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While many of the patrons share Krish's view on this mater, the ones that run into the tavern, breathless and panting, back him up, just not about the snow part.

"The Witch Tower has fallen! There's dozens of dead kobolds all around it too!"

The patrons in the tavern do one of two things: run towards the Witch Tower or run away from it. News spreads through town fast and in just mere minutes it seems like everyone and their mother are spreading rumors and exaggerations about what has happened even as a cloud of dust rises from a hilltop just outside of town.

Fenthis Deathsteel wrote:
Fenthis will ask around a bit to see if he can find Isadora and then approach her location.

The inquiry leads him to getting an address and some directions, but as he turns on to the street a loud sound, like thunder, can be heard.

Arqran Tanin wrote:
"I'm afraid the mark of the name is lost on a simple being like m'self. Perhaps y'd enlighten me? I'd also be want to know any sort of gainful employment for those that call themselves adventurers, if by chance ya know." He raises one crest-like brow in question of the name and straightens his clothes, needing something to fidget on.

"I don't know about any employment opportunities for the folks that go about getting in trouble and fixing it anymore myself, but who knows, maybe it'll find you. At least that's how it worked when I was a lass. As for the name... Well, Belhaim is the family name of this region's most famous dragon slayer..." Bassy trails off as thunder echoes through town despite the clear skies. "Well, hatchling, looks like opportunity came a'calling."

Krish wrote:
The first of his group to enter the Wise Piper, Krish seeks an empty table and beckons for the innkeeper or one of the serving girls to come over.

Though she is a bit wary of the lizard and tribal wear, a serving girl does take Krish's order and comes back in a short amount of time. There's even a bit of scraps for the strange, winged lizard. Not long after that, Ruarc shows up with an announcement the whole tavern hears.

Ruarc, Son of Chaac wrote:
Ruarc busts into the inn all of a sudden, his green armor shining off of the sunlight behind him. He eyed those present, passing the gnome and the servants. Stopping by the dragon man, he gave a deep frown, his booming voice not even trying to be subtle, "I, Ruarc, have heard such dire news! These peoples' druid has gone missing. We must find them and return the rain to this land!" His face held no nonsense and it was quite chiseled. His eyes, they burned like righteous lightning!

Only a mere few seconds after Ruarc's loud news, the sound of thunder rolls through town, earning a brief chuckle or two from the other patron's of the Wise Piper.

Everyone hears the thunder at the same time, and succeeding at a DC 15 Perception check allows you to realize that the sound you thought was thunder actually sounded more akin to an avalanche.

Ruarc, Son of Chaac wrote:

Ruarc lifted his axe towards their ex-employer, "If you think you could have fooled me, Ruarc, then you would have known my fist, puny man! Ah!" Ruarc flexed his free arm, showing off his muscle.

Shaking his head, he looked to his fellows, "I, Ruarc, will be in the Wise Piper by sundown. Have to check on the farmlands and make sure they're fed. Then, we can drink, and move, like jaguars!" Giving a hearty laugh, he waved his hand and he was off to the farms of the town.

The farms seem split down the middle between those that raise animals and those that harvest vegetation. More than one is pretty glad for any help Ruarc can give though, and most give the same response if asked about why.

“Our local druid and his wife were due back by here over two months ago, but no one's seen them. I think they took a wrong turn or came upon something nasty—though what could be scary enough to give them trouble I'd rather not think about!”

Krish wrote:
Krish watches the men take his former employer away, then shrugs and turns toward town, tapping an irritated staccato in counterpoint to his stride, "I will be at the Wise Piper."

While no one seems to mind the strangely dressed and decorated half-orc too much, there are plenty that stare when they think you won't notice. At least one of the younger children out with their parents that see Krish attempt, to their paretns' chagrin, to use dirt or mud to draw markings on themselves to copy his.

Fenthis Deathsteel wrote:
"I guess I'll meet you all there then." Fenthis heads into town and stops a guard to ask them where they post jobs at in this city.

While jobs seem rather sparse, there is a reward posted by one Isadora Malak for the return of her daughter, Bophre Malak, who seems to have gone missing.

Aqran Tanin wrote:

The dragon man shrugs and runs his hands over his oddly right angled horns. "Well, I suppose that was a bust, then. But at least we're in a new town. I'll see you all at the Inn tonight. We'll get some drinks, meet some people... It'll be fun."

He saunters off into the town, talking around and meeting people. Maybe even putting on a performance for some folks if it comes up. He'll learn what he can about the city and be first to the inn, and first to start drinking.

