throwing his fork attack (basically a energy projectile).

4. Knife attack, like the fork but with this he can cut through something with his bare hand (the beheading of a alligator the size of a triceratops shown quiet early on in the manga). He can also throw this too like his Fork.

5. Intimidation aura, when Toriko wants to scare away the small fry or prevent a pointless fight he uses this which basically manifest itself visually as a giant hungry looking Japanese demon

So with all of that explained I am thinking the closest thing to assign him class wise pretty much uses only classes from the upcoming Advance Class Guide: the Bloodrager (thinking abyssal bloodline), the Brawler, and the Hunter.

For more info on the character to draw on check this out:

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The new dice look cool and all...but where is the Jade Regent set of dice?

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Alright I got a question that if at all possible I'd like to get an answer about at least before G.C. in august. Going back on some of the tables I gmed in the past, mainly when season 0 was new, I ran games but took no credit/chronicle for them. Also a few months ago I re-ran first steps for a local group of mine and unknowing applied the gm cred on the session sheet to a character that already received said credit.

Now can I reassign these to a character that fits the levels for these scenarios, I would understand if the old ones I couldn't but could I possible reassign the credit from part 2 & 3 from first steps to a unplayed character?

Also with 1st steps, if I do get to reapply this stuff would he be stuck until he gets part 1 on him?

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Last week I purchased a NOOK HD from B&N and I am really enjoying it, except for one minor issue. I have the core books (Core RB, Bestiaries, etc.) but when it comes to the PDFs for the scenarios all I get is that it can't be opened or its a corrupt file or something. If anyone has dealt with this before and know a way around I'd appreciate it, that way my whole PF library can be uploaded onto my device with minimal need to print in the future.

BTW I did try a EPub conversion and that did not work either.

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On the 21st of this month, as a way to commemorate the "end of the world", I will start running the Rise of the Runelords for some of my friends. But there are some issues I have realized in the past few weeks.

1) As most of us know the AP is designed for a party of four...if everyone shows up for the first session there maybe 7 players wanting to tackle this.

2) Some players who have played in an AP before requested for 25 P.B.

So with all of these characters being played this high I am not sure what is the best way to go. First, I thought if all 7 end up playing I will have to force them to rebuild their characters at 15 or possibly less. Second, this particular AP is ran at fast progression so I don't know if I should drop it down to medium or even slow. And then there is the third option that would be the hardest...asking 2-3 players to bow out and they will get a chance to play in another AP which would be ran by someone else.

So what advice would more seasoned AP GMs to give me here?

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Alright I currently have a level 6 MoMS Monk with the following feats (that pertain to the discussion):
- Dragon Style
- Tiger Style
- Tiger Claws
- Power Attack
- Dragon Ferocity
And this monk has a strength of 18 and a +1 amulet of mighty fists, so I want to make sure my math is correct because if my math is correct my monk is extremly deveasting in a melee brawl.

Unarmed Strike: 1d8+9 = 4(str)+4(dragon style/ferocity)+1(a.m.f.)

Unarmed Strike + Power Attack: 1d8+13 = 4(str)+4(dragon style/ferocity)+1(a.m.f.)+4(power attack)

Tiger Claws: 2d8+16
1st Dice Damage: 4(str)+4(dragon style/ferocity)+1(a.m.f.)=9
2nd Dice Damage: 4(str)+2(dragon ferocity)+1(a.m.f.)=7

Power Attack + Tiger Claws: 2d8+26
1st Dice Damage: 4(str)+4(dragon style/ferocity)+1(a.m.f.)+4(power attack)=13
2nd Dice Damage: 4(str)+2(dragon ferocity)+1(a.m.f.)+4(power attack)+2(p.a. tiger claw bonus)=13

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Over the past few months and idea has been bouncing around in my head. When Ultimate Magic came out and I seen the synthesist archtype for the summoner I never really thought of any sort of character I could make using that...however that changed. I became reacquintated with Ultraman (a giant red and silver alien with special powers for those that don't know) and seen that I could pull off a human character taking on this form, to an extent.

At the beginning I thought about two-weapon fighting with slam attacks when the APG read for the Slam evolution it only required a limb evolution...but that changed on the PRD, so at the moment I am not quiet sure where to proceed. I know I could go two-weapon fightning and unarmed strikes but it feels like such a waist of the claw evolution for a bipedal eidolon. So if anyone could drop some ideas on how to make this build close to the actual Ultraman I'd appreciate it.

Here are some givens I know I'll need, course I could take some out based on suggestions.

1. Supernatural Flight evolution
2. Large & Huge Size evolotions
3. Magic Attack evolution
4. Damage Reduction evolution
5. Breath Weapon (Line/Electricty) evolution (imitates him firing energy from his forearm)

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I have been mulling around with a character concept after playing at a con a week ago, a Chelaxian Demonologist and I am not sure what to start him as. At first I was going with a wizard with focus in abjuration since most spells that fit a demonologist but also some of the same spells are on the clerics spell list. So right now I am fairly torn how to build him and if anyone has some suggestions feel free to post your thoughts.

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In a up coming session for my homebrewed campaign the players will be fighting the "boss" in a shrine which use to belong to a LG god but has been tainted by a cleric of a NE god. Now I was curious how exactly consecrate would work here being that there would altars and other symbols of the LG god but of course they have been defaced.

Would the initial effect of the spell go in in this situation or would the secondary one go on, and what exactly does it mean to have this connection severed to his NE god. Does the previous mentioned cleric lose his ability to cast his spells or what?

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I myself really like how Pathfinder made domains a little more interesting than just a simple spell list, but these new domains have only been applied to the Core Deities like Torag, Erastil, Gorum, and the rest but there are some other gods I would like to see updated.

Back in 3.5 and the now rare times I play 4E I always liked Bahamut since I love dragons, and I would like to create a cleric to the PF version of Bahamut which is Apsu. Would anyone here disagree that his clerics should have access to the Law, Good, Travel, Earth, and Artifice domains...yet under his portfolio they also include glory which is another available domain. What to do?