While the likes of Krish may get a few glances and stares, people seem strangely uncomfortable talking or even being near to Aqran. Many make excuses to leave, but one gnomish woman(hair pink save for a few lines of dark green) seems unperturbed and readily greets him back.

“Name's Bassy, young dragonkin. What brings the likes of you to this ol' town of all places? Dont'cha know how the town got it's name?”

"I'm to take him and all his property to the next town to check everything and anything he has to see if it's smuggled goods, has a hidden compartment, or the like. If it's any consolation, there's rumor he works in counterfeit coins too." The Sheriff explain as his men drag Silas Grib back and begin readying the caravan to leave. "Tell you what though, the Wise Piper Inn is a good place for the price if you need a place to stay. Just don't cause trouble and folks around here will treat you kindly enough."

Things had gone so well on the last job. Clearing out some bandits and even bringing done a rabid wererat gave you some minor fame in town and earned the attention of caravan owner, Silas Grib, about working for him as caravan guards. After fighting for your life it seemed like an easy job and you'd get to travel by caravan instead of on foot!

As the town of Belhaim comes into view, however, you get the feeling the easy job might be over quickly and your payment not coming. Greeting you just outside the city is a rather imposing man and a few others.

"Silas Grib, you're under arrest for smuggling! Come peacefully and you might get out of jail quicker!" The man calls out loudly, causing your employer to jump from his caravan and run back towards the treeline. He's caught by the guards rather quickly and manacled before he can get far. The leader then turns to you, looking you up and down. "Are you in league with Grib? Don't try to lie now or things will only get worse!"

"Mom might be okay with one more person staying tonight..." Gerald seems a bit distracted now as he looks around. "My hearing is better. Cool."

Burne doesn't get any hostility from the other people who came to the memorial.

A few people are being checked over by Dr. Gale, but they don't have anything more than minor scrapes or bruises. Everyone listens to Axel, though whether it was the gun, his wings, or just his cop demeanor is unclear.

A call comes in from your commanding officer.
"Axel, we need you to come in. We're getting calls from all over the city about 'freaks and weirdos' commiting crimes."

"You got that right. Hope Mom is okay..."

"I don't know. Maybe? I feel weird and my head hurts. Like when I... um, nevermind that part, Mrs. Quartermaine." He smiles a bit.

The other people around the monument are just as surprised at the new changes. Some stand in awe of what's happened, others sink to the ground and sob into their hands, and still others start cursing angrily. Some even take off running.

Gerald stumbles over to Elise, unsteady with his newfound height and fluid movemets. Half-elf.

"Mom's gonna... freak when she finds out I need new clothes."

There was only time for every PC to have a conversation.

The air seems to change, becoming heavy, feeling weighed down with something. People start sitting down in the grass, holding their heads or stomach or just trying to stop shaking. Just as the weight in the air seems to have lifted, the worled seems to rip apart around!

Welcome to the Second Pulse, where you gain the full abilities of your race and class.

"Yeah. You got my names if you need me."

Are the conversations done or close to it?

"A bit more than most, I think. He was one of the few people who didn't seem to care that I've been in a coma for the last three years. I actually woke up the day this all started. Some get well gift, huh?"

"Somewhat. I was one of the first ten or so that went to see him. Then I brought a friend to see him. He's FireFingers. I did figure out the Pulse came from somewhere and spread out when he showed me his map."

Evantually the boy makes his way over to Axel, the name tag on his white Pulse shirts reads 'Neal/Mâché37'.

"Hi. Name's Neal, but you can use my online name if you want. It's cool, seeing all the people Doc had as friends, isn't? Makes you realize you don't hear enough about all the good people in the world."

A few people stand out to Ace as he looks around. One young man, probably no more than sixteen, seems to be trying to talk to everyone at least once. Another, a younger looking girl, just leans against the monument and watches people. A man that looks to be in his mid-twenties also watches people, though he walks around and hovers around larger groups for a bit.

Gerald waves back to Elise and smiles, pointing her out to a few people. They don't seem to interested in her though. Maybe it's the wet scarf.

After it becomes apparent that no one else is showing up, Dr. Gale pulls a chair over in from of the monument and stands on it calling for everyone's attention.

"Everyone, we are here today to honor a man who wanted to help us all. A man who was brutally killed by one of the very people he was trying to help! Taken from us so soon, Dr. Rassmussen will never see his work completed. He was one of the best friends I've ever had, and my daughter's godfather. He was an amazing doctor in his field of study. Above all else, Dr. Rassmussen was a good person. Without him, the world is a little less bright. We must... we must all work hard... to brighten the world again. For him." Crying now, his daughter helps Dr. Gale down from the chair. After a moment of hesitation, someone else gets up on the chair and says a few words, and when they are done someone else steps up. It appears quite a few people are very sad Rassmussen is gone.

Elise recognizes three people. The two boys she met outside Dr. Rassmussen's office and Gerald(whose name tag reads ^pointy_ears^).

The man, who introduces himself as Doctor Gale, offers Feliks a shirt as well. It seems he has every size available.
Black Shirt design.
White Shirt design.

The monument has a pretty sizable crowd of people about it today, and little by littile, it becomes evident that almost everyone here, if not everyone, is one of the Pulsed. Teeth are a little to large, ears a little too long, and other small things give it away. One boy even appears to have a tail, though he never leaves it unhidden for long.

One surprise though, is that a man has managed to set up a booth and is giving out t-shirts, name tags(a few people are using their UnknownPower alias) and bottles of water with the help of a teenage girl who looks a bit like him.

Everyone seems to be having a good time actually meeting other people face-to-face for a change.

Strangely, only intense cold seems to have any effect on the blood.

The World Martial Arts Center on 69 W 14th St has a wide variety of classes for martials arts.

A few more calls come in from your children, but nothing seems to change on their end of the line. Gerald becomes just a little more distant, and seems preoccupied, but never admits it.

Finally, Saturday rolls around and people begin logging of UnknownPower and heading for the Central Park Wonderland monument.

Ok people, you've got a little more than a day in-game before the Doc's memorial in Central Park. What are you doing until then? Don't be shy, step right up and give me something to turn against you in a(hopefully) unexpected way! Bwahaha! :)

I was talking about month and day kind of date. I know the meeting is on Saturday.

For the Doc

FireFingers: guess I'll see everyone one who is coming in a few days then
Since I can't find where I listed the date in-game, we'll say it's Thursday, late afternoon to early evening.

the_bleak: hope the park attacks are over by then,

Moonlit: I doubt it if it's one of us or a Pulsed animal

For the Doc

FireFingers: Moonkin said her friend thinks we should have a memorial for the Doc because he was trying help us. Then Ears found the wonderland monument in central park for us to meet at

For the Doc
^pointy_ears^:[/i] awesome news, EQ

Moonkin: So it's agreed then? Saturday at noon by the Wonderland monument?

Park Attacks
FireFingers: Bigfoot? well, guess it's not impossible

Mâché37: not anymore

For the Doc
Moonkin: sounds like this Saturday at noon will work for a lot of people

^pointy_ears^: hey, just did a search online. Did anyone know that there was an Alice in Wonderland monument in Central Park? I haven't seen a white rabbit with a red coat on and a pocket watch(yet), but this Pulse pretty much threw us down the rabbit hole. sounds like the perfect place to meet for this.

Park Attacks
Avalanche211: maybe. Hell, if it is a freak like the rest of us, why shouldn't the ones in new york handle it?

Mâché37: because maybe we don't like the word freak?

FireFingers: Would "Pulsed" be better?

For the Doc
^pointy_ears^: I've got school, so a Saturday or Sunday is best.

the_bleak: saturday works. noon good?

Mâché37: Not that I've seen. Been searching, couldn't find any mention of it anywhere, even his coworkers got nothing

For the Doc

Moonkin: I don't know, Saturday maybe? Need to know when people can come.

the_bleak: works for me

Park Attacks

^pointy_ears^: King fu and EG have a good point

Aftershock211: so do we call the cops or animal control lol

Moonkin: the more you post, the less I like you, Aftershock

Two new topics appear online over the course of the day.

For the Doc
Moonkin: Told a friend of mine about Dr. Rassmussen getting killed. She thought a meeting in Central Park to remember him would be a good idea. Sorta like a memorial service.

the_bleak: What if his killer shows up?

Mâché37: we could go during the day. I don't like the idea, but in broad daylight we might be a little safer.

^pointy_ears^: not liked we know who the killer was anyway. cops didn't even get the killer on camera

Park Attacks
FireFingers: With Doc's murder in the news, this may have been overlooked. [link to news report] Something is attacking people in the parks at night. Same description no matter which park, so either it's a family or this thing moves fast. Witnesses and victims says it looked like a real big wolf.

FireFingers: not much else to go on, but I got a bad feeling it's like one of us. Anyone know if the Pulse got animals too?

Aftershock211: like some mutt's got powers? yeah right

Mâché37: animals getting powers isn't possible, but people getting them isn't? makes no sense

^pointy_ears^: my mom's cat got really smart after the Pulse. Think the kitten this lady Doc Rass sent to live with us is the same. Not "it can do a lot of trick's" smart either. more like "it knows exactly what I'm saying" smart

A few days pass before any new information is released on Dr. Rassmussen's murder. Police believe the murderer to be extremely sick, since the black substance found at the scene was blood. The police are encouraging anyone with information on the case to call.

Calling all players still interested!

I knew you would be. Even just you would be okay, I think. :)

I'm wanting to try and start this up again. Let me know if there is still enough interest. My posting time is still pretty limited though.

The rest of the day seems to pass slowly, even for those who have something to do, like Alistair(who is working to identify the black substance collected) or Axel(who was asked to end his week off a bit earlier than expected to help with the case).

Given enough time, Alistair is able to identify what the black liquid is. A second check, even a third, reveal the same thing: the liquid is blood. Blood that, for all intents and purposes, should be dead. The cells are withered to the point they can barely hold any oxygen at all.

"So what's up?" Gerald asks as soon as Elise comes back. He's obviously decided to be late to school in order to find out what was going on, if he's even going at all. "Whoa, you okay? You're not looking so good."

With everyone's statements taken, the police let everyone know that they can leave but may be called in to repeat what they said.

Axel 'Ace' Arandorn wrote:
Axel pulls out his work phone, an older model cell phone that flips open, and hits '1' on the speed dial to call in to his precinct. "Hey Gary, I need a full crew down at the office of a Dr. Rassmussen. I have the scene sealed, and we need some statements taken."

"The crew is on the way."

Within minutes, a team from Axel's precint enters the building and goes into the doctor's room to process the scene. One officer steps aside to get statements from Elise, Feliks, Burne, and Alistiar.

Tried Googling how cops take statments, and I couldn't find anything. Just give the reason you came here, what you think the writing on the wall means, and if you have any information about anything strange happening around the office on any of your visits.

Heh, didn't even think about the fact you were a cop. Just goes to show you never know what will be useful.

The instant Axel opens the door, it's clear why Dr. Rassmussen stopped messaging last night: he's dead.

His chest has a large hole in it, and his shirt around it is soaked with blood and some black liquid that has long since dried. The office is in a state of disarray like it was torn apart in the search for something.

Written on the wall in large, lopsided black letters is a chilling warning.


The door isn't locked.

I wanted to type more, but honestly, how much more can you say about an unlocked door? :/

There is still no answer to Axel's knock, and a few of the other people working in the building start to cast worried glances at Rassmussen's door.

Elise Quartermaine wrote:
"He stopped posting mid-conversation and no one has heard from him since...well, hopefully it's nothing. Maybe his internet just went down for a bit."

"Maybe. I got some time to spare if you want me to go check."

At the moment, only Axel is there. Elise is at the Murai's home.

Just a few moment's after Axel knocks, Burne shows up in time to hear the answering silence of the doctor's office

"Only known him since this all started happening, so I don't know. I remember telling people he would be out of his office for a while, but that was a couple days ago.. What was the chatter?"

Axel 'Ace' Arandorn wrote:
Ace wakes up early, eating some cereal before heading downtown to Doctor Rasmussen's office. It takes a bit to walk to the office, and he arrives at around 9:30.

It's a nice day, albeit a bit cloudy. Upon arriving at the office building Dr. Rasmussen works at, Axel overhears a bit of conversation from some of the other people in the building.

"Strange for him to have a patient so early."
"The door is closed?"
"Been closed since before I got here at six."
"That is strange. Aren't his hours 8 AM to 10 PM?"

Elise Quartermaine wrote:
She frowned as she read the conversation about Dr. Rasmussen. She hoped he was okay. She bit her lip. Just one more thing that left her feeling powerless.

"You okay, Mrs. Q?" Gerald asks sleepily as comes out of his room and heads straight for the refrigerator. "Want some juice or something?

Axel 'Ace' Arandorn wrote:
I don't mind a retcon. It was pretty late, and the doc's office might have been closed after Alistair came and visited.

I had forgotten how late it was. That actually works out perfectly...

Hadn't noticed that part. Wish he had just gone on in and asked to see Doc or something...

Wanted to see if the others were good to go, but I'm gonna move it on now.

During the night a new conversation starts online, and it seems strangely ominous.

Moonkin: Hey, anyone able to contact Doc Ras? Was talking in-chat about setting up an appointment, and then all I got was "Doc Ras is typing..." for the past hour.

Aftershock211: He's old, ain't he? Maybe he just fell asleep

the_bleak: are you sure? he didn't look tired when I saw him, and it was late then...

Hmm... bump for the game thread.

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